NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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What a fun filled Month!

This has been an awful busy month of May.
The PQG members that volunteer at the Museum have finished 52 quilts and one buffalo robe in the 3 1/2 years that they have been helping out the Museum.  This past Wednesday (May 25th) was their last work day until ...............
To everyone that volunteered, donated sheets, cheered us on - THANK YOU!!!!!!!
In March this quilt was documented, cleaned and rolled.  (remember, you can click on the pictures to see them larger)

April, the ladies worked on

this wonder.  Strips done on triangles and a solid half make a statement here.  Not sure if it is coming or going.

Then this month of May, this dresdan fan went through the procedures.

So many favorites over the years - look at the quilting.

And last but not least - this HEU quilt.  Are any of these units familiar to you?  Some have disappeared from the roll calls of today - so this reminder is even more special.

So the Museum volunteers - Yeah!!!!!!  Wednesday's are now open for other endeavors.  Do pray that you will be willing to help out again, when the museum has made some decisions.  No rush - they are so busy on the getting ready for the move, that it may be a bit.
Again - Thank you ever so much for all your work.


Museum isn't the only extra activity that has gone on this month......Yesterday, May 26th, at the Morganville Community Center........

Look who was here!  Right in the middle of the picture resting her head on her hand..
What a great turn out with the weather and work week.
In this picture above are some ladies from Linn/Palmer.

And ladies from the Morganville Friendship Group and the Piotique Quilters Guild.
Bonnie called me at 6 am today to tell me how this gathering will be a treasurered memory for ever and she wanted all the ladies that were able to attend know how special you all made her feel.

Here's the gang all here.

And Lisa from the Morganville Cafe did finally get a chance to see and talk with Bonnie for a minute.

Bonnie started us off  with Show 'n Tell -- Walter was surprised when he found out that one whole suitcase was just quilts.  But what a blessing to see what Bonnie has been doing.
She said that she had a lot of scraps that she thought people had taken home with them during the original packing from Clifton.
When she got to Utah - there they were.
So she has been doing charity quilts with them.

So much fun with scraps and a little bit of yardage.
And her quilter out there is fabulous - does such a good job for when Bonnie decides she will have someone else run them up.

One of the ladies mentioned that they had always shied away from brights, but after seeing what Bonnie brought - she thinks she will give it a try herself.

I liked the tilted ones the best.

And some of her greens - wow, how they made things stand out.

And the black helps tone down a few really - really bright wild frogs.

Okay, long distance telephone calls can be confusing.  Bonnie brought this one to show Vevia what she meant by a vertical quilt.  Oh My!   Vevia told her she thought she was saying Vertigo quilt.
No wonder communication is always better face to face.

So simple and so pretty when it is done.  Bonnie did these with the umpteen million 2 1/2" blocks she has collected through the years.

And of course, once a teacher, always a teacher.  Bonnie brought samples to show us how you can do this "VERTICAL" quilt if all you have is 2 1/2" strips.  Thank you Bonnie.

Out at St. George, Utah - Bonnie said they are more artists then quilters - so she has upped her game on her labels - a little more fancy with a little bit of embroidery.

This one is marvelous.  Take a bunch of 4 patches and 9 patches and join them together with plain squares.  Bonnie told us that she came across this box with the light tannish fabric - it was all triangles.  She could not figure out where she had gotten them, but she sewed two together and made the squares.  Deb T. reminded Bonnie that it was from a sale in Concordia from the Mother House.
Not sure why someone had cut all of those triangles, but now Bonnie has put them to good use.

Loved the simple way of quilting this quilt.

Bonnie also brought along her mascot - isn't he cute?  Some of the ladies said that they had seen similiar stuffed dogs, but not with the tongue and ears.  Always something interesting to use your scraps on.

Then it was our turn to Show 'n Tell to Bonnie.
Deb T. brought in this quilt that she is trying to finish from a Round Robin that the Morganville Friendship group did back in 2009 or 2010.  Look at those corners on the border - aren't they darling.  Deb shared that they are from her mistake.  She made the dresdan plate for the middle, but her first attempt was too big, so she had to do it over with smaller blades.  No use tossing out the larger ones - into the corners and what a finish it gives the quilt.

Esther brought in hers that she is trying to finish also.  There were 9 ladies that worked on this project.  Each lady provided her own fabrics in a pizza box, then passed the box around to the others and they made a block for you. 

Shirley has her quilted (by Susie) and just has to put the binding on it.
Darn, some of the ladies said they should have brought theirs too.  Bonnie was trying to remember where hers was and if it was done.  Bonnie - send us a picture when you find it.

Janet H. got the bug to make this quilt with such contrast

After seeing Hayley B.'s.  Remember this one that took top in 4-H and a blue at State.  Well it had to come to see Bonnie as she was so much involved with it's making.  Bonnie went around finding scraps for strips so that Hayley could make it.  

Leila made this Hunter's Star quilt all by hand and then quilted it by hand.  So many scrap pieces and so perfect on the corners.

Carol S. brought in her quilt that Lynne Hagmier from Kansas Troubles  had modernized from the Hunter's Star pattern.  Both Carol S. and Janet H. have been working on these quilts.
You do half square triangles and then raw edge applique on the diamonds, etc.  Looks great - both ways.

Carol S. also brought in her flower garden quilt to show Bonnie.  She heard a few what?  We haven't seen that one........from a few others.  hahahaha  Whether we have or have not - what a gorgeous quilt to see again.

Sara B. also brought in Hayley's counted cross stitch picture to show Bonnie also.

Remember our 10 year anniversary?  Sara brought in her 10 snowmen to show.

And her darling chick quilt.  Love looking at all those colors and all those crazy buttons.

And then there is the Birthday Flower of the Month BOM from 2015 - Sara's is all finished and of course lovely.

Vevia got her flower quilt out also so that Bonnie could see them together.
That is the best part about quilting - everyone can start with the same blocks - and go so many directions with them.

Esther brought in her tree skirt that she had quilted as a whole cloth.

And Esther also brought in her way out of her comfort zone Bargello.  Most of Esther's work is done with pastels, though this one was definitely not pastel -  it is gorgeous Esther.  Great job.

Esther also brought the project that the Morganville Friendship group had jointly done in 2014 I think.  Each of the ladies taught a small 6 1/2" block and then everyone set them their way.  You might remember Esthers as it also has a cross showing with the light backgrounds.

Vevia had taken a class in Manhattan with Shelly Burge - Not your Grandmothers Strip Piecing.  Bonnie knows the lady and has also taken classes from her.

The Manhattan - Konza Priairie Guild's 2015 BOM was fantasy flowers from Robb 'n Graves.  Bonnie has done so many of their patterns, knows the ladies and loved the chance to see something new of theirs.

What fun to see what everyone had to Show    AND

TELL!!!!  Okay, I was probably yakking, but Deb O. had a tell, and

so did Dixie.  Sorry I do not remember enough to share here - but for Bonnie, they both had special Tells for her.  Bonnie has taught so many and I know Dixie and others of us, are glad to be involved with teaching the next generation.

Thank you everyone for coming out and seeing Bonnie and thank you
Bonnie for giving us the chance to share and enjoy your company.
You are always missed!

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