NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

August meeting a "PAPER PIECE" of wow - workshop also!!!!!!

Before I even begin - wanted you to know that for your viewing pleasure - I cut the amount of pictures to less than half of what I took.  What an extravaganza of viewing pleasure Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Starting off was the Opportunity Quilt on display in all it's Glory.  The ladies did an outstanding job - different from years past - Dixie has the tickets - if you would like some before the September meeting, please get with her.

Even though you can click on the pictures and have them blown up some, I just had to get in real close to the middle - to see the majestic eagle standing front and center.
Hope you all got a picture to show your friends when you take your tickets around.

Susie introduced our speaker for the evening - Paula Gilmore.
Paula's grandmother quilted and Paula loved to sleep under one of her quilts.  However, Paula herself did not start quilting till after her kids were out of the house, and then her first quilt started off with a trip to Joann's fabric, never heard of a quilt shop.  That first quilt was a drunkards path - and after the top was done, she put it into the closet.

After a few Saturday's with Eleanor, Nancy and a few other TV quilt personalities, and an EQ5 program - she has written a book and had it for sale on Monday,

along with some nifty quilting  helpers, pattern and ice/snow dyed fabric.

Paula started with what her pattern makes - don't know about you, but when I get to see a pattern done up for real..............that's when it takes on life.
And then Paula shows us the inside secret to all the circles we see - with the help of a frame, she shows us what two blocks this quilt is made of.
Ever heard of 'faux' borders - that's fake borders.  By making only part of a block - you can make your quilt look like you 'fussied' the border right into the pattern.

Paula called this quilt "Puzzling Pinwheels".  See the small picture on the bottom right, that is the pin wheel and then your second block is a square piece of fabric.  Course you have to make sure you place everything in the right spot and take the "points" right out into the border.

Here's a smaller version of the quilt.

And believe it or not, this is a piece of the border fabric.  Yep!  Dyed.  Even up close you would have never guessed it.

Here is another quilt that looks very technical - till you take it apart by the block.

The mini is darling also.  Paula likes to make smaller ones to try out the color schemes.

This quilt is called "A Little Off".  Doing her "V" block in positive and negative, you get quite a different look.

Think Paula said that this quilt has 99 - 10" blocks and looks like a take off of a Hunters Star.

Sorry I did not get all of the here's the block shots.

Interesting table topper - that takes after the prior quilt - I still can not see this block.

Her table topper has 25 - 9" blocks.

Believe this one is called "Run Around in Circles".

"Peek-a-Boo" is made up of 36 - 9" blocks

Sure helps to see what a block is - gee, who knows, maybe one of us will do this. 

The quilting on it is gorgeous.

Now this one was rather surprising.  Paula calls it "Playing with Colors"

I did not see these blocks coming.

This quilt was from a Shops BOM - "For Love of Country".  Paula's ended up being 96" x 116".

The rest of Paula's quilts from this point do not have the faux borders.  Some of them are paper pieced and some are not.   This one - "Blueberry and Lime" - is scrumptious.

Now Paula told us that this one was really easy - just looks harder.  She calls it "Triple Treats"

Think this is the one that Paula quilted with red on the read, blue on the blue, etc.

Or is this one "Triple Treats" - okay, I give up, but just look at the trapunto in this one.

It really shows up on the back.

Here's - "Too Much Purple" - yep.  But it is gorgeous.

Ricky Tims had a pattern called "convergence" with all these geometric shapes.  Paula went through her phase and did a few using his method.  The one on the left has 29 butterflies on it and the bottom right is "Storm @ Sea"

This is one of her newest projects.  The Patriotic Eagle on the left is a little flat, the one on the right, Paula is thread painting it and it is starting to take on life.

Remember the first quilt that Paula did and threw it into the closet?  Well here it is.  She hand quilted it and got a Blue Ribbon on it at the Lee's Summit Quilt Guild Show.
Gorgeous - everything and so much for us to think about.  Thank you Paula for a wonderful program.
And thank you Susie and Jeanette for holding up the quilts and thank you Deb for the running you did.  You kept up beautifully.

Show and Tell!!!!!!

Carol - what can we say - wow.  Those hexies with the flowers are stunning.  This is one that you definitely needed to see up close.  (I hope it was alright for me to put it on the net - little late now V)

When Frances B's name was called - she brought along a few friends.
The four of them got Jan J. to come up with a challenge for them - so she divided a jelly roll package into 10 for each, cut up 2 fat quarters and gave each a 1/2 yard of fabric and they were NOT to add anything to it.
Frances and Jan both admitted that they cheated - they had to add fabric to finish the backs.

Erlene and Donna both state they did not cheat and they even had fabric left over.

Maybe they could have shared.  hahahaha  Whatever!  The ladies did an outstanding job.

Frances said that she brought in a 'circus tent' for us all to see that is called "Winter Bouquet".  Where does Frances find the time?  Remember to drop by Miltonvale's Tootlefest this Saturday (Aug. 26th) and see our very own Frances as the Featured Quilter and she is doing two demo's at 1pm and at 3pm, on the rug technique she does.

Hidden back there on the left is Sara B.  She took this to the fair this year and got a Grand Champion on it.

Jane knows that one of her great grandchildren to be born is a boy - so she made this chenille baby quilt with four layers.  Love the back.

Behind this baby quilt is Teresa E.  This is one of those jelly roll race quilts, down to a littler  size.

This next quilt, Teresa wanted to hand quilt with the Sashiko thread work quilting style.
If you are interested in learning more about this method, check out this video.

See the little critter in Teresa's hands.  This little guy was her muse or inspiration in helping her to finish the Duwe's stain glass project.

She only had 8 blocks and wanted to add something else.  Well she did and it is awesome.

Virginia's granddaughter (Reece) wanted to do a T-shirt quilt.  So grandmother gave her the info and Reece produced a Reserve Champion winner.  Great job Reece!

Jenell saw a pattern that she really liked, but wasn't too happy on the cost - so she went home and produced her own version.  Now that is ingenuity!

Lorraine saw a way to do Dresdan blades and wanted to give it a try - so she borrowed a plastic dresdan template/ruler - came out with this beautiful center piece and now owns her own template.  hahahaha
Great job Lorraine.

Speaking of rulers, Jan has a new one - believe it is called 'Quick Curve Ruler'.  If I do have the right name, you can go here to see it at work.  (Jan, if I have the wrong one, please let me know.  Thanks)

Jan stated that she is not always fond of panels.  They sometimes are not printed exactly square.  When she found this one, she was very excited as it was right on mark.  She added a little thread painting and has this wonderful wall hanging to brighten up any spot that it is hung at.

We have some really talented members - here is Jan's quilt that she got the pattern, made it bigger, added two more orange blocks and presto - a winner!!!!!!!!  Love the pops!

Ruth Ann J. has also made a winner.  Wow, you members are so awesome.  Feel like I'd better get to work.  Sorry I did not get the name of this pattern, maybe Ruth Ann will share.

Hope grandson doesn't get on the net - this quilt is for him with all the things he likes

and a picture of him in a tire on the back.  What fun this will be for him.

If my mind remembers correctly - this quilt is going to a friend of Donna's son.  He is home for a short leave and then back to a not very nice place.  She wanted him to take a little bit of home with him.  And if I heard right - Donna quilted this on her very own long arm.  Whoooooo hoooooo!!!! You go girl.

And look at the little extras she put on.  Only got the one truck (the ghost one did not come out too well) that Donna quilted into the bottom border

Course you have a "little" fabric left over - so you make another Red, White and Blue quilt.

And then if you know where to shop - you can get some awesome fabric and make this gem.

And use the left overs to do the back.  Good Job Donna!

And here comes another talented member.  Cindy loves Bonnie Hunter's work and made this from one of her patterns.  Egads!  Don't think I have enough red to make even one of these gorgeous blocks.

And then waste not = want not.

Cindy and her daughter Stacey are doing some Community Service quilts (think this one is for one of KCLY's auctions).  Great time for mother and daughter - plus I've heard that granddaughter gets in there also.  There are even more talented daughters in that family.  Lucky Cindy.

Jeanette's been awful busy.........sewing.  Look at this darling pinwheel quilt.

And then she's gone and done this K State colors stash buster

And then this Christmas type fabric (hope I've got that right). Remember Jeanette when you told us you were not that good - boy did you tell a fib!

Deb M. has been completing a 'few' things here and there.  "Few" - what does she consider a lot?  The wool pillow - you just have to click on this and have it come in larger to really see it.  Think she got the placemats at one of our shop hops.

Remember the silk embroidery workshop and how the ladies that took the class told Deb she was to complete hers first so she could show them - well ladies!!!!!  It's done.  So Deb, when is your finishing class for the others?  hahaha

And Deb has been busy finishing up even more of those UFO type projects, some of them are Iowana's.  And remember folks - Deb works too.

Love the bottom quilt that Deb made for her mom with the prayers that she says.  That should be very precious to mom.

Two of our visitors - Janet & Pat - came over from Morganville WITH TICKETS to show off this quilt they are offering at the "Party in the Ville".  A group of our ladies meet in Morganville on the first Wednesday of the month and made this disappearing 9-Patch from fabric that long time resident Dorothy Perry donated to the group.  Praying that it brings in lots of sales for the club.

Ta Dah!!!!  Remind me Juanita when I can show this one!
I know, it almost blew right over my head, but I finally got the hint - no show.

Karen's daughter made this 9 patch quilt and Karen hand quilted it.  Lovely to see the quilting in the open spaces - Karen only took about 6 months to do this one.  Yep, I wish I could do that also.

Coleen and Dixie unexpectedly got this project to do.  Did you know they do quilts for others?  hahahahahahaha  They had fun, but not this crown stuff again - and no, they did not drink any of the stuff.  uh huh?  They sure had fun telling us about it though.

What a great turn out we had for the meeting 43 people.  So glad that so many got to see these gorgeous works.
And then some came again on Tuesday morning


Even with the work on the outside going on, the ladies started showing up at the back and front doors with all their tools, excited about learning how Paula does her paper piecing.

Setting up facing each other with walk space for Paula in between, 12 members attended the morning paper piecing class, 7 stayed on for the afternoon advanced class.

Everyone got there in time to set up and start on time
Sun - noise not withstanding.

First thing on the agenda was a surprise "Block Trunk Show"
It's one thing to see pictures in a book, it's another to see the patterns done up in fabric and there for you to turn and study.

If it's not in the book, then it is in volume 1, 2, 3 or soon to be 4.  If you have bought her book (which by the way she publishes and prints herself), go to her web site and find out how you can receive these volumes by e-mail.

So many ideas and possibilities.

I did not show them all to you - look at how long this post is already.  But I hope I have given you a hint of the opportunities available from Paula.

She walked us through each step, talked about pre-folding and the advantages.

Which sewn lines you can carry out to the end and which ones you have to stop at the finished area.

And the advantage of having a Tucker Trimmer II - see those 1/4" lines that are clearly seen.  Made it so simple to square up your block.

It was a very busy and fun morning.

These are the four blocks that we did in the a.m.
Unfortunately we did not get a class picture of Paula with all 12 of us

However the afternoon advance class got in a picture.  Thank you for forwarding it to me to picture here.

Thank you Paula and thank you ladies for adding to the fun of the day.
Now take a good look at the 7 ADVANCED ladies - need any help?  Give them a call.
Right?  hahahahaha
Looking forward to seeing finished projects from this class at September's Show 'n Tell.

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