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Miltonvale Tootlefest

If you did not get a chance to visit the quilt show at this years Tootlefest in Miltonvale, here are a few shots to show you what you missed.
They honored one of our favorite Pizza Hut people - Marian.
Managed to get a shot of her before the crowd took over her attention.

First quilt in the door was one she made for one of her children.  Then it went on over to Quilts of the month (L to R, top to bottom) Jan. - Feb. - Mar - etc.
Most of them Marian had made, the Grandmothers Flower Garden was by her grandmother or great-grandmother, and a couple of the heavily cross stitched and embroidery were done by ancestors.

They were all gorgeous to see.  Click on the picture to get a larger version to see.

Marian also took a painting class from Cloud Co. College at one time or another and

had a few samples of her work.  Think she said the eagle was one of her first.  Loved this one.

And can the lady write.  Her poems were fantastic, I loved the one about the goat parade.
When you came in the door - she had written the following and had a copy for all:


Jacob was the first quilt maker known in history;
His pattern for son Joseph's coat remains a mystery.
And Dolly Parton's mama followed his example true.
For generations past till now, it's still the thing to do.

If someone mentions quilting, we just go to pieces-
New Patterns and ideas and our adrenalin increases.
One great truth we've learned is eight women can't agree
On fabric for the next quilt, so we now send 2 or 3.

We take some lengths of fabric and cut it all apart,
Then sew it back together and think we're pretty smart.
Squares or strips or triangles - make sure those points all match.
Sometimes we sew "assembly line" and each one makes a batch.

Press the seams and keep on sewing - the blocks are now complete;
Add borders and sashing and our quilt top's really neat!
Mark the design for quilting and put it in the frame;
Thread and needles, get to quilting - aren't you glad you came?

Many hours we quilt together and there's joy when we can "roll".
Each turn makes it smaller and we're closer to our goal.
We've got to get it finished for the August Tootlefest.
Everyone, buy some tickets 'cause this quilt's one of the best!

Before this one's completed we're planning for next year.
It's fun working together with friends we've made here.
So blessed are the Piecemakers for encouraging quilt art;
Thousands of years past Jacob, we're still doing our part.

Marian M. (used with permission)

The quilts on these pews are for all her grandchildren.  The ones on the banisters were great, the last one to the right is a work in progress.  Blocks from mom being put into quilts.

Then you got into the sanctuary and wow!

There were even some examples of the barn quilt blocks, crewel work and that new cut and tuck blocks.

Right up front was our own Jan J. from PQG.  This one gets better each time you see it.

And our own Jenell H. had her rose that she designed herself in the show.  Look at how that rose comes alive.

There was a lot to see inside and then when you came out into the fellowship hall, Ms. Sheila from Sew Country had some tables with fabric, panels, pearl cotton, patterns, etc. etc etc.  Sheila brought in some gorgeous things.

Yep, that's me......Dumpster Diving with Vevia.
Some people think that certain things are trash or maybe recycles - many of them though can be used to make your sewing life a little easier.  Look at all those great dumpster finds on that table.

Here I am showing how even a bed spring can become a beauty.
If you are interested in what went on for the three demos given, click here to see what information was passed along. (only one page, system put in a blank page following)

Great show and lots of fun.
Thank you Piecemakers for a great quilt show.

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