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PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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June 6th Sew Day in Industry

Beautiful sunshine all the way.
What a wonderful day to gather and work on your projects with others.

Set up took a bit as we had a much better turn out than expected.

Remember everyone - next time we go out to Industry - bring your three prong adapters.  hahaha

Some set up quicker than others.

And of course some of us got side tracked.  Lisa had a bunch of boxes with books, fabrics, crafts, etc that someone had donated to the church and needed to be gone through.  Boy were we willing to help.

Carol did some cutting before she set up her machine.

Jenell H. showed us what she has been doing.  Anyone recognize the book.  It was on the free table at our last meeting and it caught Jenell's eye.  They had a starter block to show you how to do the technique and Jenell took on the challenge - WOW - and is looking forward to going more indepth with this method.

Sewing machines,

safety runners over cords, 

set up was as much fun as the projects.

Jeanette D brought in some muslin that she had dyed.  The one on the left is coffee dyed and the one on the right is tea dyed.  Sorry the pictures do not show as clearly.  Jeanette said that she is even learning to dye with avocado skins.  Looking forward to seeing what she gets with that.

Bev brought in one of her UFO's to see what everyone thought - more, different, less, etc on the borders or what.  Course we all had more fun looking at all the designs that her stack and whack brought about.  It is great to get others input.

Ginny is having trouble with some lumps and bumps in her quilt and there were several ideas given to see if she could get them out.  Those bias edges are killers.

Jeanette's husband got her some awesome silk ribbons from the internet.  From Amazon, to

this company from etsy and at Thread Art.  Such wonderful ribbons and in some beautiful hand dyed colors also.

Juanita's project for the day was working on her silk ribbon decorated chicken.  Here she is showing off her first ribbon stitch embroidered sunflower with french knots in the middle.  Great Job!

Lisa was working on an embroidery project that got everyone's eye.  Was a good opportunity to show the ladies what this product can do.  Click here to learn more about it and click here to Transfer Eaze on how to get it off your project afterwards.
This is the quilt that Lisa is working on.

She also has been working on this red and white Christmas throw.

Lisa got a chance to show everyone how to use the tools for applique that she had gotten in Paducah, Kentucky at the quilt show.
A woman from Spain came up with the tools - Lynnette Anderson and Jinny Beyer both use them and there are some great videos out there showing you how.
We were blessed as we had our own demonstrator.  Lisa reminded us that she is just learning the technique and that she is left handed - however, she did great and we all learned some new possibilities.

Lunch was very interesting with recipes shared and life style changes discussed.  Health is on everyone's mind - what to eat and what to stay away from.

After lunch, the silk ribbon people put their hands to making spider web roses.

Good job Jeanette D., Sara and Juanita.

Jenell H. showed us one of the blocks she finished today.

Sara's other project is going to be way interesting to see all put together.

Frances B. worked on 4 patches.  Look at her very inventive 1/4" guide.  Works great and takes notes also.

Carol is getting down to some small pieces to fit together to make her blocks.

Heads down and before you knew it......
time to go home.  Sometimes the day just passes too quickly.

Some of our ladies took a road trip after the sew day and found this quilt block on their route, along with some fantastic vegetables.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and make the day a great memory.
Prayers go up to those that were unable to come due to health.

Looking forward to another sew day and more of our guild friends being able to make it.

Know that all are working on UFO's for the June meeting - See you there with your finished projects.

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