NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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OMG = Oh My Gollywinkles! What a night, what a show!

The night started out quietly, with a very leisure pace.  The embroidery group met and showed off their hand work they have been doing.
Whether it was Jeanette's new found love of applique (she is doing awesome), or

Susie's finished silk ribbon embroidered "Chick in the Garden" pin cushion, or the new embroidery project that Susie brought in for everyone to try.  Sorry we did not get pictures of the "chicks".  For those of you that are wondering what Susie backed the embroidery with - it was Pellon SF101 Shape Flex.  You can go here to see a you tube showing how to fuse it and other possible projects to use it in.

Bev brought in an embroidered table cloth for us to see the fine work her mother did.  Notice the embroidered edge all the way around.

Fair judges would love Bev's mothers work - this is the back side - as gorgeous as the front.

Carol B. Introduced our Speakers for the evening.....
David & Teresa Duwe from Wichita.
Hang on to your hats..............
They belong to 5 guilds.  One long arm, one modern, and three regular quilting guilds - all in the Wichita area.  They are both nurses.  And they are both "brained".  Okay, what does that mean, well one is left and one is right - but who can say which is which.  Boils down to the fact that they both hit the quilting world at different times in different directions and are winning awards with their quilts.  After seeing who did what - you get the gist of who leans more for traditional and who leans more for contemporary/modern.

David has been quilting for over 25 years, Teresa about 10.  Look them up on line to find out more about them - enough to say, they both love quilting.

David did this quilt - think he said an Elsie Campbell class with oodles of starching and ironing.

Teresa isn't always one to follow patterns.  With the twister, well it does this, so let me do


and that's with it.  She is working on a 12 month of the year wall hanging projects.  Think she said she has 4 months done.

David took a panel, chopped it up, sewed it back together with solid fabric to give it that stain glass look and then used his twisters in the border.  Loved what he had to say about the judge that didn't think his flower went back together correctly - duh?

The backs are a study in art also.

Here is another of Teresa's (no you are not going blind.  Just as the photo was shot, she started to move it.  Sorry)

David said that after a whole day in  class, he was able to finish at least one of these blocks.  Lots of unsewing.  Teresa was not impressed with a full day of quilting for one "hot pad".  As you can see, he stuck to it and produced a lovely finished project.

Teresa's work.

Never, never, never - will they work together on a project again.  Remember that left and right brain difference?  This is a paper pieced project.  David flips one way, Teresa flips another.  David said that she had to redo all of his to get it to go together correctly.

Ties, ties and more ties.  Use a little stabilizer on your silk ties and they work better.  The outside border is the skinny part of the ties.  Their son doesn't appreciate this quilt like David does.  All his son can see is that his dad cut up some famous names in tie manufacturers.

Lots of stories and famous teacher names that I missed writing down - so enjoy the looks and where my memory works - -  - - - - - - 

Believe there are two of these quilts.  One went to the to-be grandparents David and Teresa, and the other the in-law-grandparents to-be own.  There is a granddaughter now - and she has too many quilts according to her parents.

David made this with hankies.  Why have them in the drawer not being used when you can showcase them like this?

Think he said this one is of panels of hankies.

Teresa had an idea and this is the result

Teresa got in a lot of trouble with this hardanger type table cloth that she made into a quilt.  She used fabric that David had been saving to bring out the cut work in this.  Add some embroidery, bling, markers, etc. and now it is a show stopper.

We got a close up of it - wow.

David used some names of styles of quilts that I missed - think this one had to do with fractured.  It is lovely whatever style it is.

Teresa took an old table cloth and cut it up to use in her tree skirt.

She even found the backing fabric on sale at a bed bath and beyond type store.  Reversible and came out stunning.

Back in the 60's or 70's when the apron for dish soap was popular, hardly a home that did not have one.  Then one day - they were discarded for the next fad.  David had picked some aprons up here and there and decided to made this lovely quilt.  It is on a whole cloth with ric rac dividing it up.  The little pockets have actual hanky pieces in them. 

Okay - who did not want to take this quilt home and just hang it to admire it for years and years to come?  Well I did.  The "crinkled" middles were made using Superior Threads' "Texture Magic".  Look at the quilting.  Teresa does a great job showcasing their quilts a step above.

Okay, I want to take this one home too.  Believe this one is appliqued on.

Another dresdan plate quilt - but this one is not so good - David pointed out one point that wasn't right.  Oh Boy!  If only. 

This one is a row quilt of Teresa's.

This one she made for her mother - looks like it is going to fly right off the fabric and into your heart.  No, her mother has not received it yet.

Remember those little guys that you can pick up in the quilt stores around Christmas time that are in a styro coffee mug?  David just blew his way up and hangs it on the door.

Did not get the story behind this quilt of Teresa's, but I did fall in love with it.

Look at the detail.  And that is colored in and has lots of embellishments.

Teresa has an embroidery machine and this quilt shows what she can do with her machine.  Hard part is remembering what color you used in the mane to make sure you get it into the tail.

The next couple of pieces have to do with the Bifonacci style that they will be teaching on Tuesday.
Once you learn how - look what other things you can do with it.

David was asked to teach this quilt at one of the shops.  He says they hand you the fabric and the pattern and you make a sample.  He never got to teach the class as the pattern was incorrect.  Not sure of the name - looks like it got shattered one way or another.

Spot the orphan blocks?  Another idea to use left over fabric and incorporate your orphan blocks.

Both of them do the Hoffman Challenges (click to see what we are talking about for 2015).  This is one of Teresa's and has traveled around to many shows.

See their individual personalities?  This is all the same fabrics - but with David's style and Teresa's style.  Notice who has the ribbon?  hahahahaha  Teresa said that she thought of the land of "OZ" when she did this.  There is a shoe in there and a basket, etc.  So each panel was something to do with Dorothy's progress.

David had a co-worker that he was making this for.  She loved purple and he wanted to show her story......

Teresa's is on the top, they have a picture that one of the kids made and she put it into a quilt, David did the baby block style quilt.

Teresa had sent a picture in to Spoon flower and got the fabric to make this vest.  You can design your own fabric (click on Spoon flower to go to the web site) - there's more samples to come.
David took the seven sisters block and made it two different ways.

We all had a great laugh over this quilt.  A whole cloth, beautifully quilted - that almost had a baby mishap.  Poor baby.

Whether the back (top) or the front - click on this to enlarge and see the design better - wow!

David said that you can take any fabric and cutting it up small you can get the color and not the design into your quilt.  Teresa did this shadow lady.  The "pleats" in her skirt have forks and such in them.

The next few are Teresa's visions.  This one had to do with spinning, little girls spin and before you know it, they have little girls that spin.

See the frog?  We all got a chance to look up close at the end of the show.  In that small green square in the middle of the blue is a paper pieced frog.  This is a wonder to look at and pick out what captures your eye.

Teresa said that this quilt got very tiring.  Was supposed to be a 12 block quilt - yuck.  she decided to stop before she reached the goal.  HOWEVER, she learned a lot of techniques that she can use on other items.  Just not so many on ONE piece.

David had fun on this one.  Okay, don't know how he did it, but he put the hexies on, Teresa quilted and then he went back and appliqued down the edges.  Next time you see him, make sure you get the particulars.

Different quilt - any way that was what I was thinking when they showed the top piece.  It is a picture of their daughter from the wedding.
turn those pictures into pixels to where you can cut fabric and you have the blow up front that shows the happy couple.

Okay, remember that make your own fabric?  This is a quilt that David had made from the county books of where he was from.  Lots of story in these pictures - and you have to see it in person to really capture the beauty.  Pictures on the back had one viewer at a show crying - it was of one of her family.  We have a lot of old papers stored around that can be put out into a show piece instead of hidden away.  Everyone thinking of their own possibilities?

Close up it's a wonder.

The fabric that Teresa is holding up is made from a sign that David's father had.  He has a work in the process that will tell of the history of the year he was born and the cattle were sold (hope I got that right).  And he found an old advertising photo and had Teresa's mothers face put in and is making a quilt of the times for her.

Speaking of time, where did it go?  And they still had three bags of quilts on the floor, unopened and more quilts at home.  
What a joy to have both partners loving the same media of expression.
Thank you ever so much for a wonderful overflow of ideas and possibilities and sharing so much with us.


Show and Tell brought a lot of surprises.  Here is grandson Jude and his THIRD quilt.  Not only does he pick out the fabrics, does the cutting and sewing - but he also quilts his own work.
Great job passing along the talent Frances.

Frances' church had made a prayer quilt for this visitor's husband and then Frances found out that she wanted to learn how to quilt herself - so Frances taught her.  This is her first quilt.  Great job.
(Did not get a chance to write down her name - sorry)

Frances found some names on fabric of her mothers and made this quilt that will be given away at her family get together this weekend.  A few of us are going to be adopted as soon as we can.

Her mother had some triangles sewn together and Frances finished them into this horizontal quilt.  Another door prize.  How many adopted sisters do you have now?  hahaha

Sara finished this piece.  Don't stare - your eyes will start to whirl in their sockets.  How did you keep the colors straight?

This is a quilt of Iowana's that Deb finished.  You can see the big smile on Iowana's face knowing that her work is being completed.  Good job Deb.

Deb and Susie have handed out 6 or 7 quilts this year to those that are going through cancer treatments.  Something that they both have close to their hearts to do.  If you have an extra quilt that you would like to donate to their cause - please see them.
Frances is doing our Community Service quilts for those that have had a fire or house damage.  She would also welcome any quilts you might have that are going un-loved.

Okay - those of you attending heard Susie say - this is the LAST crazy quilt she is making.  hahaha
Her mother did all the embroidery and when her embroidery machine died - she went out and got another, a more industrial version.  Are you sure it is the end Susie?

Susie goes to a "Few" auctions, sales, etc. and saves quilts.  This is one that Susie quilted and finished.

Here is another.  Susie thinks it wasn't finished cause there is a big boo boo in it.  Today that would be called a modern twist on an old favorite.  

Believe it cost a whole $1 - that's what Susie paid for this one.  You have to see it close up to get a good look at all the quilting that Susie put into it.  Who would not love to receive this quilt.

Susie decided that she wanted to do a whole cloth with a blue swirl type fabric.  Click to enlarge and see the blue front and the white back.  Which ever way you turn it - beautiful work Susie.

Okay Lynn - You move too fast for me.  Trying to get the photo, I missed the story.  Know that it has something to do with our community service strip blocks and what she learned from them.
Regardless - love the way the center white strip takes on another look to this quilt.

Off to Alaska.  That's where this cute quilt of Marilyn's is going.  That grandson is going to love it.

Remember the close up during the embroidery class?  Bev wanted everyone to have a chance to see this wonderful work of her mother's.  

President Carol took a few moments to share some things in memory of Frances S.  She will be much missed.  Her talent, her nobility of character, just to name a few things.  Both of the wood products, Frances' husband had made and Carol is very happy to have them to remind her of a grand lady.
Birthday Flower BOM

So many pictures in this post that I kept these close together to be able to get them in.
Great job ladies.

Now we have two ladies that are already joining their blocks.  Marilyn brought in her's earlier and that got Deb to thinking and she has started putting hers together also.
Next month, we will be handing out both November and December's flowers as the closer we get to Christmas the more hectic our lives get.  Looking forward to seeing everyone's together.
So many different ways you ladies have done this years BOM.
Thank you for diving in and sharing your techniques.

See you at Sew Day - Saturday, Oct. 3rd.

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