NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

Christmas Party - Last of 2016!

Take a few hard workers, a bit of time, and amazing things can be accomplished.
Thank you to all the crew that moved tables, set out chairs......

laid out the table cloths, plates, silverware, napkins and then decorated each table in with vintage Christmas theme.

Everything was ready for the food........

and for the guests.

Click on the pictures to blow them up and get a better look at the decorations.

AND THEN................

It's time and everyone starts arriving and socializing.

What a fantastic turn out.  There were 12 tables set up and only a few vacant seats for the night.

Quilters not only know what to do in the sewing room, but they are also very talented in the kitchen.
Sorry, no pictures of the dessert table - didn't want to give anyone a sugar rush just looking.

Thank you to everyone that brought in donations for the Light House.  We had a wonderful stack of much needed items to deliver.  And thanks to Robert S. - they got delivered right after the party.

So sorry that I missed a few people and their tables in the rush of the night.
Enjoy the smiles of those I was able to get.

After dinner, 

we had a guest speaker that gave us a wonderful reading of the events that made Christmas the wonderful time that it is.

A few business items were gone over.

Marilyn drew Esther A. for the winner of this years UFO accomplish-er's.
How can you get in on the drawing for next year?  Well,  in January - get your UFO list to Marilyn, work on them through out the year and when you bring them in for Show and Tell, let Marilyn know so that she can check them off and enter your name in the drawing next December.  It's not only easy - it's a challenge to get your list down each year.  Right?  hahahahaha

Karen thanked all the officers for their work in 2016 (some are shown here)

And thank you ahead of time to our 2017 officers.  Sorry, I only got a few pictured here.

Frances B. presented our 2016 Opportunity Quilt to the winner - Virginia G.
Pictured are some of the people that worked on it.
Congratulations Virginia and thank you ladies for a great job.

For her last act - President Karen presented 2017 President Dixie the gavel of office and a hearty hug for the year ahead.

As past president, Carol S. presented our thank you gift to Karen.
This year for the presidents block, we did two half square triangles out of white and reproduction 30's fabric.  You signed one HST with your message and name.  Karen was very relieved to know that there was not a dead line for her to finish this quilt.  haha
If you have not had a chance to get your blocks in yet - please do so no later than the January meeting, we don't want to hold Karen up.  Get with Carol S. if you have questions.

And before you know it - the party is over.
We are so thankful to all the quilt guild members and their husbands - breaking down and clean up is so much faster thanks to all of them.

Have a safe and bountiful Christmas
and rejoice with family and friends into the New Year!
See you in January 2017!

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