NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

And the Guild Challenge Winners are................................

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Yep!  -   Mission Possible!
Fantastic Guild challenge with 20 entries, waiting for us all to get there and vote.
What a surprise to see all the blocks that you can cut up, switch around and sew back together again.
We have some truly talented "DESIGNERS".
The next 8 pictures, show you the entries for this years challenge.  Remember, you can click on the pictures to have them blown up a bit larger.

And of course it is also the month that some folks celebrate the pumpkin "thing".  Kind of scary to drop in your change for not wearing a name tag - when you have that guy guarding the jar.

On the other side of the door were samples and directions for the Christmas projects that were presented at our October sew day.

It was very interesting to watch people check out the entries and go back several times to certain ones that caught their eye.

While some were voting, others were turning in their Opportunity Quilt money and tickets.

And others were working on their twilling blocks, or sewing on binding before Show 'n Tell.

And what a great Show 'n Tell we had. 
Carol B. had this very "guy" type quilt that she was making - check out all the fishes.  See the 3 in the middle - guess what?

Carol designed them using the techniques that she learned at the Lola Jenkins workshop.  Yep!  Wow!  Carol found some fish in one of her fabrics that she particularly liked and proceeded to recreate them using the raw applique technique that Lola taught us.  What a surprise, we all thought they were from a panel.  Great job Carol.

Virginia was interested in the wool group that has started up; however, she decided she would use felt for a bit.  What a wonderful end result.  Anyone that has extra wool that they want to distribute - now is the time to clean up your stash.

Janet H. has the privilege of sharing a love with her sister.  Look at what they have been making.
Gorgous ladies.  Please see Janet about all the particulars - looks like fun.

Cindy K. entered the "Inspiration" challenge at the Manhattan Konza Prairie Quilters Guild and won 1st place with her entry.  She picked a magazine page that turned out to be plates with food - and they inspired her on this beauty.  Congrats Cindy!

Jeanette K. almost finished sewing on the binding for her first applique quilt. Think it is called Chunky Chicks.  So Cute, you just want to snag it and take it home.  You did very well Jeanette.  Susie taught Jeanette the needle turn technique that she used on the chicks.  We are lucky to get to see it as it is off in the mail as soon as that last side is done.  
Stacie S. brought in this hexie flower quilt that her grandmother has started.  Stacie is going to continue to hand quilt it and then think about the edges.  You go Stacie!

Verna Lee M. is published!  On the Presbyterian 2017 Calendar.  The bottom right star picture is the quilt that won Verna Lee her honors. Thank you for bringing the calendar in for us to see.  Look back in our archives to find the originial quilt (sorry, not sure what month or year it was).

After Show 'n Tell, Challenge Chair - Ginny got the ball rolling on our "Mission Possible".

First one was Vevia's - bow tie block, 2nd was Esther's (she could not be with us) - hour glass block (check out the middle), and the colorful one belongs to...............................(I'm not sure - sorry, they could not be here either) - this one started as a 16 patch.

Karen U. told about her quilt and the two blocks she used to make it.
Virginia G. had fun cutting up her plain blocks from two fabrics and then putting them together in her table runner.
Jane C. started off with the hour glass block also, took two cuts up and down, and two cuts left to right, twist - turn and sew back together to get this charming red and white quilt.  (take note of  the middle - it is not turned)

Coleen W. did a great job with her disappearing 9-patch.  Purple and greens that really made this quilt pop.
Cindy K. had some solids that she was thinking about making a modern quilt with.  When this challenge came around and an idea popped from an old magazine - well, she came up with this colorful wall hanging that the cut up produced two different types of blocks.

Stacie S. was excited about entering her first Challenge and she did a great job with her disappearing 9-patch.  So many possibilities to twist and turn.
Dixie also decided to use the 9-patch and make this purse/bag.  Love how her colors stand out.

Okay Ginny B. - is that another way to do a 9-patch?  Egads - there are so many ways - who'd a thunk?
Jan J. has a small group she quilts with and they challenged everyone to do something with the churn dash - and then our guild challenged with a cut up - two birds one stone?!  yep!  And what a great way to show the pinwheel turned into a churn dash.  Jan, we don't think you did anything wrong by combining both challenges.

Donnis K. took the regular log cabin block (as shown in the bottom picture above) and cut off two sides at an angle - switched them, and then cut off angles from top and bottom and swiched them - Tah Dah!  You get a kiltered log.  
Jenell H. had attended an "On the Chopping Block" demo and came up with her own twist.  She cut her four patches at an angle, twisted and turned, and added some black to get her stain glass look.

Carol B.'s thoughts went around the olympics, fabric that went from light to dark and circles - to get her entry.  You can see her original block down at the bottom left of the picture.  She cut it into fours and then mixed and matched.  Whoa!  Makes you a little woozy if you stare at it too long.
Shirley H. cut up her red, white and green 9 patches to get this lovely table runner for the holidays.

Frances B. did some strip piecing, then cut it from top to bottom three times, for 4 pieces that she then put together in the chevron look.  Love this idea.
Donna J. could not be with us, but Frances told us that Donna took 4 patches, cut them diagonally once, added the dark peach color, moved some halves and then sewed them back together to make the table runner with the place mats.

One of Carol S.'s daughters has a new kitchen that is in shades of black and when Carol picked up the charm pack at our August meeting with No Place Like Home - she decided to make a reversible runner = challenge and gift.
Sara started with an hourglass block the same as Esther and Jane, after she did her cutting and twisting - Sara also turned the middle block to get this totally different look to her quilt. I know!  I had to go back and forth to see myself.  Color and changing one section made all three of these their own.

Okay - here they are!
The Winners!!!!!

Jan J. won "Creative use of Fabric"
Cindy K. won "Creative use of Color"
Carol B. won "Creative use of Design"
and Sara B. won "My Favorite"

As Ginny stated - Everyone that entered won the Challenge!
Thank you to all that participated, to all that voted and to Ginny for doing a great Challenge.

After the Challenge Program, the slate of officers was read and a little pleading done.  Okay, a lot of pleading.  Here is your Slate of Officers for 2017.
Remember, at the November meeting we will be voting them in.

President - Dixie C.
President Elect (2018 Pres) - Ginny B.
Secretary - Sara B.
Treasurer - Teresa E.
Program Co-Chairs for 2017 - Susie R. and Sara B.
Program Co-Chairs Elect (2018) - Vevia B. and Stacie S.
Publicity Chair - Coleen W.
Member-at-Large - Verna Lee M.
Member-at-Large in training - Debrah B.

Three cheers for all of these Ladies.

We also have Jane C. continuing Hospitality
Susie R. continuing BOM
Marilyn S. continuing as UFO
Vevia - Internet/Photographer 
(who is still looking for some assistants to learn the ins and outs)
Carol B. continuing with Day Trips - one is planned for the spring

The 2017 President is still looking for volunteers for:
2017 Guild Challenge
2017 Community Service (Ruth Ann will you continue on?)
2017 Fundraiser

Thank you everyone!  It takes each and every one of us - that is why we are such a great guild.

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