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Guild Member Featured Quilter at 2017 Tootlefest

If you did not get a chance to get out to the quilt show at Miltonvale's 2017 Tootlefest on Saturday, Aug. 26th - ouch, did you miss some awesome quilts.
Course they had their prize winner there that they were offering opportunities for.  This is the one that they brought to our Shop Hop in July.

Your entry fee into the quilt show, also gave you a chance to win the Tootlefest T-Shirt quilt shown here.  Have not heard yet who won.  So many wonderful past Tootlefest t-shirts are displayed in this quilt.

They had some other door prizes as well.  If anyone has heard if our members won something - please let us know.

And YEAH!!!!!   Hooray!!!!!
The featured quilter this year was our very own Frances Benson.
And the quilts she brought - well I overheard quite a few people asking for what number was on them so they could vote them viewers choice.  Sorry, they did not count.
But such lovely quilts.  The Peacemakers always provide gloves so that if you get this urgent urge to turn over a corner - you can.  

Frances picked some beautify examples of her work.  Can't say that I remember the yellow and black one, so was glad to see that.

And of course her paper pieced set in wedding ring quilt.
Look on the bottom right hand corner - if you don't remember this one....

Here is a full look - remember, click on the pictures and they will come in larger for better viewing.
And yep Frances, we are all nuts.  Okay, speaking for myself.

I love getting older, I forget that I have seen some of these so get to enjoy them all over again.

And of course Frances' favorite quilt is the one that has her children's work on it.  It was a really big hit when she showed it at the Library.

And there's my favorite on the right - Tennessee Waltz.  Keep trying to tell her that I would appreciate it more than anyone else in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  Frances just laughs at me.

Then you got into the main part of the sanctuary and saw all the others.  Sorry, only showing you just a couple of the pictures I took. 

I encourage you to come next year so that you can pick out your favorites.

They had them on the chairs and the piano.

I loved the colors on this one.  So peaceful, had to take a shot of it.

And this modern looking quilt would look so good in a child's room.

Guild member Jenell H. had a section of her own quilts on display.  Some of them I remembered and others - beautiful, have I ever seen them?  Just don't remember the 36 patch stars.......but I sure like it.

At 1:00 pm, Frances started her first demo on rugs.  She had a wonderful display of finished rugs out that we all got to man-handle with pleasure.  Some of them had velvet, wool, oh you know - what ever, and that just called out for us to touch and find out what all was in them.

And Frances took time later to explain how she did one with a border, how she did mirror images, every aspect.

Wondered why you should ever buy one of those cutters?  Well Frances said that after she almost put her arm and shoulder out - boy was she thankful to have one.  The cutting die she uses the most is the 2 1/2" one.  And she does orphan blocks, strips, left over fabric - what ever she can get her hands on.  If the fabric is real thin, she cuts it wider, if it is thick, she cuts it narrower.

Frances took us through each step from how far apart the outside nails are, to what distance to put the others, remember the pencil rod, it keeps the weave from coming into an hourglass shape, then "WARPING" on the up and down.

And of course "wefting" left and right.  Frances took us through the steps as often as someone wanted to see it.  (See Frances, I remembered your tip on how to remember which is which - thank you.)

And then the fun part was the hands on.

See anyone that looks familiar?  A few of us were there to support Frances, or give her a hard time - not sure which we accomplished. haha

Frances had taught Jenell H to twine and Jenell brought her loom so that she could help with the hands on part.  Both ladies have their little differences.  Not in the how, but in the length of weft scraps - Frances likes them shorter and Jenell has hers longer - says it gives her a great work out.  hahaha

The chance to do hands on is what made it so much fun.
Go to youtube and see some more demo's on the how to's like this one.  Click here.

Frances even had a couple of books there for us to go through and get ideas.

One of the big questions was - Okay, I learned how to, what in the heck do I do to end this thing?  ha ha  Frances had a wonderful wooden crochet hook with her and demonstrated the weaving the ends in so that you did not know where they were.  That's after they were tied off of course.

Frances brought two smaller rugs in to give one away at the end of each of the demonstrations.  Here is the one that the first winner got.

Yippie tie o tie ayh!  or something like that.
I won!  Yeah!  I was so excited.  Now I did allow people to touch my new rug.  Had to watch them real close though as they kept hiding it from me.  It is gorgeous.
Then when I got home and John saw it, he suggested it had to go ON the table not the floor.  Thank you Frances for sharing your hard work and for the wonderful demos.

Hope to see more of you at Tootlefest next year.
Additional info:  Dona S. won the other rug from Frances.
Hayley and Sara won door prizes
Darlene S. won the t shirt quilt.  Howie L won the Tootlefest quilt.   Congrats to all!!!!

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