NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

January starts with "MacGyvering" your way into today's Quilt World!

As members came into the meeting on Monday night - this is what they saw up front - MYSTERY?
Everything was covered up.  Rats!

And because we are all well mannered ladies, we/they, left everything alone and went right to the embroidery/sewing group.

Jane and Carol started working on their twilling.  Lisa was putting on binding and Verna Lee was showing Debrah what's what for the Member-at-Large job.

Susie got a chance to sit for minute and Jeanette K. got to work on her twilling.

Come 7:00 pm
brand New 2017 President Dixie, started the night off with a grand hit of the gavel and on to the program.
Susie Introduced the speaker for the evening - Vevia.

Vevia started by giving credit to all of those that made her "MacGyvering in Today's Quilt World" possible.
(remember, you can click on the pictures and have them enlarge for better viewing.  Last names have been blocked here for internet privacy)
Everyone listed, plus others, deserve a huge thank you - without them there wouldn't have been such a great program.

As hubby John took pictures, Vevia upturned a garbage bag and dumped out a whole bunch of ...................

(This picture was taken at home, but will give you a better idea of what was in the garbage bag)

Okay, what does that stuff have to do with MacGyvering?

Members were about to find out.
 Table cloths were removed and the mystery below them solved as everyone present was invited to come up and get their own treasure bag full of exciting items.

Whoa!  Look at the bags.  Thanks to Sara and Carol S, everyone present got a feed sack of some sort, recycled into a shopping or quilt carrying bag.  From chickens, to rabbits, to goats, to cows, to your back yard bird feeder seed - many types and sizes of bags were available.

Poor Martha, she barely made it into the door when Vevia corralled her into picking out a bag for herself.

And these were not empty bags.  Members were then told to scrutinize the contents and hold up something for further conversation.

Lisa started the night out with a stove burner cover.  Isn't it a shame that somehow we buy those beautiful covers and the next thing you know we burn them and have to toss them out.  Instead of tossing them out though, as Christine shows us, they can be made into ironing "mats" for workshops.  Add a little batting (insul-bright) and some ironing board fabric and your off to class.
(Not everyone has a husband like Jeanette K.'s that can cut up a mat like he did for Susie's November program.)

Old metally type blinds, tape measures that are no longer wanted by the hubby.....

use them for a bag closing - Susie is holding up one of the bags using the blinds.

Boy this is getting exciting, what's next?

Altoid tins for sewing kits.........

found items turned into pin cushions......

Oh!?!  So many things that we can "MacGyver" into service for our art.

Jeanette held up a meat tray where a pincushion had been added for easy moving around the house for your hand work projects.
Sierra got a thimble pip made out of milk jugs and Frances got a basket made out of left over binding and batting cut off after quilting.

Mr. John tried something new out - he wants us all to remember that this is not his day job.
Click on the video and get a little idea of the fun everyone was having.

Colleen got one of the baskets also.  Carol B. got an empty picture frame.  What?
Well Debrah's picture frame was made into a pincushion and Dixie's was made into a dry erase board for listing your WIP's or whatever on.

Vevia showed where even if the glass is broke - put some chicken wire on the back of the frame (frame cost V $1.25 at a yard sale) and a quilt block on the back for a pretty, add a magnet or close pin and use it to hold whatever.
(Vevia saw one of these down to Hutchinson's fair for $10 - $20, nothing on the back except the wire.)

Even the strawberry containers are useful - whether keeping your spools of ribbon in it or the binding for your quilt when it gets back from the quilter.  
There are a lot of items out there that can be put to good use - and think of the money you are saving.

This picture was also taken at home to give you some idea of what the members saw on Monday night.  From big bags down in size to finger pin cushions and toilet paper roll thread catchers.  There was something for everyone.

*****Then Roll Call and Show 'n Tell*****

Frances brought in one of the quilts made mostly with men's shirts ready for her church to tie as they pray.  She cuts the threads shorter after they have been tied.

Don't you just love her backs!  Don't know how she does such a great job centering them.

This is one that Frances is getting ready for Verna Lee's grandson - after the church members fill it with prayers - it will be presented to him.

And again - great back.

Debrah had a family member bring this little bag to her from Hawaii.  Yes, we all want one like that.  Love the Hawaiian applique.

Dixie's sister embroidered these horses some time ago - Dixie put the blocks together and had Susie quilt for a great.......rats I forgot who for.  Please ask Dixie.

The back says I love mom and I love dad.

John helped Dixie hold this one up that her sister had also embroidered, 30 Blocks.  We are looking at it sideways - lovely.

And Susie's quilting makes this a reversible quilt.  Sorry the picture doesn't do the quilting justice.  But you get the idea.

Jane's mom's toaster cover flobbed (made up word) out about the same time the toaster did.  They got her a new toaster, but was unwilling to pay more for the cover than the toaster cost,  so Jane made her own cover.

Even the inside is lined.

Every one of us has been MacGyvering without even realizing it.
Teresa was going to her daughter's to work on a project and needed to bring EVERYTHING along just in case.  But how?  So she took a charm pack and some ingenuity and made this bag.  Little picture shows the back. 

Even a zipper to help you get to and see what is inside.  Holds the largest square ruler (never know what size you will need), cutting mat, rotary cutter, etc in pockets.  Just full of so many surprises inside.  This carrier does the job and beautifully.  Boy were ideas running round in our heads.  Keep an eye out to see what others do with this idea.

You know how your heart is in our guild challenges, but sometimes the time slips away from you?
Well, Teresa had the heart to do, just not the time.  Finally though, it is completed and here to share with us.  I think she said she started with 4 patches....?
And on the back she put the triangle hangers on.

Teresa's mom is the luckiest woman in the world.  Isn't this "door hanging" quilt great?   We have heard tell that Teresa's mom has to get after people not to touch.....hahahahaha.  You can't help it, they are so cute.

Lisa almost finished the binding on this lovely quilt.  Such a lovely quilt to brighten the winter months with and to decorate with for Christmas also.

Susie had wanted to get something of Marcella B's to have as a memory item.  Marcella shared so much of her knowledge with Susie and with others.  Well there was this table cloth at the sale, but grease stains and all? Well, Maybe?  
Yes, definitely!!!!!  Susie hung it up outside and sprayed it with that antique spray to cover up the stains.  Quilted it and turned the backing under at the edge to keep the lace that surrounded it.  Hope you put a label on it commemorating Marcella and your work.  

Forgot where Susie got this one.  But again, a lovely table cloth turned into a beautiful quilt.  Look at all those curves around the edges.  Remember Donna's demo on continuous binding?  Click here to see a tutorial from Craftsy.

Bev had some blocks from her aunt (I think) that she wanted to put into quilts for future greats.  This one was done in boy colors.

And this one in girls.  These will be treasured for all the family history as well as the famous blocks they hold.

Bev shared with us the lessons she learned from this quilt.
She bought it as a kit, but did not get a chance to get into it right away.  When she did - egads!  The fabrics listed were not the fabrics included.  Took some work, but she finally made her talent pay off - her grandson is going to love this quilt.

Even the back had to be pieced to make it work.
HINT AND TIPS FOR ALL OF US:  When you buy a kit - check it out immediately to make sure it contains what it should.

Okay, I am a little confused on this one.  Bev said that when she started sewing - she started this quilt.  What she didn't say was when exactly that was.  hahaahaha  Is this 10 years old or 40?  How ever old it may be - wow, what a lot of work.  And even though she has other blocks done and not attached yet, she thinks she still has to make some more.  
Bev - you need to get it done!
It will be a prize to treasure by your children.

What a night.  Sorry the weather was not the best and sorry so many were not able to make it.
It was a grand night, lots of ideas, quilts to feast our eyes on......and the refreshments - good job board.

See you in February - be safe and have fun!

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