Meetings on the 3rd Monday of the Month 6pm Family Life Center, N side

For guild pictures, go to (copy and paste into your search area)

Programs for 2024

                                            Programs for Guild year 2024                                                       (Please note:  some changes may occur now and then, like programs or location)

(The President is going to attempt to be at the meeting place by 5:15 each month so that we can have the hand sewing group start up again.)

Please Note:  Monday, January 15th meeting 


due to snow and cold.  Will have the UFO Telling with our February Program.

Be safe.

Monday, January 15th:  "UFO - New Years Resolution / Or is it a Challenge" - Participating members are to bring in either the fabric, or the pattern, or the project they are resolving / or are challenged to finish by the November 18th Reveal Meeting.  If you have not been successful in the past - easy, try a new UFO.

Monday, February 19th:  "Triple the Knowledge" - Member demo's with Cyndy, Erlene and Teresa

Monday, March 18th:  "Intrepid Explorers" - A workshop evening experimenting in the languages of color.  (Suggested you wear your old clothes.  Bibs and gloves will be provided)

Monday, April 15th:  "Wrapping the Relay for Life in Coolness" - How many cooling neck wraps can your "TEAM" make in 60 minutes?  A workshop race for Community Service.    Gather up your "Team" of  4 (Cutter & marker, Sewer, Turner & presser, and Filler) and bring in your 4.5" x WOF strips of fabric (some fabric will be available) and of course all your supplies to accomplish making the wraps.  Neck wraps will be sold at the August 9th Clay County Relay for Life for, with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.(Click here Directions for Neck Wrap )

Monday, May 20th:  "Prairie Stones" Lecture by Vicky Beasley - The Scrappy Farmer (Website )

     Tuesday, May 21st:  Prairie Stones Workshop (*Need a min. of 8 signed up and paid to occur)  Get your supply list  by clicking here - Workshop supply list

Monday, June 17th:  "New Looks for String Quilts" - Theresa Ward  (Website)

     Tuesday, June 18th:  "String Quilt Shadow Boxes" Workshop (*Need a min. of 8 signed up and paid to occur, plus cost of the Kit)

Monday, July 15th:  "Try Something New" - Laura Piland  (Website)

Monday, August 19th:  "Trunk Show" - Lynn Doyle of Bloomin' Minds (Website)  Bring your $ = Patterns and kits available for sale at the meeting.

     Tuesday, August 20th: Workshop - Kits available through Lynn (*Need a min. of 8 signed up and paid to occur,)

Monday, September 16th:  “L C R” –  Fun game night.  To enter, bring 3 buttons, 3 - 2 ½” x WOF strips, and 3 Fat Quarters. Will you be one of those going home with some nifty new supplies?

Monday, October 21st:  "Annual Guild Challenge" - Dresdan Plate Designs, hosted by Ruth Ann J.                            

     Slate of 2025 Officers presented

Monday, November 18th:  "New Year's UFO Resolution / Challenge - I DID IT !"

     Vote for 2025 Officers

Monday, December 2nd:  "Christmas Party" - hosted by President Elect,     Cyndy M

(*For cost of Workshops, check your program books or ask Vevia.  The cost of the workshops pay for the presentor and in some cases the room, that is why there are a minimum needed of 8 signed up and paid for no later than the month before, otherwise the workshops will have to be cancelled.)  

Looking forward to a great year.  Clear your calendars and Mark them with the dates.  Happy New Year.  

Christmas Party to End a Great Year !

What a way to end out a grand year.  2023 President Ruth Ann and 2024 President Elect go over all the last details before all arrive.

Thanks to Gail, we have pictures to show everyone, especially those that were unable to attend our Christmas Party and wonders what went on. 

Check out all the table decorations.  Teresa not only had all the center pieces in her Christmas Stash, but she also sewed all the placemats and Christmas Tree Napkins.  Thank you Teresa for giving a grand party.  Oh yeah!  And we got to take the place mats and napkins home for our own holiday use.  THANK YOU!

Oh Oh!  What is this I spy?  Yep, we also had an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.  Check out all the pictures to see who wore what.  In this one, you are looking at the Runner Up - Missy.  Great job Missy, no one wanted to wear it.  ha ha

Now some of those sweaters were cuter than ugly.  

See how many got into the spirit of the contest.  Wow does our membership own a lot of Christmas sweaters.
Check out the Elf at this table - Yep, Christine took First Place.  Sorry, no perfect picture of her in her entirety.  

Thank you again Gail for sharing your photos.  It was a grand night with lots (so much) of food, and especially the selection of desserts.
Thank you to everyone that brought a dish to share and thank you again Teresa for making the party a fun time for all.

Gavel has been transferred, officers and chairs ready, so........................
See you Next Year.

(Coming soon - 2024 Programs)



Festival of Lights Christmas Tree up and ready.

 Thank you to those that could make the tree decorating today and thank you to Missy that we have pictures to show you all, our First  Christmas Tree on the Courthouse lawn.  Be sure to drop by when you can and give it a good look at.  AND......if you see any ornaments on the ground, please feel free to re-pipe cleaner them on.  It was a really windy day which was good as we got to "test drive" it's stay-a-bility right then and there.  And do not feel bad if you were not able to make it to decorate - remember in January we have to take them all off.  ha ha


2022 Christmas Party

 Thank you to all members that were able to donate to the Light House this year.  Ruth Ann and her husband delivered the items.  

As you can see - you all did a great job.
Thank you!

And a couple pics of a few tables.

Remember - you can click on picture to make bigger.

Programs for 2022

 Meetings are held the third Monday of the Month, visiting starts at 5:30 pm, meeting starts at 6:00 pm  Currently meetings are being held in the Family Life Center of the United Methodist Church, entrance door on the North side.

2022 Programs

Mon, Jan 17th - "UFO New Year's Resolution"  -  Members will bring in either a project underway, fabric bought to do a specific project, or a pattern they want to use  -  showing their resolve to finish these items and present a completed project by the November 21st. Reveal meeting.

Mon., Feb 21st - "A Funny Thing Happened" - Patricia Beaver

Sat, Feb 26th - Workshop - Crayon Quilts

Mon, March 21st - Community Service Work night - Jelly Roll Quilts

Mon, April 18th - Field Trip - Frances B & Carol B

Mon, May 16th - "Confessions of a Sassy Stripper" - Denise Stahl

Tues, May 17th - Workshop - Playing with Selvages

Mon, June 20th - Game Night

Mon, July 18th - Field Trip - Gayla M & Teresa E

Mon, Aug. 15th - Trunk Show - Mary Arnold

Mon, Sept 19th - Membership Drive

Mon, Oct 17th - Annual Guild Challenge - hosted by Winnie W                                                                    Slate of 2023 Officers to be presented

Mon, Nov 21st - "UFO New Year's Resolution Reveal Stage"                                                                      Vote for 2023 Officers

Mon, Dec 5th - Christmas Party - hosted by Ruth Ann J.

Still time to get your entry finished for the October 18th Guild Challenge

Have you signed up to bring a Food Item or Quilt, or signed up to work at the Dinner Fund Raiser to be held at the church on Wednesday, October 13th? 

If not - check with Deb O. and do so as soon as possible


2021 Piotique Quilters Guild Challenge



How do you use a jelly roll?  Show us.

There is no limit on how many strips from your 2 ½” Jelly Roll collection you can use to create a Jelly Roll quilted item of your own design.


Take only the strips you like, or left-over strips from another project, or go out and buy a new jelly roll, or cut out your strips from your own stash, your choice.  Let the strips jump start your imagination and use them whole, cut up, mixed or matched, however you would like – and end up with a table topper, wall hanging, table runner, baby quilt (perhaps to donate to Project Linus), or anything else you would like to make.

There are only a few guidelines to this challenge:

          Maximum size in any direction cannot exceed 48”

            It must be sandwiched and quilted

            Bound in the technique of your choice



Our Guild Challenge is scheduled to happen on Monday, October 18th.  Turn in your guild challenge to Vevia at her home, Sunday - Friday, the week of October 10th to the 15th   

Members will be judging for :  1.  Color

                                                2. “Creative Genius” of strip use

                                                3.  Best of Show

If you have any questions, you can contact me (Vevia) at (785) 632-6766 (filling in for Beverly Rieger, Challenge Host)


NEXT MEETING: Monday, September 20th, 6:00 pm

 "Who's Got some Tips, Tricks & Techniques"

Our 'Mystery Quilter(s)' will start us off with some TT&T's about thread, needles and pressing.

Then the floor will be open to all members to share their own Tips, Tricks, and Techniques.

Make sure when you sign in, to click the box that you have a TT&T to share, as well as whether you have a Show 'n Tell item.


And make sure you sign up to bring a Food Item or Quilt, or that you will work at the Dinner Fund Raiser to be held here at the church on Wednesday, October 13th. 


On Saturday, August 21st

we had our Workshop for "Christmas on It's Way" with Gayla and Winnie.

Here are just a couple of pictures to show you how the day went.  Looking forward to our next Show 'n Tell in September when we will get to see the rest "of the stories".    Enjoy.

Gayla's cloth baskets were a big hit and as she had given us the size to cut and her directions came with examples, it was easy for us all to say - FINISHED.

Winnie's Pillow Book Bags also were speedily done and so many ideas of what to do next with them.

Just a few other ideas to stir our imaginations.

Thank you Gayla and Winnie for great ideas and a fun workshop.

Next Meeting - Monday, August 16th, 6:00 pm

 July's meeting was full of fun and laughter.  Maybe not all the games them selves so much (ha ha), but the people playing them.

Thank you everyone for a grand night and your participation.

Next month we will have the pleasure of the

"Serious Sisters Sewing Circles"

Benson, McGee & Jordan

August 21st at 9:00am in Morganville, we will have the "Christmas on it's way" workshop

Featuring our famous instructors - 

Gayla and Winnie

Make sure you sign up at the August meeting if you have not done so yet.  And pick up your supply sheet.

How is your Challenge coming along?

See you next month.

Update July Meeting date

 Little bit of a goof on the date for July's meeting in your book.

Please update your book and your calendar to read Monday, July 19th.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


April and May were in-person meetings, with masks, somewhat social distancing and no refreshments.

What a pleasure to see all the quilts members have been working on.

If you have not had a chance to see what has been happening at our meetings, please click on

to see what all Geri has put on line for the April "Intro to Collage" and May "Log Cabin Tale" with Ronnie Elmore.


REMEMBER:  Workshop, Saturday, June 26th, 9 AM

Bring your supplies, drinks and your lunch

  Collage Workshop Supply List

1.  Pattern  (will have some there)
2.  Paper scissors
3.  Micro serrated scissors for fabric
4.  Foundation Fabric  (will have some there)
5.  Pens, #2 Pencil, Frixion pen, fine point black marker
6.  Lite Steam-a-Seam 2, or regular SS2, or Ailene's tacky glue (will have some there)
7.  Straight Pins
8.  A variety of fabric in colors, prints, different sizes of prints, fiber specialty fabrics - flowers, swirls, etc.
9.  Dry iron, ironing pad, applique pressing sheet

Optional:  Tweezers, stiletto, Styrofoam board, card board, freezer paper


March 15th - Tag Team - Bridging the Generations


Hi Everyone,
      It is time to start meeting again!  Hope you are all doing well, we are good here.  It has been too long since we have seen each other.
I have contacted many of the board members and we think it would be good to start meeting in April again.  We will try and meet in the large room at the Family Life Center where we can spread out a little more.  Please wear a mask!  There will be no refreshments served , so bring your own water, coffee, or what you want.  5:30 for socializing and meeting starting at 6:00.  There will be a program, "Intro to Collage", so get ready for a great meeting. Bring your projects you have been working on, I sure miss seeing what everyone is working on.  Hopefully we can get back to normal sooner than later, now that things have calmed down a touch.  I am so looking forward to this meeting.
Think Positive

See you April 19th 
Winnie Wells


Several years ago I was sitting in on a county fair judging and I heard the judge (a KPQG member) mention that a contestants blocks would lay so much flatter if the person had used a clapper.  Okay – I was not the only one that did not know what that was.  After the judging was over, several of us stayed behind and asked – ‘What is a clapper?’  

That was the beginning of my loving relationship with a piece of close grained, heavy, hardwood that makes the best crisp and flat seams you have ever seen.  Thank you Ms. Judge!   Wonder what I am talking about?  Call a dress making friend or look up Tailors Clapper on the net.  ( )  You can buy them, find plans to make them, and even find them at yard sales – cause no one else knew what they were either.  Since then, I have also added a ham and a seam roll.  And yes, all for Quilting, not tailoring.

  Point Press Clapper
Tailor's Ham
Seam Roll

The right tools make the job so much easier.



Tag Team - Pat G. and Julia R.

Quilters do more than just quilt.  Here are the stories of two - Grandmother and granddaughter and what they have been up to.

 (Pat in bottom picture, quilting on her crazy quilt.)

Pat Gilbert finds that her crazy quilt and her volunteer work for American Red Cross have a lot in common.

Crazy Quilt                                                          Red Cross & their Volunteers

  Different size and shapes of fabric                      Different age, ethnicity, experience and yes                                                                                  sizes.

  Stitched together to form top                               "Stitch" volunteers together to form the right                                                                                response team for each particular disaster.

  Put together with what you have                         Teams put together with volunteers available

  Need a backing                                                    Need monetary donations to keep going

  Gives comfort and makes memories                  Gives comfort and makes memories

Pat and her husband Ron, have been volunteering since his retirement in 2013.  She appreciates that they get to pick the areas they volunteer in and that they are there to help EVERYONE.  What they can do is very well defined by the Red Cross and they are supported every step of the way.

Pat remembers a mother breaking down and crying when she found out what Red Cross could do - She got to get diapers for her baby.  Pat remembers two older ladies that had been without food all day and were overjoyed with the monetary support so they could buy something to eat.  Whether it is Fires, Hurricanes, Tornados, Ice Storms, Flooding, what ever the disaster - Red Cross Volunteers are there helping, whether it is a place to shelter; replacing medicine, glasses or health type aides; blankets, comfort kits, or even a stuffed toy, they are there to help.

 (Red Cross ERV's lined up)

Pillow Case Project

One of Pat's favorite projects that she has had the privilege to be a part of is the Pillowcase Project.  It was born from hurricane Katrina.  Red Cross shelter workers noticed that college kids were bringing in their possessions in pillowcases.  The Pillowcase Project was developed for 3rd - 5th grade students.  Before Covid, volunteers would do presentations at schools to help the children understand what is important to take with them if they have to evacuate due to an emergency, along with ways to exit their home and other safety measures.  Unfortunately, due to Covid, this program is currently done only virtually.

I can not begin to tell you even half of the things that Pat wrote to me about her volunteering for Red Cross; however, you can read everything in her own words by clicking here.

Tag - Julia,  Your turn.

Both of Julia's grandmothers (Pat G. and our own Bev. R.) have helped her learn to sew and have taught her along the way.  Here is Julia's story in her own words:

"My name is Julia Rieger, I'm 16 years old and I have been an entrepreneur since I was 12.  I've always enjoyed sewing and creating with my own hands.  I love to make pieces that are one of a kind and eye catching.  My mom and my grandmothers have been very helpful to me as I have learned how to sew.  They show me tips and tricks that I wouldn't think of and I don't think that I would have the skills I do now without them.

I started making T-shirt quilts when my mom and I decided to give away one in our swim team's raffle as a prize.  The person who won the blanket asked if she could pay us to make another one for her.  At the time I was trying to make money for my 8th grade Washington D.C. trip, so I took up the offer.  I finished that blanket and put out an ad on Facebook to make more.  The response was overwhelming.  I thought this was an amazing job to have as a 7th grader.  I could stay home in my comfy clothes, watch TV in my basement and work on my T-shirt blankets.  I would guess that I made around 30 T-shirt blankets over the past 4 years.  But over that time the process definitely changed and improved as I practiced.  I learned easier ways to cut the shirts, better ways to add the backing and generally improved my sewing abilities.  Each blanket would take about 10 hours each, unless I added customization.   They are made with 20 blocks and a flannel or cotton backing.  I do not put batting inside because I wanted them to be lighter and was afraid they would get too heavy.  They are not quilted, though I used to tie them until I realized that the blankets looked better without and it would still stay together.

In my 8th grade year, I entered into a young entrepreneurs contest so that I could improve my business - JbevStudio and Design.  I won 2nd at the county contest and honorable mention at the state contest.  Winning these prizes came with prize money that I will use when opening my next business - Roaming Sun Coffee.  Soon I'm hoping to open a mobile coffee business where I will travel to surrounding festivals and events to sell gourmet coffee drinks.  Over my life I can see myself running all kinds of businesses.  Maybe sometime I will get back to the creative sales side, but for now I think it's time to try something new.

Pictured is one of my favorite quilts that I made.  It was made out of XXL men's professional softball jerseys which provided quite the challenge.  I used about 10 more shirts than normal and added many customizations.  It came out to be about the size of a king sized blanket.  I really like how it all worked together to capture his softball career in one glance.


Thank you ever so much Pat and Julia.  Very interesting to hear what is going on in not only the Red Cross Volunteering area, but in our own young people's lives.  
Pat - you inspire us all with the work you and Ron have been involved with. Have you finished quilting that crazy quilt yet?  ha ha   I do so hope everyone got a chance to go read Pat's full story in her own words, it is worth it.
  Julia - not only do you tire me out thinking about all of your ideas at your age, but you also made me realize that I wasted a lot of time through my life.  Imagine, with all my years, I could have had 1,000,000 businesses by now.  hahahahahaha

Everyone keep passing along the traditions.
Stay safe.
Hope to see you in person next month for


If you are working on or finished a collage - please bring your project in and share your own experiences with the group.  That's the fun of a guild - sharing what we EACH learn.

February 15th - In Your PQG Neighborhood


Hello everyone,
Here we are in February already and no Covid relief yet.  I hope everyone is well and doing what they can to stay healthy.
With all that is going on I am making an executive decision to cancel February's and March's Guild Meetings.  I am in hopes
that we can get together in April.  I am not on the list for the shots' because I am holding out for the single shot, as I
don't like needles.  Hope it gets here soon 😊🙏.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know.

Winnie W


A few years back a quilting friend had a stroke and getting back to her goal of quilting again was not always easy. 
When she had trouble holding down a ruler with her left hand so she could use her rotary cutter in her right, another friend found a clear skateboard grip tape that worked wonders. 

Another friend bought a roll (11” x 50”) and shared some with all of us in our group. 
I used up my share and ordered another roll to make sure that I never run out.….I probably have too many rulers, but it works. 

Get some friends and share an order. I got Zeuxt brand from Amazon for under $15. Unlike the sandpaper dots, you can place a small piece over a line and still see through it. As you
can see in the picture above.
(Remember - to see pictures larger, click on them)

Know though—you can not scootch your ruler a bit here and there afterwards



I asked a few of our newer members to send me pictures and tell me their quilting stories to share with all of you.  Thank you so much to the ladies that were able to do so.
Let me introduce you to - 

Gayla M.

Hi everyone, this is Gayla Myers.  Wish I could be doing this in person. Hopefully in the next 
couple months we can be back together. 

My quilting journey hasn't been as long as some. But my sewing for myself and others has 
most of my life.  Both my grandmothers did some form of needle work. Which, instilled in 
me my 
love for all types of embroidery.  My mother taught me how to machine sew.  I have been 
some form of sewing since I was in the third grade and began selling the things I made in 
 the 5th 
grade. I have participated in many, many craft fairs, I have had my creations featured in 
specialty stores and now my embroidery and longarm business is in the 
basement of my home.  My future goal (hopefully) is to open a brick and mortar store 
classes and expanding my longarm and embroidery services.

I have pictured my first sewing machine, my Bernina Quilters edition sewing machine 
which has 
an embroidery module, my four needle embroidery machine and then my absolute
 love! My Innova 
26" longarm machine equipped with embroidery capabilities and computerized 
technology on a 
10' table. 

My goal has always been to sew for pleasure and to use my love of sewing and quilting to 
expand that into a second business when I retired.  I started making quilts many years ago 
but always gave them away or sold them, or gave them to my animals to sleep on!  
The first quilt in my pictures is sewn with traditional blocks and cute farm scenes. This is 
the only one I have left that I did prior to having my longarm.  

The next quilt is one I appliqued and then did 
custom computer aided borders with free motion 
quilting around the 
applique pieces and in the center.  

The quilt showing in the background of my sewing machines is one I entered into the fair 
and received a blue ribbon and reserved grand champion for my hand embroidery and 
The third quilt is one I worked on piecing and appliquéing for well over a year and then 
custom free handed the quilting on my longarm.  

Finally, the last two are quilts I designed 
myself for customers this fall.  They are a 
combination of quilting and sewing on my 
domestic machine, machine embroidery, and long-arming. 

Now let me introduce you to

Jane R

I was in 4-H for a few years and took home ec in high school so I knew the rudiments of 

sewing.  As a young adult I made some simple clothing and made a few baby things but 

never was a seamstress. 

I did always want to make quilts.  My mother in her later years had time to piece 

tops in quilts and friends of hers did the quilting.  My aunts from out of state quilted 

and the family would visit about quilt patterns and what they were doing. 

A few years ago, I decided to make a tee shirt quilt for my husband.  I really didn’t 

know how to do it, but I learned along the way.  I did tee shirts on both sides 

with batting in the middle.  Yes, it is heavy.  Somewhere along the way with great 

help from Francis Benson I made a tossed 9 patch as a Linus blanket. 

A friend invited me to join Piotique Quilt Guild and I thought it would be a great 

chance for me to learn to piece.  I needed a new bed spread and I wanted to 

make it.  I signed up for the class on Random Access quilts, chose the fabric, and 

cut out the many pieces.  It was a learning experience, but Ginny B helped me.  

She was my sewing teacher. 

 I needed to get so much done before I went back for my next “lesson” for more 

encouragement.  I am really happy with that quilt.  It was quilted by Lori Bond.  

I also made a few Linus quilts during the past year.  They were good practice for me. 

The next class I took was the one on string quilting.  Again, Ginny stood with me as I 

navigated the process.

  I finished the first one called “Zigzag” last year but didn’t take 
it to be quilted.   I wanted 
to take the companion quilt ”Ell Oh” at the same time.  I did quite a bit of work on it but 
summer came and I spent most of my time outdoors.  Finally, after Christmas I returned 
to the quilt.  I’ve had some trouble with it, but I’m pleased that I have been able to work 
through my many errors.  I put several pieces in wrong, redid them, and I’m pleased to 
say it didn’t frustrate me too much.  I have learned to be very careful in my cutting and 
stitching.  I am looking forward tp finishing this quilt and starting on a new project.

Jane Roth



Sharon S.

My quilting journey was inspired by several people.  My 

Grandmother Pauline 

crocheted and made tied quilts she gave to family members. 

My friend Amy is an artist and quilter. 

She got me started on the very first quilt. Of course, she made 

most of the blocks.  Along the way, She kept telling me there are no "quilt police" 

but used a different 

term.  She said log cabin blocks would be simple and then we would 

make pinwheels. 

As it turns out, my choice in design and color made me the

 "quilt police". 

So we laughed and changed the pattern for the log cabin blocks. 

That was 2011.  

 I took some sewing classes in Concordia. 

Jenell, another fabric artist, made friends with me and invited me 

to the guild.

I was able to curate a pop up window display of her artistry. 

About the same time, a group of ladies and myself were being 

mentored by Mara Del 

and we all made a quilt as well. I entered that quilt at 

Cloud County Fair 

and received a blue ribbon. I joined the guild and continued to be 

mentored and  inspired by others. I have made 16 quilts two of 

which are crib size 

and 2 wall hangings. All of which I have gifted. I have seven 


 tops I need completed into quilts. 

 I would like to encourage every fabric artist to always share and help 
others on their journey. I am not sure I would have found this quilting 
journey had it not been for others. I have found it very therapeutic


Last but not least -

Kim H.

Hi! I’m Kim Helms. I have had a love for quilting 
since I was a little girl. I use to play in my mom’s 
sewing things and she always had an old tin with 
cut out quilt pieces in it! They were so much fun 
for me to play with! I finally sewed the pieces 
together when I was in high school and I put my 
first quilt together in high school! My mom showed 
my how to hand quilt and we worked on it and I 
finally finished it the year I got married which was 
when I was 20 years old. I was hooked!
 Since then I made several quilts for my kids over 
the years. I made a lot of scrap quilts from fabric 
left over from sewing my girls clothes. I did a lot 
of sewing.
Scrap quilts and applique quilts are my favorite 
kind of quilts! I love the hand quilt and the majority 
of my quilts are done hand quilting. I made maybe 
a handful of machine quilting quilts. I have no idea 
how many quilts I have made. I never kept track of
 them and I have given several away as gifts. I am
 a self taught quilter but in the last few years I have
 become good friends with a lady that was an 
excellent quilter who use to teach quilting, make 
patterns, and won several awards over the years. 
She has taught me many things! I am blessed to 
have her as a friend!
The quilts I have chosen to show are a few of my 
applique quilts.

The first one is one I made when my kids were 
little. It was all from scraps and my kids named it 
“Angels in the outfield”. It was named that by my 
kids because of the angels in the quilt and that 
was a popular movie at the time! The people and 
pets in the quilt all stand for my family. We have 
our house in the picture also. The kids just loved 
this quilt. It is special to all of us. I always hung it 
on the wall at Christmas time. It was my first 
attempt to doing the invisible thread technique. 
I didn’t do the best job but hey, we all learn 

The next quilt is one that I made from a kit. 
I call it a picture of me in my garden! I love
 to sew and I love to garden so this was a 
fun quilt! I did this one also with the invisible 
thread technique. I think I improved a little on 
this  one! J

The next quilt is a little wall hanging that I did. 
It was my first attempt with needle turn applique. 
I’m not sure why I did a pattern with such small 
pieces for my first attempt! I loved doing it! I was 
hooked with applique!
My final quilt is also an applique quilt that I did 
using the blanket stitch. I used buttons as 
embellishment. The buttons all come from 
my mother-in-law’s sewing basket. I only 
seen my mother-in-law twice. She died the year 
before we were married with cancer. Sweet lady! 
This quilt was a challenge because of the set 
on point! Ugh! I still struggle with that!
Thank you for asking me to give my little story. 
As a quilter we all know we could go on and on 
with our stories. I am very thankful for what 
God has blessed me with when he gave me the 
gift of quilting!

Thank you to each and every one of our members 
who shared their stories and 
their quilts with us.  I do so hope I got the pictures 
in the right order.

Next month - please come join us again for our 
"Tag Team" program.

Be safe