NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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Quilt display at the workshop

Unfortunately, not a lot of us could take David and Teresa's workshop on Tuesday - I think we missed a whole big bunches.
I was able to "run" by for a "minute" (more like over an hour) and take a "few" pictures.
Teresa was helping one of our members work on the design wall with her Fibonacci project.

The other ladies were sewing and cutting away.  Wonderful light and a great set up.
Course the first thing that caught my eye when I went in, was all the chairs drapped with quilts.

David did not waste a minute allowing me to take more pictures so that all of us could see them.  Remember all those bags still on the floor unopened the other night?  Still some left for another time - however, what was set out was fantastic.  And - I am going to have to get me a recorder so I can remember what all people tell me.  Most of these were designed to teach something, forgive me where I forgot what.
I know this quilt above was a study on what all you an do with just a square in a square and then add some flying geese.  Look at all those stars and stars within stars.

I loved the quilting on this dresdan plate.

Have a panel that you want to zing up to another level.  Look at those windmills in the border.

David "stripped" piece this quilt with a boughten stripe fabric.  Don't you just love those off set stars.

Not all stain glass are what they seem.  This one David said he created using freezer paper - duh?  Now that is a class that would be very interesting.

Another design that just the color placement in one of the blocks can change the look totally.

Look at the ric rack stems - the darkest green one is braided even.  And the dresdan blades make beautiful butterflies.

Okay, crazy headache following this one around.  Paper pieced and crazy fabrics.

Another different look to the hexie.  David gave me his tips on sewing them together with the machine, he does not English paper piece these.  Forgot to ask him how small he can go down to.

Some homes are of a different style.  Can you see the boo boo one?

Storm at sea.  Ever tried using some of the paper templates that are included in many of these patterns - ouch.  And then trying to sew and get all those points to come out right.  Well think of double sided tape.  Get with me and I will share David's tip.  Okay Verna Lee, we need some double sided tape for a door prize next time.

Whether you think of this as wedding ring or love knots - color placement, color placement - it makes all the difference.

Now who would have guessed that half square triangles could be used to make this beauty?  Well David, natch.  What a wonderful idea.

Seen the bouquet or nosegay in quilts; however, have not tackled myself.  How about you?

Okay, city landscape?  Yep, I forgot what this is called, but I now know how to make one.  Well the beginning anyway.  Color placement may have me stumped.

Thread spools.  Keep looking at this - he didn't?  Worth a class to learn.

Teresa does such interesting work.  Love - love - love this one.

Got a chance to get a close up of both the seven sisters.  Do you see what I saw - triangles?

This one - egads, look at all those triangles and of course the confetti fabric also.  Makes it jump away from just a muslin look.

Remember David talking about the templates that he cuts around?  Well these are a couple.  From Marti Michell (click to go see what they have).

David's scrap bucket looks like my mile a minute bucket, only some bigger pieces.  He stacks a few up and then cuts away.  Course his turn table cutting board works beautifully.

He made it with this lazy susan type bottom from Lowe's.  Guess what Mr. J is going to be looking for - for me.  Wow was it neat to see it turn and no fuss.

Remember that city scape?  It's done in triangles - three pieces (placed in the right color combo) and that's it. (ha ha)

And remember the braid he told us that he makes different than most people?  Well, he showed me how and .........

gave me some cut pieces - I went home and sewed it right up.  No cutting off all the sides and not only having no waste, but also the other way if you are not careful, you get a little stretchy and off.  Keep your eyes open - I may get a braid or two done - after I get the right template.

Thank you David and Teresa for sharing so much with us.  They said that anytime we wanted a class - call and they would see what they could do.  Wow, they have so many ideas.  Where to start?

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