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PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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October Guild Challenge - Orphan Blocks!!!!!

First a Reminder:
November's meeting is the due date for all tickets and monies to be turned in first thing as we will be drawing for the winner of this gorgeous quilt.
This is our only money maker to obtain programs for the coming year.
Please - SELL     SELL       SELL!
Thank you

October's meeting was decked out in holiday decor.

As the ladies showed up for the embroidery group, Carol had the help of Sara in displaying this years entries to the Guild Challenge - Orphan Blocks.  

There were twiller's, wool appliquer's, embroidery work and sharing going on as you came in the door.  And the free table - wow was it loaded.

This is a great time for socializing also.

So much to talk about and see what others are doing.

At 6:30 pm, everyone started the voting process.  There were three categories this year:
A. Best placement of orphan block in it's new home
B. Best use of colors
C. One you'd like to take home (best of show)

After the ladies finished voting - Show 'n Tell started.

Esther was not able to turn in her mug rug for the challenge, but she did bring it to show what she had done with her orphan block.

She also brought in this lovely 10 year in the making quilt.
The first and only one Bruce says - that is for THEM.
Be remembering Bruce in prayer as he goes through his treatments.
It was a blessing to be able to see Esther and her work.
Thank you Bruce for stopping by on the way home.

Frances B. says she had a "show" and her sister said she had a "tell",
this quilt has been dubbed - The Killer.

WOW!!!!  They had gotten this BOM  pattern all at one time and split up the work to do in their respective homes.  Then they got together and worked for two days to put it together.  Sis's tell was that it took more like 5 days.
The directions were horrible.
But the quilt is Gorgeous you two and the name does not do it justice.  ha ha

Dixie had a tell this month also.  The wall quilt we saw last month - well her brother won it at their family gathering.
Seems like he has always wanted a quilted item from Dixie - but never told her so.  Glad he got the win.

Jane C. had a lot of her mother's fabrics and she wanted to put them into a memory quilt.
This is not only darling on the front........

it's also reversible with a back as pretty as that.

Jeanette D. dropped in before the meeting started and we took this shot of her very first quilt.
She could not stay as the little boy that this is going to belong to, was trying to be born even as Jeanette drove through town.
Praying Grandma made it to Kansas City safe and sound.
She was so excited.

During Show 'n Tell, Susie showed off the other quilt that Jeanette is working on.
Seems Jeanette is striving for 20 quilts to be finished before Christmas for Children who will otherwise have no presents.

Teresa E. had a tell - she just found out that her husband has always wanted a quilt for himself.
What is it with these men?  Of course we will make them quilts .  Especially if that means we can go shopping for more fabric and patterns.  ha ha

Donna has really been working hard.
Please get with her to hear all about her quilts - I did not get the information down.

But then, some quilts speak for themselves.

And they all say - GORGEOUS!!!!!!
Donna has been trying to finish up her 30's fabrics - think she says she still has some.
Well worth the work !

Donnis may be taking it easy at Country Living and not having to do house chores, but she is not sitting still.
Jan got the blocks for this off of mom's design wall and brought it into Mom-Donnis to finish.  Lovely fabric choices.

And then Jan did up a "kit" for Donnis and a new great grandbaby quilt was done.
Donnis likes to keep busy and she does such a great job.  Donnis gave her daughter Jan, the credit for all the quilting.
Good job both of you.

Deb M. had given the small wall quilt that goes with this throw to a neighbor.  Think this one is going to stay at "home".

On a recent shop hop, Deb picked up a kit of Christmas mittens.  Each one has a different design - not sure what she will do with them yet.  I vote KEEP and put on your tree.  They are darling.

After Roll Call and Show 'n Tell, we all got to see who did which entry in the Guild Challenge.

Dixie got the middle block and since she has always wanted a message board, she added some blocks around the borders and used a cork board for backing.  Says if she does it again, she would use 2 or 3 cork boards as they are not very thick.

Jeanette K. transformed her block pictured here, into a "Snack Rug".  There is room enough for your coffee and a snack.

Teresa said that she kept her block on the design wall for quite a bit until one day it told her it was an umbrella.
The umbrella is protecting a "friend".

Deb. O. made her orphan block into a wall hanging.

Didn't get all of the goat story from Sara - did catch that they would be in the next hanging.  What I did catch was that she cut up her pinwheel block and the rest grew from that.

Jan's block had the two 4 patches and two HST's shown in the center, so she added the outside boarder.  After she did that then the HST's reminder her of baskets, so she added the flowers.  Personally - I LOVE THIS ONE!  The blues and yellows you know - HA HA

Donna wasn't too sure what she was going to do with her block as it did not inspire her, so it became a candle mat.

Coleen wasn't sure why she was so blessed, her brown bag had 5 blocks in it.  She came up with an idea for 4 of them and is keeping the fifth for a future idea.

Virginia's entry  (#1), was made into a mug rug.

Hayley's (#7) became a mug rug that is reversible.

And Donnis' (#2) also ended up as a mug rug that is reversible.

All three ladies started out with similar blocks and went in similar directions, yet all just a little different - 
now that is a little October Spooky.    Great job ladies.

Carol B. was able to drop off her entry - and that's a story I am looking forward to hearing about.

I deconstructed my  9 patch block, cut it into 4's and put it back together into 4 smaller - 9 patch blocks and then placed them in a cathedral window note book cover.

Frances took hers and made it into a micro wave bowl hot pad.  Hasn't used it yet, didn't want to get any stains on it before the challenge.

Jane took her block and made it into a bag.  She used some stiffer lining and she's not sure if she will ever use that stuff again.

Jenell H. decided she would put her block into a bag also, but a bigger one to carry in her "Show 'n Tell" items.  Good thing she loves purple - look at what she came up with for the back.

Ginny also added on to her block and made it into a bag.  And the back is a modern take on the fabric.

Carol used her orphan block to make something she has wanted for a long time - a cover for her featherweight that is out and ready to use at home.  Now when she has to go out after the cows, her machine will be safe and well guarded.  On the other side was an apliquick project she had started and wasn't sure what to do with.  So really two orphan blocks in one.

During the reveals, the votes where counted and the winners are...........................




Congratulations to you ladies, and to everyone that completed and brought in their orphan block challenge.  What a fun way to get ideas for those other blocks we have sitting at home and don't know what to do with.

Great job Carol!  Thank you for volunteering to host the Challenge.

Dixie ended the meeting with her favorite task - the pounding of the gavel.
ha ha

Thank you all ladies, for sharing your talents and work.

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