NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

Can you say WOOL - 10 times fast?

I tried - but the "l" gets lost from the end and it sounds more like - woo, woo, woo, woo, woo WOW!!
Course that was WOW for the whole night.

The embroidery group started rolling in around 5:30-ish and were they busy and excited about their project and up coming possibilities.  Susie brought in this new pattern that caught everyone's attention.  It is gorgeous.  (remember, you can click on a picture and have it get larger)

Ladies started right in on their twilling.....


and giving a helping hand or just admiring each others work.

Can you see it?  Right there just to the left of Francis' left pointie finger - a bead.  A green bead.  Egads Francis - how many of those do you have to add to the trees on our 2016 Opportunity quilt?  Between the fine finger work and the eyes seeing it all - any one want to offer a helping hand?

Carol stated that she is doing so much better with each block that she does - Twilling is really picking up.  If you have never done it, seen it, or just interested in what is what - check out the internet.  There is so much about it - Twilling - one blog and even a twilling Quilting Board.

Course we have our own expert - See Susie!

The embroidery group has grown and has learned so much in the three years it has been going on.  If you have dinner over with early - drop in on quilt night at 6:00 pm.

Speaking of guild night - look at the crowd.

Our program speaker was Karen Spaeth from Manhattan - look at the "groupies" she broght with her.
Welcome Nancy, Patty Marilyn and Dona.  And thank you each and everyone for your help with the program.

Karen was raised on a ranch in Texas with sheep, cattle and horses.  From the age of 7 she made clothes and blankets for her dolls and of course through the years did all the things with 4-H, including the wool.

Remember the wool decorations added to the colors of an oversized shirt?
And vests, and purses?  Well Karen has done most of everything that uses wool - 'Wool Applique'.

Just to start us off - and do I hear a WOW!?

For three years one of the magazines she read had a block of the week.  Karen did not do all of them; however, what she did do = the leftovers added to her growing stash.

Forgive the bad picture - this one was gorgeous up close.

Karen likes the darker look and the colors did not always show up well in  pictures.  A couple of Karen's "groupies" helped out immensely when items were passed around - by holding them up for a close up, clearer shot.   Thank you ever so much.

See how alive this one is.

Oh my - look at those stars.

Karen let us all know that no one way is the only correct way.  Through the years she has found what works for her.  Cushings Perfection Dyes, the new powdered ones and Instant Antique are ways that Karen can take the whites and light tans and make them her own.  Pointy scissors, Chenelle 25/24 needles, pearl cotton #12 (Valdani), DMC floss, Soft Fuse fusible, Steam a Seam 2 Light - all of these are Karen's Tools.  But they are not inclusive - try out as many tools as possible and find what you like.  Karen has found out that GOOD Tools make the job so much easier and enjoyable.

Many of Karen's wools she over dyes to get the look that she wants.

And it does not have to be fancy points, swirls, etc.  Penny patterns are an easy start for the beginner.  Named for the possible template that was used way back (the penny maybe) - they can create lovely designs as in this pillow Karen made for her daughter.

And wool objects do not have to be made with tiny pieces - this one was gorgeous and made with pieces that you could see and easily handle.
Thank you "groupie" for the close up.

And simple - yep, beautiful results without all the confusion.  And mix and match.  Brushed cottom, wool, flannel - so many fabrics go together well.

Course if you want to do tiny - Karen can do it.  These were absolutely breath taking to see and touch.

And Karen did have a few items on the lighter color side.

Books and patterns are a few of the items other than wool that Karen treats herself to.  She is not stuck on kits, doesn't make her own patterns - but she has a great eye for seeing and then making her own.  This is just one of the books that she likes.  Magazines - "Primitive Gatherings" many places to get your ideas.  Karen gave us a lot of ideas of shops here and there that carry wool and supplies. 

And penny mats or rugs are one of the best ways to start your adventure into wool applique.

And then stretch out and add leaves and embroidery.

Don't you just love this diamond shape?

And crazy quilting with wool is an eye catcher also.

Karen did mention that some shapes can drive you crazy.  Every point on this one has a dab of fray check to make sure it stays a point.

This table runner is a joy from both sides of the table.

Karen had to have the pattern and the fabric found in the sample at the shop - whoa!  Next time she will check out the fabric closer.  The background fabric in this quilt was very hard to get the needle through.
You did a great job Karen!

Talk about dimension and pazazz!  This quilt you had to see in person.  So many layers and so much detail.

Course you have to have a few light ones in your collection.

This one was a gift from a friend - what a wonderful Easter candle mat. (Good job Judi R.)

These eggs are a great way to use not only your wool, but all those embroidery stitches you learned and haven't used in a bit........and unbreakable.

Great Pumpkins,  Charlie Brown!

This Christmas quilt was full of wonderful ideas.  One was watch what type of pen you use to write words with.

Delicate beauty - but has a belly bump.  Not my words - Karen's.  Think this is the one that she said instead of doing blocks, she decided to do it as one whole piece, little quilting between - looks great.  Till you hang it up and the heavy wool pulls the sections forward.  Can honestly say though that I never saw the bumps - was too enthralled with the work.

Don't forget the grandkids - they need something for them around the house at Christmas.

Just so much to ooh and ahh about.  Look at those cut out leaves.

And though crows may not be Karen's favorite, this one is kind of kingly in his stance.

Shades  -  wonderful range of colors in this one along with all the work.

Look at all of those harvest delights.  Loved the cat tails.

Karen decided that she had too many Christmas tree ornaments and decided to put these together for a wall hanging.  Her grandsons are not tickled about it.  Karen said she might have to cut them apart and put back on the hangers.

And lets not forget Valentine's day.  This was a pattern out of the Primitive magazine.

Isn't Christmas full of possibilities?

Under glass is gorgeous - till you try to take pictures.

Marsha and Erlene had a blast looking through all the Christmas ornaments

From ginger breads to Cardinals - and all of those inbetween.

Would you believe that everyone of those snowmen are made from the same piece of wool?
Dye, over dye, mottled dyeing - so many looks.

Whew - your eyes can get over loaded with all of the samples of her work.  Karen doesn't keep them all though.  Besides family and friends, she donates many projects to good causes for auction items to help raise money.  And Karen's work is always a prized possession and brings in good prices. 

Sewing hussiffs, scissor holders, pin cushions a plenty - Karen showed us everything in the world and wetted a few appetites towards trying some wool applique.  Karen teaches workshops - who knows - we might just have to have her back.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Karen and for the wonderful ladies that came with you and did the leg work and 'Vanna White' work for the photographer.

Show 'n Tell continued the night with plenty of opportunities to stir up our creative juices.

Ginny has this wonderful graduation quilt all ready for the lucky recipient - who by the way loves cats and knitting.  You had to look at some of the books to see the wonderful use of salvages as titles.

Francis B. made this wonderful Noah's Ark quilt and put rain drops in the quilting.

And Francis does not throw out anything - orphan blocks - put them together and look at what you can get.  Almost has a modern feel to it.

Geri attended the Bergstrum estate sale and got to add a redwork quilt to her collection.  Part of this was done when Mrs. Bergstrum was 7 years old in 1923.  Mother helped with the animals.

Dixie showed off her new grandchild quilt fresh from quilter Susie.  It will be given before our next meeting, so thank you Dixie for letting us see it now.  Love the colors.

Remember when Lisa brought in all those blocks and such that she wanted to get rid of?  Well Jane saw the bow ties and her designing brain was off to a great start.  Put some old time fabrics with it, front

and back to get a great utilitarian quilt.  Reversible Jane!  Great job.

Teresa got in on Pat Sloan's Splendid Sampler - FREE - you can too by clicking here.  100 blocks free - after it is over - they will cost you.  Block 27 has just been given out.  Pick and chose, do them all, pick your own great color schemes like Teresa did here.

Once people know that you are a quilter - watch out - Jan found that out just recently.  But Jan, they knew the right person to ask. You did an outstanding job on this t-shirt quilt.  Heh - will you do more?  hahahaha

Okay - who is hiding behind this quilt?  I was so interested in the colors that I forget who showed it off - Jeanette K - is that you?  I think it is.  Caught my attention and heart - lovely colors lady.

Deb has been much blessed with finishing projects of Iowana's.  Iowana did all the embroidery and Deb decided to put them in pillows.  

Susie meets with a great group of ladies in Morganville each month and in 2014 they each took a block and gave a mini lesson on how they made theirs.  Pretty good when there were a few months that year that weather prevented them from getting together.  Susie kept hers small so she could hang it easily.

You know how Susie is always finding discards and rescuing them?  Well here is a lovely table cloth that she put the backing right side to top wrong side and them batting and then backing wrong side to wrong side (did I get that right) and quilted making it into a shadowed show piece.  Now this table cloth can be used for the table and for the lap.

Lynn S. brought Susie another table cloth that was a little heavier so Susie did not have to shadow it, just quilt it.  What a great way to put these vintage items to good use and get in lots of practice.

Francis B. gave Susie these lovely dresdan plates and Susie hunted through her stash to find the perfect fabric to show case them in.  Too bad Francis doesn't remember where she got them.
Some one in the audience did.
Geri C. made them.
Talk about what fun and surprise.

Erlene has a 50 year graduation reunion coming up and she has made little purse/packs for all of her fellow grads.  Watch Verna Lee, while she was checking it out - she found Erlene's money.  hahaha

Okay - never say that you will never win!
Remember in February when the ladies from Belleville brought their Opportunity Quilt down?
Well Juanita decided you can not win if you do not buy - so she got some tickets and then a couple of weeks ago when she was in Kansas City - she got the call.  Surprise!  So much of a surprise that Juanita could not remember what it looked like - just that it was gorgeous.
YEP!!! it is beautiful.  Congrats Juanita!

Susie is presenting the BOM this year, which is a quilt pattern that the ladies are doing in Twilling.

Teresa brought in her latest finished block.

Deb brought in hers.

And Ginny brought in three of her blocks that she hand quilted while she was on a trip this last bit.  She is doing a quilt as you go - looking forward to seeing how all of these turn out.

Program Co-Chair Deb talked about the upcoming

workshop with Lola Jenkins.  She had the sample on display for all to see.

Susie had a sign up sheet for the August 6th Sew Day.
There has been several requests made for applique classes.  So the ladies have come up with a rotory/scissor case that will have four types of applique taught.
Remember to sign up and pay your kit fee of $3.  You start with a blank as shown on the left and add a little applique and any embellishment you want.  It's possible to finish all the hand work that day.  And when you go home - sew up the two sides and you have a finished case.

Lots of interesting projects and programs coming up.
And remember "Mission Possible".  Ginny had hand outs for those that needed them on this years Challenge - take any block you want - cut it up - sew it back together and .............

Be safe, stay dry and see you next month.

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