NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

Hexies - Hexies - Hexies - Hexies - and more Hexies!!!!!!!

Have you got your turkey out of the freezer yet?  Not many days left.
The sign in table reminded us of the season, plus started showing off the hexies the moment you came in the door.
If you don't want to make a whole quilt, make a tea cozie out of hexies.

Susie and Deb got there early to start setting up.

Thought I would take a picture from one end of their two tables to the other.

And it's a good thing as Susie and Deb had so many things to show - I missed a few during the program.

Possibilities abound

and the ladies said there was even more ideas out there - but they got a little tired.  I can see why - they did a wonderful job of presenting the hows and what if's on hexies.

Guess what their thought is about why there are so many unfinished hexie quilts out there?  Cause after awhile you have had it.  ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I'm going to vote that we come back to hexie's maybe next year at a workshop / sew day as I missed so much of the information given.

Maybe Hexie's should be the challenge next year.  Remember the year we went outside of the box for the "simple" Log Cabin?

See that little four grandmothers flower garden group at the top left?

Look at how tiny they are and how perfect.

The ladies even set up two pressing stations, one on each side of the room.  Lots of work as you can see

Before the meeting got to order, the members that are doing the BOM started arriving and had their blocks put up for display.

This group is Susie's
(Remember, you can click on the picture and have them come in larger so that you can check out the fine points.)

These are Sara B. and Hayley's

Jeanette K.

Janet H.

Carol S.

Stacie S.

Deb O.

Jane C.

Teresa E.

Ginny B.

She quilted her designs and is now doing a quilt as you go technique.

Sara and Jeanette put all of these up on the walls.  Thank you ladies.

This group belongs to Juanita S.

Aren't you glad we don't have to vote for the best, eye catcher, unusual, or whatever.
I went around and fell in love with this one, then saw that one and then oh oh what about.......yep, all are lovely.
Looking forward to seeing the finished products.

Record turnout for a November meeting, 37 members and 5 guests.  Sure looked like a lot more than that.

Roll call started out the night, along with the ladies Show 'n Tells.
Here Ginny B. brought in a family heirloom.  Pay attention to all the different mosaic ways to work with hexie's.

Carol B. brought in her table topper made out of hexies.

And showed us this lovely gift quilt.  Look at all those peak and valleys - made me think of a heart monitor read out or a jagged sky.

The person that is getting this quilt takes pictures of sun sets - look at the back.  Wow!  Carol, great job.

So many ideas in Carol's designing brain.  Very comfy looking

and a back that plays right along with it.

Heh, did you know that Frances B. is trying out for "Dancing with the Stars"?  hahaha
Not really, she is just a woman on the move.

Thank you Frances for standing still for this slow photographer.
Great looking quilt.

And of course the back is just as fun.

For this one, Frances had a kit.  Think she said it was a gift to her.  Great Job of stars for a star quilter.

Sara's hexie's - sorry, I did not get the story on this one.

Teresa is doing the "Splendid Sampler" and they have had two hexie blocks.  Look at that one on the left - egads, another tiny one.

Virginia had two hexie's to show (one on top right, Colleen had made her years ago.).  Didn't get a good shot of her wool project - think it was sunflowers and thistles.  Great job Virginia.

This quilt Virginia had started in 2005.  Got the fabric in Washington and here in town.  It has been slow going - but mark off her UFO Marilyn.  Love how the lay out gave it even more of a pattern.

Janet H. has been very busy, from this Christmas quilt, 

to this "simple" strip quilt.  That's Janet's words, not mine.

And then while her sister was here, Janet worked on this spider web looking design, which is also a hexie.

Jenell H. saw a picture and before she knew it - she had this wonderfully crazy quilt.  Have you figured it out yet?
See Jenell for the how to's.

Jenell also brought in two hexie quilts, here is one which her grandmother started and Jenell has been trying to finish.

Look at what triangles put together can make, another type of hexie. 

Donna made this as her first modern quilt, and it is a winner.  What fun.

And Donna finished this quilt for a friend that loves black, white and yellow.  Wild and fun.

The back may be made of left overs, but it is totally cool also.

And here is where I ......What?  You did this one in the past 3 days?  No Way!  Love it.
Look at all you can do with half square triangle blocks.  Crazy!  And she did it by laying a white 10" layer cake cut on top of a pattern fabric 10" cut, sewed around the edges and then cut a "X" through it to give her the 4 HST's.  Yep, I am officially jealous.

Cindy's husband picked up these packages for her that have templates of hexies in them.

Jeanette has a finished UFO.  This Kansas Trouble quilt she did from a BOM last year.

And here is another UFO

and another UFO.  Yeah!  Jeanette - you go girl!  Remember, for every UFO you finish, you get your name put into a drawing at the end of the year.  Have to finish them though - rats.  hahahah
Susie did the quilting on this one and teased Jeanette about the squiggly lines - they weren't tacked down.

Here are Deb O's hexie's for Show 'n Tell.

And a finished UFO - the chickens from last year.  And what a fun setting.  Love the fabric, makes you happy just looking at it.

Erlene's mother won this Opportunity quilt in 2014, now it is going to Erelene's brother and he wanted everyone that embroidered a block to sign it.  Two years - made it difficult for some of us to remember which one we did.

Erlene has been working on Christmas ornaments (bottom left), has her mother's bag for hand work and another hexie idea.

She also had a hexie quilt that isn't finished.  So many memory fabrics in there.

Stacie brought in some of her grandmothers blocks and told us that she has started the quilting on the one she brought in last month.

Check out the baby sweater in the top right hand corner of this picture.  Can you tell that Juanita is a VERY proud grandmother? hahaha  Course that sweater is so cute, Juanita could not resist getting it.
And she is working on a runner with snow flakes going from end to end.

Carol said that this is one of Grandmother Mall's.  Sara had not seen it yet, so besides helping to hold it up, she was checking it out.  In the upper right hand corner is Carol holding quite a few hexie flowers.

Different lay out from the flower garden design.  Click for a larger look at how these are set together.

Colleen is working on a sampler, and one of those blocks is a hexie.  Missed out what else Colleen is showing us.

After roll call and Show 'n Tell, the business part of the meeting was held.
The slate of officers was voted on and passed.
Thank you ladies for meeting the needs of the guild.

Frances Benson did the Opportunity Quilt drawing a little differently this year........
Yep - Virginia G. is the winner.  Wished I could have gotten the look on her face when her name was called.
Congratulations Virginia!!!!!

Please check  your calendars and get with Carol B. about the day trip she is planning for April of 2017 to Missouri Star Quilt Company in Missouri.  She gave us an idea of what it would cost and how many we would have to have going - if we wanted to take a bus.  Remember - we need to help Carol out.  It's no good for her to PLAN trips, if we don't get with her and go.

Then on to the Program for the night.

Deb started it out with a little bit of history for the hexie.  
From templates of sheet music, ledgers, letters and newspapers in the 18th century to today's plastic templates.  And hexie's are not the only shape - there are also diamonds, triangles and clam shell.

Here is one example that Susie got at an auction

This quilt is from husband Mark's family.  His mom dates it to about 90 years old.

Deb bought this one for $15.

The first kit we worked on, showed us how to make this pattern that Deb did as a table cover

and Susie did in this larger version.  Think this is the one that Susie finally said - It's large enough.  hahahaha
On this one, Susie put yo-yo's on the middle.

This style was a quilt as you go.  Susie used crocheted doilies to decorate it.

And here is a more modern look.  First the quilt was quilted, then the hexie's were added.

We each had three kits to show us just a few of the possible ways you can make hexie's.
From a circle that you fold, to cardboard, to freezer paper, to fusibles that wash out.
From iron on, hand tack, glue tack or "moon shine" tack - today's quilter has oodles of ways to work hers.

There were books to see what is out there to give you ideas
Check out your quilt shop, or go on line to Amazon to see more books or to purchase.

Freezer paper is now available in a thicker weight, or you can buy it by the roll in your local grocery store and use several layers.

Special thanks goes out to Jeanette K's husband.
He cut out all these hexie bottoms for the ladies to make pressing boards on.  A couple of these were given out as door prizes.
Thank you Mr. K.  And thank you ladies for sharing.

Susie had several examples showing the crisp look on front and then you could turn it over to see how she did each one.

Thank you to our refreshment group - Courthouse Steps for the wonderful munchies we had while we worked.

Here are a few pictures of our members learning a few ways to produce their own hexies.

This example is where you sew them together from dot to dot by hand to get your grandmothers flower garden design.

Yep, it was a fun night - got home late.
Still think we should do this again during a sew day = more time.
So much to learn.
Thank you Deb and Susie.  Wonderful Job.

See you all December 5th at our Christmas Party.
Have a safe and thankful Thanksgiving.!!!!!!!!

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