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PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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Wow and double Wow for the First Meeting of 2014!

Frances B. opened up our first meeting of the 2014 year and reminded us that  the 10th Anniversary of the Piotique Quilters Guild would be in November.  That was the first month that a guild meeting was held in 2004.  Members might want to hunt up notes, pictures and wrack their memories for anything that they could contribute to Frances in regards to those first meetings in 2004.

Co-Program Chair Donna introduced our speaker for the evening - Lisa K. - 
Presenting Embroidery in Quilts.
Lisa started out her presentation with a very strong declaration - This is Her Way of Doing it!   
From what we saw throughout the night - Her Way is awesome.

Lisa started embroidery at about 8 years old.  She also started ironing pillowcases for $.10 a piece.  The embroidery stayed, the ironing went by the way side.........not cost effective for all the work.
Lisa's first work was the Girl Scout/Brownie promise done in cross stitch.  Unfortunately, through the years that item has been lost.
Since 1990, Lisa has been quilting about 10 bed size quilts a year and many of them she has incorporated her embroidery.

Lisa's first step to give us was tips on FABRIC, don't limit yourself.  Try cottons, wools, flannels, Osnaburg, etc.  And don't limit yourself on colors - lights aren't the only thing out there - try stripes and darks.  And use multiple types of fabrics in your mix.

Once you have found your pattern and fabric that you want to use - what do you do about transferring the pattern to the fabric?  If it is a light fabric, sometimes you can place a sheet of white paper on the table, lay your pattern down and then your fabric on top and you might be able to see it.  Or if you have a glass topped coffee table use that as a light box and of course there is always the method of holding it up to a window.  Lisa shopped around for a light box and was dismayed with the price and size she saw at the quilt shops, so she got on line and found this approximately 18" x 24" one at about the same price as the small ones offered in the shops.  It has been worth every penny she spent.

What tools do you use to transfer the pattern onto your fabric.  With the light box you can use Lisa's best tool - a #2 pencil.  Or try a very fine micro pen or a white pencil on dark fabric.  Lisa said that she has even used a white crayola on dark fabric - though she did forget and ironed it before the work was done.  Another great find that Lisa came across was "Transfer Ease".  This is a product that you can run right through your computer and print your design on.  She suggests using the lightest ink setting.
"Transfer Ease" has a sheet of paper on the back that you tear off and then place the sticky side down on your fabric. 
 Remember Aunt Martha patterns?  They are still out there with the iron on transfers in them.  Australian embroidery is often done with the iron on transfers.

Lisa had one project in the works that was using a stripe fabric.

Lisa had several examples of what she has in the works using mixed fabrics and diferent stitches.

To attach wool to your fabric - there is the fusible stuff, but it makes your project a little stiff.  Try drawing your pattern on freezer paper, cut it out and iron on to your wool to aide in cutting it out, then using a small dab of glue (Lisa uses the one by Fons & Porter), attach and then applique on.  There is a Soft Fuse that is out that does not add a thicker feel, the price is a little high though.

To hoop or not to hoop?  What are you using?  Lisa is not fond of the older round hoops as they leave indents.  If she must hoop and it is a big enough project, she would rather use her rectangle wooden hoop.  If you use "Transfer Ease", she has found that most times it is stiff enough to embroider without a hoop.  Lisa does use a thimble when she embroiders.

Here are two examples using the "Transfer Ease".

What do you put on the back?  Lisa has tried the fusible cotton interfacing that she has heard others rave about - after the stretching and bubbling that occured - it is not something that Lisa likes.  She prefers "Thermore" batting.  It is a thin batting used a lot for vests and coats where you want the quilted look, but not the heaviness or bulk.  Lisa sprays the Thermore with "505" just the size of the fabric that she is ironing on to it.

Needles?  You have to find what you like.  Lisa has found that she prefers chenille needles as they are sharp, yet have a bigger eye for threading into.  And speaking of thread - what does your project want?  If you use the 6 strand embroidery floss - do you need one strand, 2, 3, or 6?  And Pearl Cotton?  The bigger size the number, the smaller the thread.  So maybe you want a large 5 or a very fine 16.  There is even an expensive wool floss out there; however, it does break and frays.  To help with that on any thread and to help keep down the tangling and knots, run your thread through wax.

And then there are which stitches do I use?  Lisa stated that if you know 5 - you have enough.  And what are those 5?  Stem, outline, blanket, back stitch and the french knot.  Then when you want to - add other stitches.  One of Lisa's works she had a  new stitch on it that she just taught herself - Pekinese stitch.

She did give us some very explicit orders - Quit reading instructions.  Use what you want and mix it up.  Match your stitch to your design.
The quilts that Lisa brought to show us, proved that she knows what she is talking about.

See where the embroidery on this one is into the block on the left.  You do not have to stay within a square/rectangle.

The puple table runner is done in twilling.

Use your embroidery to enhance your applique.

Click on any of the pictures to maximize the size and get a better look at the stitchery.

Lisa also included in her program information on washing, trimming and putting it all together.  Thank you Lisa for a very informative program and the opportunity to see your lovely work.  Looking forward to seeing what others are inspired to do.

Frances started the business portion of the meeting out telling us that she had looked into Joann's to find some more creative ideas to continue that portion of the meeting; however, it seems that Verna Lee had taken everything they had so until Frances sees something new...............

Lynn spoke in tribute of Audrey P. and all that she had done for the guild.  Audrey was in the guild from the start and was not only program chair several times, but also planned trips and gave programs.  Lynn had taken a log cabin class from Audrey at Cleon's (forgive me if this is spelled wrong) many years ago.  Audrey will always be remembered for her love of travel, love of family, red finger nails, the color purple, her graciousness and her great sense of humor.

Show and Tell during roll call always brings oohs and awes from us ladies.  Hayley had made herself a new name tag just this day.  You did a great job Hayley -  Love it.

Carol B did quite a few quilt tops for Christmas, now she is working on getting them all finished.  This one is destined for a male and she used the 10 min. block pattern.

Dixie has always helped folks out when they wanted a t-shirt quilt, now she is venturing into tie quilts with the help of Erlene.  She has two blocks worked out so far.

 Jane saw this pattern that uses a kitchen towel and some fabric to make a great apron - she loved it so much that she made quite a few for gifts for the family.  She showed us the tuck, sew, add techniques- very simple and a great idea.  Perhaps we can talk her into showing us how at one of our sew days.
Janet made herself a bag to carry all her new 2014 quilts in.

Not sure how many years Jenell said she has been working on this quilt, but looking at it in person - it had one look, hold a camera up to it and look at the circles the pattern makes.  Great quilt Jenell.  Glad you were able to finish it and show to us.

Donna has been using the holiday vacation to really get into the swing of things.  The inset is the back of the quilt shown.  Think she said it was a Christmas gift of fabrics - lovely end result.

This quilt only has two blocks that make it up:  a 4 patch and a half square triangle.  All these pieces where cut separately to get the scrap look.  What an ideal setting.

Lisa had even more quilts to show us after the program.  This one is on her UFO list.

And this one she is donating to the hospital for their fund raiser.

Love the lighter looks that Lisa is doing - so bright and cheery for this time of the year.

Okay - purple, lilac or whatever, this is not really that bad.  Lisa is not fond of the color, but I bet there is some little girl out there that will love it to pieces.

Simple but gorgeous.

Deb had gotten some panel fabric from Fabric Essentials and she has been putting them to good use.

With this panel, she tried some new long-arming.

The star was made by someone that Deb knew and Deb added the green, quilted it and now has a cherished memory of that person.  The smaller inset picture is of another quilt that Deb did.

Frances B. brought in pictures of the finished quilt that three groups of ladies were involved in to create this lovely disappearing 9 patch for Audrey P.  Her family sent us a note thanking everyone for their work and caring.

Graduation is a time to take out all those high school t-shirts and put them into a memory quilt.  Great Job Bev.

Marilyn brought her daughter for show and tell - you can tell they are family by the wonderful smiles.

Carol S. wasn't too sure about these blocks when she gave them to Leila to put together for her friend.  They were a mess, but Leila has the know how as evident by the final product.  Wow!

Carol S. also encouraged the same friend to finish the cross stitching on this quilt  and now look at the finished work.  Good job Carol and thank you for bringing them in for us all to see.

Okay - how come Erlene and a few others we won't name right now - can find such wonderful bargains at estate sales and such?  Erlene found these 9-patches done in a zip lock bag at an estate sale.  She bought them up and the next thing you know - perfect.

Even at old Goodwills or whatever type shops - Erlene paid $10 for this top - who would have thought that after quilting and binding it would be such a treasure.

It was a great meeting.  
*Carol B told us about the invite to meet Suzai Parron in April (invite being sent out to all in e-mail).  This is being presented by te Flint Hills Quilt Trail group that consists of 20 counties.  Abilene also has an Eisenhower Quilt Trail.  The school is helping to paint 20 -  4' x 4' blocks that will be displayed around on barns and downtown Abilene.
*Susie told us about this years opportunity quilt and that next month the kits for embroidery should be ready.  It is also possible that at the March sew day, the kits for the sashings and cornerstones will be ready.
*Donna let us know that the Community Service committee would like to replenish our ready to go quilt stash and will be handing out a simple block pattern in February.  They are asking that we use either the reds and tans color scheme or the blue and tans color scheme in our blocks.  They are hoping for four (4) blocks minimum from each quild member by the March 17th meeting.  Then a date will be set to put the quilts together.
*Donna also gave us some information on the March 17th meeting - Trash to Treasure Night.  Up to two people can purchase a table for $15 and have their "trash" for sale to those that find them "treasures".  All proceeds from the sales will go directly to the person that has the table.  (Flyer is being sent out to all in e-mail) 
*This years BOM will be a BOS - Block of the Season.  Vevia will be presenting the Spring block at February's meeting.

See you in February.

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