NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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for updates and pictures on guild happenings.


The sun was shining beautifully when the ladies started arriving for the meeting.
Sara has been hard at work and had finished her chicken in the garden with a twist.

She could not find what she wanted for the head comb or the tail - so she got inventive.

And she created a treasure.  Hopefully the oohs and aahs showed her that it was a hit with everyone.

Some of the ladies worked on their chickens, some were sewing on binding, others practicing silk ribbon stitches, among other projects.  Those that meet early are getting some extra time in on many projects and enjoying the news of others.  We got a heads up on Susie, she is getting really bored with not being able to do anything.  Hearts go to you Susie.

Always room at the tables for as many as would like to join in.

At 7:00 pm -
Carol S. brought the meeting to order, and
Carol B. started us out on the program for the night.......UFO's.
Ginny and Geri were the holders and as the quilts were held up, the owner came up to the mike and told us all a little bit about their item.  When they were started, why it wasn't finished before,  what they learned, etc.

Donna started this quilt at a 2012 retreat.  She put it away as it did not come out right.  Sides of blocks were off and...................we thought it was great.

Lisa started this one in 2007 (Difficult to take pictures and write at the same time - so please, get with the ladies if you would like to know more about any particular quilt.  Thank you.)

Lisa started this one at a retreat.(?)

When Lisa bought the fabric for this quilt, her friend did not think she would ever finish it as this French General's blue is not Lisa's typical style.

Missed the story on this one of Lisa's.  Gorgeous quilt that needs to be looked at closer.

Karen stated that this little Sunbonnet Sue was started back in the 1970's - Karen put the finishing touches on it.

Donna found herself with oodles of 2" red squares and decided a braid is what she would use them in.

Think she said that this might be the last one she ever makes.

Marilyn started this strip around the block back in 2010

along with this green quilt.  2010 seemed to be a great year to start work - but not finish.  Course on this one, it would have helped per Marilyn, if she had read ALL the directions.

Carol thinks this was a BOM from 2009 that she started in Christmas colors.

Remember when Carol did the BOM in 2013?  This is one of the designs she did.  She increased the size to make it as a bed runner and then used a lot of home machine quilting on it, trying out different designs.

This one is from two charm packs of Austrialian Aboriginal design fabrics.  Carol wanted to showcase the designs themselves, so the sashings are to bring out the fabrics.  The back is also a piece of fabric of that style.  Think she said she got them at a shop in Hot Springs, S. Dakota.

Click on picture and it should come in larger so you can get a better look.

Jane brought her grandchildren to hold up her quilt.  Know all those blocks that you give a try to and then don't know what to do with them?  This is one of those.  Jane did a great job showcasing them.

Geri stated that 5 women made this quilt possible.  This quilt started over 30 years ago and then as the generations went by - they added to it.

Geri got this quilt as a top only from the Mennonite Relief Sale.  They had used some type of paint for the state flowers and she embroidered around them before having it quilted. 

About 9-10 years ago, Ginny wanted to do a gorgeous water color type quilt with a fence in it..........her husband asked her if that was a garden hose on the side.

Ginny - your husband has no art flare at all - to all of us that looked like a ribbon - you did fine and the colors are lovely.

Firecracker?  Think that is what Ginny called this one.  She did this one to practice mitered corners.  Her comment - "good enough".  It has a big bang for its size.
The same year that Carol B. did the BOM (2013), she had one month with mittens.  Sara took the mittens, found a snowman she liked and designed this quilt out of wool.

Remember Carol's Christmas BOM, Sara thinks the blocks were offered in 2009 and this is her version of the blocks.

Jeanette K. started this quilt 4 years ago and finished it just last month.  Lovely.

Okay, Vevia does go a little overboard.  Last June in Debby Maddy's workshop - quite a few did the "Evening Star".  It was too small for Vevia's use, so she enlarged it - and it kind of got away from her.  But it drapes very nice on the bed and over the pillows.

Last year, the Morganville group had each member teach how to do a 6 1/2" block of their choice throughout the year.  This is Vevia's version and she even hand quilted it.

Carol gave her "Evening Star" away to the granddaughter in the picture and then promptly took it back to show here tonight.  Hopefully the granddaughter shows it at her fair.

Frances B. brought in two of her grandsons (10 yrs and 12 yrs) and the quilts that they have finally finished.  Frances stated that they go shopping at "Grannie's Downstairs Shop" for their fabric.

The youngest one designed this quilt himself and even created the smily faces that you see throughout it.

This is also his.  Frances said his goal was to make sure he placed all the blocks in the right place to get this look.  Great Job!

The older one wanted to do something with lots of purple and Grandmother talked him in to setting them off kilter.  Wow - what a presence.  Too bad the boys are busy in the fields now - imagine what they could create.

Frances started this quilt 8-10 years ago and just recently decided that it would look good with a piano key border.

Even the back showcases the keys.  This will probably go as a prayer quilt.

Remeember when Marcella B. did the star BOM?  This is the one that Frances finally finished from that year - 2007 - 2008?

Esther also attends the Morganville group and made this quilt from the blocks that were taught last year.  Her husband showed her the cross she made out of it......and here Esther was working on making sure the dark fabric was evenly distributed.

The disappearing 9-patch we all usually can spot, unless they are made from a 10" layer cake sized fabric.  What a totally different look.

Donnis K. started this Japanese lantern/star quilt as her "nursing home quilt".  But it got a little out of hand as she was having such fun - so she added borders and it now lays on her queen bed.

Shirley H. finished this gorgeous leaf table runner - color action is great.

After everyone was done, Carol handed out a trophy to Lisa (who is too quick to get out of the picture), for finishing the most UFO's and to Frances' grandsons for being the youngest to show.

Great Job Everyone!!!!!!  
Carol encouraged everyone to keep working on their UFO's.  Even if you don't finish them, at least you graduate them to a WIP (work in progress).

Roll Call and Show 'n Tell followed.

Sara showed her finished Chick in the Garden pincushion and a mat that she even forgot she had started.

Jan had made one quilt before out of shirts, this one was made out of plaid shirts.  Love it, a nice masculine look to it.  The block was from Missiouri Star Quilt Company's book.  Click here to see books that they have available.

If you look very closely at Donna's Show 'n Tell quilt, you can see that it was indeed made out of blocks, but when you first glance at it - wow, how did you put those rows together?  Ask Donna for the technique - really surprising.

Her back is fun to look at also.

Forgot who gets these next two items from Donna - lucky people though. 

This one is a two-fer.  Not only a blanket, but a basket that is also full of diapers and such.

Lisa was working on the binding all evening - still about 18" to go, but she decided to go ahead and show it now.  Lovely winter throw.

Juanita had seen this yo-yo item and was told someone else was buying it.  When she went back the next week - they asked her if she still wanted it - for $1.50.  You bet!  Darling flag and a perfect day to bring it to meeting - on FLAG DAY.

We had 30 members and 7 guests present - you saw the Frances' grandsons, but mom and dad stayed in the back ground - so we had to get a shot of them.  Thank you for coming - all our guests.
Frances is working on the disappearing 9-patch quilt and pretty soon we should be having a get together to sew it together.  In the mean time........

Frances explained the next project  -  a string block quit for charity.  Cindy had cut all the phone book pages, make sure you get some and there were even strips available for those that did not think they had any.  
#1 - place a light strip of any size, down the middle.
#2 - place a dark strip right side down, and sew.
#3 - press over and continue.
Click here for a copy of the directions. 

Birthday Flower of the Month BOM is something else to check out each month.
So many different variations of the block - very interesting to see what they will come up with next.

This month, the July - Larkspur was handed out.  Click here for your own copy.
Following are pictures of what the ladies brought in.  Names are shown.

Dixie was up in New York and had difficulty printing last months.  She wanted to show her sister-in-law craft group how the BOM for this year was being done - so she created her own Rose (shown at bottom of picture).  Great job Dixie.

You ladies are out doing yourselves.  How many have started setting them into a top?
Our Program Co-chairs updated us on next month and the wonderful mentor-demo's that we are going to get to see.
they gave us a heads up on Septembers program and Workshop.

September is going to be a real treat with David & Teresa Duwe.
On the 21st they will be giving us a trunk show at our regular monthly meeting and on Tuesday, September 22nd, they will be giving a workshop - Fibonacci Quilt. Examples are shown in the picture above.  
 Click here to go to their website.
And you can click here to see the supply list you will need for the workshop.  It is suggested that you do not use florals or prints, as they do not work well with this pattern.
If you have any questions, please check with Carol B. or Ginny B.

Fair books are out - be sure to pick yours up and get your quilts ready for entry.
 Thank you to everyone that helped make the UFO night such a success.

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