NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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March 19th Fantastic trip Down Memory Lane

Everything was set up and ready for the ladies to arrive.  And of course we were all praying that the possible rain and sleet would hold off till way after the meeting - and it did.
Remember - each meeting come to the sign in table and check off your name and if you have show and tell and see what is coming up.  

Ladies had a lot to talk about

and do as they started arriving around 5:30.

This is a great time not only to do your projects, but also to get any help you might need.

Refreshments this year are being served at 6 pm so everyone can sit and relax after their hectic days.

With the blessing of such a large meeting room, projects can be laid out and aspects discussed and checked out.  Hope Dixie got the answer she was looking for.

As our program speakers arrived, their quilts were set up and ready for the program.

What a turn out, 42 attendees, members and guests.......

it was getting close to standing room only.

"Down Memory Lane"

Shirley B started the Program out.  Shirley started quilting in the mid 80's

Mile a minute quilts were the thing to do and there were so many options of how to get going.

Think Shirley called this her Moon Dance quilt.  Spectacular that's for sure.

Missed the title of this one.
Remember, you can click on the pictures and they will come in larger so that you can see the details better.

Barbara Brackman (click here for her blog) has many books and patterns out.  This is one that Shirley did in 2002 or 2003.  Wonderful interpretations of what the real flowers look like.  And so much applique.  Wow and gorgeous!!!!
Thank you Shirley.

Leila K was the next speaker up.

And she is still surprising us with quilts she has made and no one has ever seen.
Believe she called this one Jewel Box that she hand pieced and hand quilted back in 1999.  Not only is the middle gorgeous, she also did prairie points on the edges.

In 2002, Leila made this Friendship Star quilt, again all by hand.

Did not catch the name of this one

Leila had left over blocks so she incorporated them on the back.

Believe she said that this Hunter's star she made in 2008.  She bought the fabric for this one.

and this one in 2015, she made totally out of her scraps.  Some of us have better scrap bags than others. ha ha

Had to add this one that was too big for Leila to bring.  She called me up and I got to go over and see it and take a picture for everyone.  Forget who did the machine quilting for Leila, but they did a great job that only added to the look.
Thank you Leila for sharing.

Verna Lee M was the next on the program.  Check out the cabin and the book, Verna Lee has kept a record of all the quilts she has done.

This was her first quilt in 1987.  Simple is the word that Verna Lee used.

She brought in this quilt to show off.  Though she did not do it, she did win it at a family reunion.  She would not tell us how many tickets she had to buy to guarantee she got it.  hahahaha  A true family heirloom and a great story that went with it.

Many of you may have seen Verna Lee's version of Debby Maddy's Evening Star quilt and congratulated Verna Lee on winning the "Arts is Ageless" with this one.  For those of us with short memories, it is great to see this stunning quilt again.

Remember May 16, 2017?  Verna Lee's first stain glass block from David and Teresa Duwe's workshop looked like this.  When she got done..
This is how it looks.
Boy did Verna Lee take to the water and win the Olympics or what?  Beautiful!

Sometimes we have old quilts in the family that are falling apart and can be better appreciated when framed.  This is what Verna Lee did for her children on their recycled Christmas in 2008.  Ask the story from Verna Lee, I don't want to goof up the facts.

Some years are better than others.  Our quilt ladies made one of Verna Lee's rotten years better with the gift of this quilt.

This log cabin quilt of Verna Lee's is a heart warming delight.

Speaking of Log Cabins, Verna Lee had a wooden log cabin on her table and inside was an orphan log cabin block.
Thank you Verna Lee.

Frances B says she started quilting about 32 years ago.

And this is one of her first log cabin quilts during the craze that hit the nation.  Believe she said that she hand quilted this one.  Definitely one to get a closer look at.

You had to be there to get the story of this chicken quilt.  Suffice it to say - cats should not be allowed around baby chicks.  Have down in my notes that this was a Freida Freddy kit.  Duh?  Not sure of that - please ask Frances.

This log cabin bear was a kit and wow, look at the detail that it gives.

This quilt is one that Frances had in the car for a long time.  Frances gave us a new quilting term - "Near the Ditch" quilting.  hahahaha  Think we all kind of know that dilemma.

Some times it is difficult to get all the names of the quilts being shown, get so wrapped up in looking at them - I forget to write it down.  This is a beauty and please check with Frances for the particulars.
Thank you Frances for the quilts and the "words"

Marilyn S. was the last presenter for our "Down Memory Lane" program.  She has a fantastic book full of interesting notes of all the 80 quilts she has made.  She put the book on the stage for us to get a look at.  Even gave prices and names of fabrics.  Wonderful history of her work.
Marilyn started quilting in 1993 when she moved next door to Ann Lee.  Ann taught her how to quilt and also taught her to golf.  What a wonderful neighbor.

Marilyn is proud of her 3rd generation Swedish decent and in 1995 made this quilt to honor that heritage.

Ann told Marilyn that she just had to do a whole cloth and encouraged her to enter it in the fair in 1998.  Marilyn is holding up the ribbon she "found" on her entry.  Good job Marilyn.

And here it is in all it's glory.  It is difficult to see all the hand quilting

Click on this shot and get a larger picture to see what is what.

Then when Marilyn did this stack and whack, she entered it into the fair and got some very interesting remarks on it.  Good color, points not meeting, Good contrast or something, uneven something.  Marilyn was shocked when she saw a blue ribbon on it.  All those bad remarks and still a great quilt.

Check out the hot dog and other embellishments that Marilyn added to her "A Tisket, A Tasket, 12 Months a Basket".  This was a fun quilt to do.  It was presented as a BOM to the guild back in 2010 I think, by Susie, Iowana and Barb.  We had it presented to us in regular applique, embroidery and in wool.

Here is Marilyn's Fan Dangle - see what is hanging at the bottom.
Thank you Marilyn.

And thank you ladies for bringing in your stories and your quilts to share with us.
Hope to see more members on the agenda in many years to come.

And special thanks to Juanita, Jane, Deb O and Hayley for being our holders for the evening.

During the business part of the meeting........

We got a chance to see all of the ladies' work on the ROM - Row of the Month -

presented by Sara.  This month Sara gave us several options for the row.  Use one fabric through out with alternate colors, use scraps totally, or add a row or two more of blocks.  
Thank you Sara for doing our ROM this year.

SHOW 'n TELL is always interesting

and this month was no exception.  Pres. Ginny started us out with a table topper she made for her (?) daughter.

Then the four that get together showed us their challenge items made from Erlene's challenge to them to do a mini with 10 jelly roll strips she gave them.  Course some of the ladies did not think they got 10 strips. haha

Think Frances was one of those that knew she received a lot less.

Jan stated she likes high contrast and had a little trouble with this challenge

Donna should have given Jan her tip about turning the fabric over to give more contrast as you can see in Donna's mini.

Erelene added buttons made from river "pearls" (I think).   Each of the ladies did a great job with their mini's no matter what.

Sara made a couple quilts to go to the Texas cause.  On the first one, she said this was an idea we might want to think about for our ROM.  Put a row in one direction and then the other rows going the other way.  Adds 'flavor' to the quilt.

Dixie got the chance to finish this quilt that is a joint operation quilt.  Love it and so much detail.

Jane finished her sample Jelly Roll Race II quilt.  Remember, she only had 20 strips for this one.

Teresa will have this quilt off to it's new owner before next month - extra thanks to her for bringing in the top for us to see.  Anchors Away is a wonder.

Lorraine had made a 4-patch quilt which she cut in the grid way to put on point.  Her son David saw it and loved it.  He wanted one, but not so long and a little bit wider.  So Lorraine made this one for him.  She did a great job and was able to "float" the blocks with her side triangles.

Virginia finished her wool work for the upcoming season.  Remember, click on to see larger.

Jenell had a friend that had a kit and when she got sick, Jenell decided she was going to finish it for her.  It wasn't as large as Jenell wanted it, so she enlarged.  Unfortunately, it went off already, but we did have the picture to look at.

One of our past challenges, Jenell made this table topper.  She (her words) finally got the place-mats done that go with it.

Jenell has been working for 5 years on this family album book.  Her husband set a deadline for her and though she missed it by a couple months.........the end product was worth waiting for.  Hope you all got a chance to look at the pictures.  Jenell - it is quite a treasure you gave your children.

Donna was so excited about this quilt - until she got it done.  It was about the states and had eye glass fabric on it so you could "see" the states, etc.  She hates it - 

now the back however is fun and very interesting.  We all suggested she just use this side for the top.
What ever Donna, the quilt is fantastic and you can be proud of it.

This is a quilt going to Texas also.  Not sure who Donna said made it.

Cindy gave a big thanks to the guild for our donation to her son-in-laws benefit auction.  There were over 550 people that were able to attend and she saw many members there also.
Cindy had a mini quilt to show us that she has to bind and then it is going to the Manhattan Konza Prairie Quilt Guild for their Mini Auction to be held in May.  'They do the Mini Auction every other year for a fund raiser.  Cindy's should bring in a good sum for the guild.

Behind this charm pack quilt is Jeanette K.  Very interesting technique used here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The Jelly Roll Race II quilts for our Community Service committee are starting to come in.  The Ohio Stars had jelly roll strips from Material Girls in Abilene.  Such a happy quilt.

Royal Cross group I believe had the strips from Quilters Yard in Junction City.

Dresden Plate Group may have had the Fabric Essentials (Concordia) jelly rolls.  Correct me please if I got the wrong quilt shop for any of these.

And the Rambler group had the jelly roll from All About Quilts in Manhattan.

Was wonderful to see these four all together and see how different fabrics produce such different looks.
Thank you so much ladies for accomplishing this feat so fast for our Community Service committee's need(s).  Makes the chairperson's work a lot easier.

Erelene picked up the fabric for this quilt from our free share table.  She is donating it to Green's Christian School for their annual fund raiser.

Elaine was a wonderful guest, she brought a Show 'n Tell.  Thank you so much.  We love having guests and we love seeing what they have.  Think Elaine said her mother made this lovely quilt.

Bev is glad to have this gigantic quilt done and off her UFO list.  She said that there was an error somewhere - ssccchhhh!  We can't see it Bev.  It's gorgeous.  Audrey P. is the one that got her started on this pattern.

Susie and Deb T. brought in this Community Service quilt that the Morganville group had made with fabric donated by Dorothy P.  Think it was her grandmother's fabric.  Deb found a picture on line and with the help of all the Morganville ladies, the pattern specifics were figured out and this end result is more than just lovely.

Susie hates to see gorgeous linens go for $1 at auctions, so she puts them to better use by adding here and there and quilting them into lovely keepsakes.  This is one of her finds, so much work into the embroidery, and such beautiful quilting Susie.

This is another find at a sale.  Susie decided to ease it up a bit and cut the edges straight for easier binding.  So many tiny diamonds and triangles in this flower garden quilt.

At Ann L's auction, Susie retrieved this gorgeous table cloth and as it had lace on it, she put a fabric behind it and then the batting and backing.  Susie wishes now that she had used some wool batting so that the quilting would stand out a little more.  To us - it is gorgeous as is.

Deb T. had picked up the blocks for this quilt because they were friendship blocks from the 40's and she knew some of the women that had made them.  Love the setting Deb used to show off these women's talent.  Lovely quilt Deb.

Lynn had a tell.  The Lighthouse had gotten in a Kenmore 385-1695 model sewing machine and they needed help in how to thread it.  It seems to be in working order.  So any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you to everyone that made this meeting so special.  And what a great pleasure to be home by 8:30.  Boy time flies fast when you are enjoying yourself.
Hope you signed up for the Tea.  See you on Saturday.

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