NEXT MEETING: Monday, June 17th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "String Quilts Trunk Show" with Theresa Ward, Leavenworth, KS

Remember to get with Teresa E. to sign up for the June 18th Workshop, kits necessary.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Batiks'

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

Christmas in July !!!!!!

Teresa was kind enough to send me some information and pictures for the Christmas Tree we are making at the July 15th meeting.

Here is what Teresa said:

 I will probably be getting the 12” cones but it goes together the same. 

They can bring flathead straight pins if they have some. Just plain old pins. I will buy some of those too. 
They can bring Christmas fabric - 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” squares. For the 12” cone, they will need approximately 127 squares. That number can vary based on your placement but that’s the number the gal on you tube gives! They will also need 3 piece of fabric to cover the bottom - it doesn’t show - 2 1/2” x 7”. 

I will be bringing some Christmas fabric and told members that they could bring some - especially if they had a certain color scheme they wanted to follow. I have picked some up on sale and will have it all cut up and ready to go. 

I will have a list of supplies and instructions at the next meeting. 

Here are pictures of two of the trees I have made. I won’t have toppers but the tree doesn’t HAVE to be topped. Each member can decide what they want on top. 

Hope this helps. 


Thank you Teresa - it does help me and I hope others also.  Sounds like fun and maybe the trees can be used at the Christmas Party.

Looking forward to making them.   Be sure to sign up with Teresa so that she has enough cones for everyone.   V

April 13th, 2019 - 10th Annual Tea Party: "Diamonds and Pearls"

I may be prejudiced; however, WHAT A WONDERFUL TEA!!!!!
The tea committee members each had a table to decorate.

And there were 11 tables,

with as many ideas to make the "Diamonds & Pearls" stand out for the 10th annual event.

An "Ancient" quilt covered the sign in table, with door prizes, gloves, along with name tags for all.

After attendee's signed in, they picked out their tea choice, got a tea pot and hot water before they headed to their tables.
(remember, click on the pictures to have them come in larger so you can see the details)

After one of the guests did us the honor of saying a blessing over the food and day, everyone headed for the food tables.  This year we tried something different on the sandwiches, to make them available for all dietetic needs.  You picked your bread, or not, and then your filling.

Course not everyone holds close and dear to their eating habits and we made sure we had plenty of offerings for those attendees also. (ha ha)

We tried to cut down this year, and somehow........

managed to have FOUR tables of offerings.  The last table was blessed with vegetables and dip, and fruits - with biscotti of course.

Our Tea Committee was honored this year with 10 of our guild members volunteering their time, ideas, and work.
Vevia, Carol, Deb, Juanita, Verna Lee, Teresa (Jeanette's sister), Winnie, Jeanette D., Virginia and (not shown) Dixie.
Thank you ladies for an over the top Tea.
You all out did your selves.

There were also quilts on display and many of the ladies brought quilts for Show and Tell.
Lots of tells about diamonds and pearls also.

With 50 attendees this year, I do so hope I got a picture of everyone.

Thank you all for your lovely smiles and for letting me interrupt your luncheon.

After Show 'n Tell time, each table drew for a winner for the door prizes.  Ten door prizes, plus one to grow on, and one more to make it interesting.

Look behind Marilyn here and you will see the last of the quilts on display.
I love the new title Marilyn gave her prize, she called it her fidget bag.

We pray that each of the ladies enjoys their gifts and are able to put them to good use.
Thank you to all the committee members that made the door prizes possible.

Sorry if you missed out on Saturday - do pray you are able to join us next year, Lord willing.
And thanking all of the guests and members that joined right in on the clean up.
Makes you cry sometimes to think of what wonderful people we know.
Again - Thank you to all !!!! v 

December - Members getting their wishes!

After 9 11, many of the quilters in the USA made remembrance quilts.
Bonnie was no exception.
Her burning towers was something that came out better than Bonnie even expected.
She has always wanted to see it hung in New York or Washington.
Well now she is getting part of her wish - it has claimed it's well deserved attention in St. George, Utah, and will be hung in the FBI government building there.  Perhaps one day it will make it's way East.  Till then, Chris and Gary (FBI employees shown here with Bonnie) are very pleased to have it displayed on their office wall.  And thanks to husband - Walter, the wall hanging has been framed for the occasion.
Congratulations Bonnie!  And thank you so much for sending us this picture.

December 3rd Christmas Party - Much to be Thankful for!!!!

It's always amazing to see the meeting room before everyone arrives.  Chairs and tables may be out, but mixed all around.
Then - in comes the group and a magical transformation occurs.

Tables are brought out (11 round ones this year), table cloths laid and decorations placed.
Thank you to everyone that sent in their snowmen and such for this years theme.

Then after it is all done - taking a moment to review what is coming that night and go over any last minute decisions.

When everyone starts arriving at 6 pm, the crew was ready.  The sign in table had candy canes, the Country Register, sign in sheet, membership blanks and of course some lovely pictures and snowmen.

Soup was the highlight for the supper, along with some great drinks, veggies, desserts, etc.

And then.......the members and guests.

Jeanette brought John and her granddaughter Tinky.

Kathy R. and hubby

John and Vevia

Hayley and Will

Lucky young man got to sit with Ginny, Marilyn and Bev R.

Three generations of Sutters
Sara B., Hayley B.
and of course Carol

Geri and husband

Carol B and Mr. B

Marsha K and Mr. K

Jan J., Donna J., Frances B. and Ruth Ann J. had some very handsome young chaperones.

Dixie C., Coleen, Friend, Viriginia G. and Connie F & Mr.

Whoosh!  Hope I don't goof up this group.
Mr. M with Verna Lee, Shala B., Mr. W.
Mr. B, Deb B and Winnie W.

Jeanette K and Mr.
Jenell H and Mr H, Janet with Mr. H.
Good thing they stood by each other.

Christine and Mr. S.

Christine W. with girls and Kyle

Lorraine and Jane
Mr. S and Erlene

Deb M and Nancy R
Sister and Mr. C, Jane C

Thank you Teresa for manning the drinks before dinner.
She did a great job making sure we had everything available.

After the dinner, our Speaker Connie Frigon was introduced

Connie gave us three Christmas Stories that touched our hearts and had us on the edge of our seats through a snow storm.
Thank you so much Connie.

Marilyn handled the UFO list this year.  If I remember right, I think she said there were 29 finished UFO's turned in.  Winner was Deb McN.

John and I were recognized for setting up through the years.
And thank you ever so much guild members, for the movie passes.
In January, the board will set up and during the meeting, discuss how to manage through out the remainder of the year.

Everyone that served in 2018 were recognized.
Picture above and below is the Officers for 2019 being introduced.
Pres. Elect - Deb B., Secretary - Christine S, Co-Chair Program Elect - Frances B., Co-Chair Program - Teresa E., Publicity Chair - Coleen W., Members-at-Large - Verna Lee and Virginia G. 

2018 President - Ginny B. turned over the gavel and job to 2019 President - Jane C.

2017 Ex-Pres. Dixie C. presented 2018 Pres. Ginny B with her box of signed President Squares (Puss in the corner pattern) and a hearty thanks for all she did this year from all of us.

As co-chair for Programs, Teresa informed us that January 21st meeting would be a UFO New Year's Resolution meeting.  
Bring in a UFO, or fabric, and/or pattern of a project you RESOLVE to finish by the November 18th meeting.  There was such a great response to this project in 2018, that it is worth it to continue.
Remember - You are only "committing" to ONE project.  If you are as blessed as many were this year, it will encourage you to do even more.

Have a safe Christmas, Wonderful New Year
and thank you for all the items donated to the Light House this year.

In January you will be going to

for pictures and updates on what is going on with the guild.
Thank you Geri for taking on this task.