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Modern Quilting - okay, what is it?

At some of our meetings, it seems the early birds are increasing in number.  Whether it is to chat, twill, embroider, discuss techniques........what ever it is, what a wonderful time to socialize with some astounding ladies.
The Block of the Month is coming right along with this group of ladies.  Several were transferring the patterns over to their fabric, others were twilling away, and some just enjoying the time.

Their laughter is very catching - even if you missed the story.

If you have not had the opportunity - stop in early and see what all is going on.

For the meeting - Chairs started to fill up

And then Deb was introducing our speaker from Kansas City - Lesley Latham ( blogspot here ) , on "Modern Quilting".

Loved the introduction that Lesley gave all of us - Whether you call yourself Traditional or Modern - it boils down to style.  Both are functional, modern might use bolder colors, higher contrast, more negative space, etc................whatever, it all boils down to doing what we each love -
expressing ourselves in our own way.

Leslie started her first hand piecing project at about 8 years old from her Great-Grandmother.  Thanks to Mom, at the age of 25 - it is now quilted and bound.
The one thing that Leslie has learned is that traditional piecing may not be her cup of tea.

This quilt she finished all the blocks - another one of Great-Grandmothers starts with Leslie, and thanks again to mom - it is now sashed, bordered, quilted, bound, and labeled.  Leslie was happy that before her great-grandmother passed away, she was able to show her the top .  Three generations make this quilt very special.

So where and how did Leslie get into the Modern Quilt movement?  In 1998, Leslie saw Denyse Schmidt on a Martha Stewart Living television show.  Then in 2002, Leslie saw an exhibit on the Gee's Bend Quiltmakers.  2005 more books were being written on Modern Quilting.  2008 saw a group starting on Flicker and in 2009, the Modern Quilt Guild started in Los Angeles.  All of this added together, got Leslie interested in coming up with her own style - Modern Traditionalism.
Add up an increase in modern fabric designers, social media and digital cameras - they all contributed to the adventure.  One of these days, Leslie is going to make it to QuiltCon.  Forgot to ask if the East or West one.  Click here to see their charity quilt.

Four years ago, Leslie got in with a BEE, not the type of a sewing bee that we might be thinking of - this is a modern - virtual bee.  (Click here to see an example)  Leslie asked who would like to be in this with her, sent them some fabric, explained the size and type - Wonky Cross - and this quilt is what she made from the blocks she received.

This was from a churn dash Bee.  Notice how the background was reversed in some of the blocks.

This quilt was a fat eighth challenge.  Lots of negative space to have fun with the quilting.

This is a paper pieced quilt showing the architecture in Florida.
On some of the houses, Leslie mentioned shot cotton (weft is one color and warp is another color).  If you have never seen it or tried it, you can get peppered cotton at Sew Country in Belleville.

This quilt is taking a traditional block exchange and randomly placing with lots of negative space.

Big blocks - neon colors.  Warning!  This neon fabric would loose it's color if washed. Oh oh!

Fractal Radiance is what this abstract with modern fabric is called by Leslie.  This is the one where there was no binding, instead its called facing finish - a strip of fabric is sewn on the front and then taken totally behind and sewn down.  Mitered corners looked great.

Paper piecing her flying geese is fun for Leslie
Making the 1/4" hexies she has on the back of this quilt were NOT.

How about a wonky log cabin hot pad?

Or a Dresdan plate done in chevron fabric carefully cut?

Say several times out loud - AQUA IS THE NEW BLACK!  Ha ha.  That's Leslie's vision anyway.  This was another Bee block.

For another Bee, Leslie requested bow ties.  Note how the reverse ties break up the pattern and add interest.

No Way!  Yep!  This is also a Bee block quilt.  Leslie sent the bookshelf fabric and requested the size and look at all the interesting things on her shelves.  Tea pot area was from mom.  There is even a quitar in the bottom right.  A close up of the books would show you how salvages were used as book titles.  Do remember, you can click on the pictures and have them enlarged some.

This one is a tradtional block with modern fabric

and the back is even more interesting.

Kansas raw edge applique - in rememberance of our deer on the roads.

These large blocks when put together, told Leslie that 9 were enough.

Her boyfriend got her the fabrics for this quilt - from Tula Pink's line called Prince Charming.
How apropos - ya think?

Take a modern fabric layer cake and half square triangle them to get this bold look. 

Leslie also does clothes and bags.  Here are two that her and her mother just finished this past weekend.  They are from a carry on pattern, made larger for their sergers.

Duffel bag

and this one is an Amy Butler bag.

One thing that Leslie mentioned was fabric.  Sometimes we get into the box of quilters cotton only - modern quilters try several kinds and wow are there a lot of them out there.  Ever heard of double gauze?  Look for some at the Modern Maker in Kansas City or take a run up to Belleville and see what Sew Country has.

So many new ideas and ways to express ourselves.  And that is one thing that all of us quilters have in common - expressing ourselves.
Thank you Leslie for a great intro into today's Modern.

(If you have any questions, you may reach Leslie at

The business part of our meeting started with Roll Call and Show 'n Tell.

  Jane had a wonderful TELL for us.  Following is a copy of one I found on line that is very similar.

Carol B. made this lovely table runner from left overs. Wow!
Missed getting a picture of the back.  It has swirls on it and Carol quilted this with the back up and followed the swirls - so it is definitely reversible.

Sara showed off her finished chicks of the month quilt.

Jenell showed us her traveling pill bottle case that she had made from a demo Vevia gave this past year.  Idea came from Susie R.  
And then Jenell showed us this nursing infinity scarf.  Now that is something.  You can find several sites on line to show you how it is done - here is one.

Ruth Ann has been very busy.

And Donnis too.  With a little help from daughter Jan J. with the quilting.

A new great grand due any time. . . . ooh!  Take heed - this is an idea for this year's challenge.....cutting up a block, here a 9-patch.
Did you know that some of us have a list of things we want to try?  Well Lisa finished one item on her list - learning how to knit.  Great hat Lisa.

Marsha said that in the late 1950's to early 1960's, the Lutheran Church ladies made this quilt to make money for their Aide group.  Marsha's grandmother won it - what a wonderful win - it has lots of family members with their names and birth dates on it.  That is a treasure Marsha and thank you for bringing it in.

Last year at the Des Moines show, Deb M. picked up some precuts to make this breast cancer quilt.

And from the scraps, made another one.

She also picked up the preprinted grandmother is type fabric and made this quilt for a grandchild.  Okay Deb, I did not hear.  Are they coming or are they already here?  I know the hands on the back are from an idea that Deb heard of, about tracing around a little one's hand.  This one is mom and little one.  Deb, I heard someone mention that you should trace around your hand and also add it to the back.

Erlene decided that she better get some practice in with curved binding (bias) as she has a bigger quilt with scallops coming up.  She also showed us her 16 of 88 yo yo's she is working on for a bed runner.  You go Erlene - you can do it.

Graduation time is always a great time to see what quilters are up to.  This friendship star quilt is Juanita's graduation gift.  (Sorry, did not hear who for)

Coleen W.  made this darling baby quilt - love the bright colors and the tow away zone block.

She also made this little quilt.  Did not get to hear what it was for or from.

Our presenter - Leslie, brought 6 guests with her - this one is her Aunt Cathy.  She not only showed her bag that she had to do TWICE thanks to a dog, but she also brought along her beginning bargello from a class she took at the Mankato - "Hidden Treasures" shop.

Leslie's mom, Joni, showed off her carry on bag that she made with Leslie this weekend.

After Show 'n Tell

Vevia handed out the 2016 Guild Challenge sheets for Ginny.

You can print out the information sheets from the left side of this site under "Forms and Info to Print Out".

This is going to be a great Challenge Ginny - thank you.

Frances B. showed off the top for our 2016 Opportunity Quilt.  She had all the ladies stand, that had embroidered the side panels.  Jan J. did the pinwheels.  Juanita is finishing the one area and then off to Susie for quilting.

Make sure to get your own tickets on this gorgeous quilt.

Susie mentioned for everyone to look over the BOM blocks that were on display.  Beautiful twilling, embroidery, fabrics - they all are going to be gorgeous.
Below are individual pictures shown up closer.

Jeanette K.

Carol S.

Janet H.

Deb. O.

Susie also had laid out the six that she has done so that we could see a little of how it will be going together.  Thank you ladies for sharing your work.

Deb. M. showed us a sample for the June 21st workshop - "Portrait I" with Lola Jenkins out of Oklahoma City.
Remember - no sewing machines needed.
Please get signed up as soon as possible so that we can have this workshop.  Get with Deb or Susie to sign up and you can go to the top left under "Forms and info to print out" and see what the supplies are that you need.  There are kits available for $20.  This promises to be a great class.  Remember every technique that you can get - makes it easier for you to have options in your own work.  Maybe you do not feel like a portrait quilter - your own style, you might be able to use some or all of this technique ideas.  

Have a grand month and be safe.

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