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PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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May 2017 - What's Old is New Again!!!!!

It's always exciting to go to guild.

This month as you came in the door, you saw a table of wonderful FREE "gifts".  
When you are done with a book, not interested in your fabric or patterns anymore, have extra buttons and buckles - whatever the reason or whatever the item...........remember our table of Freebies  -  it sure starts the night off right.  Thank you everyone for sharing with your buddies.

Embroidery group started arriving first and going right to work on their crazy quilting, twilling, etc.

Guest speaker Teresa Duwe even had a chance to check out  the projects in progress.

And to hang "eye candy" for the next day's workshop.

Stain Glass!  So many ways and looks.

And then it is 7:00 pm and Susie introduces our speakers and the program begins.......
What's old is new again said David Duwe.

His mother's cousins (think I got that right) called him up and asked if he was interested in some old quilt tops.  No one was sure who did what when, but from looking at the fabrics - maybe over 60 years ago.
This one is still just a top at this point, and what a top with all it's different fabrics that brings back so many memories to all of us.

Teresa had quilted this one.  Looks like a variation of a railroad crossing quilt block.
And how gorgeous to see it quilted and in use.

Remember  Little Britches?  Egads look at all of those set ins.

Makes a lovely quilt from afar, but even better close up to see how dedicated the piece-er was.

Ties, we've seen quite a few dresdan plate patterns using ties, this new look on old ties is great.  Little stabilizer here and there and look at what you have.  Think David said someone in his family was shocked that he would cut up "collector ties".  Why not, here they are out in the open and being used.
David got a commission to make a full size quilt  out of a gentleman's ties after the person saw this at a show.  Wow!  Who would own that many ties?

This is the Duwe's "wantabe" quilt.  Did I hear him say that #2 is now here?

Grandmother's flower garden is not the only way to display your hexies.  David appliqued the edges down on the outside border of this one.  Brings it closer to today's style.

And of course the backs were almost as pretty as the fronts.  So many different fabrics to have fun with.

This sampler was set together just perfect.

And the back with the dots - what does the judge say?  Plays nice with the front.
(Remember, you can click on the pictures and have them come in larger to get a closer view.)

Okay - no way this is an old fashioned log cabin.  Though the fabrics are 30's, this is one that David made using Marti Michell log cabin ruler.  Click on her name and go to her site.  David talked about so many of her templates.

Now what do you think of this pineapple pattern?  I love it, once my eyes quit twirling.  hahaha

Had to get a close up so I could focus.

Both rail fence and dresdan plates are older patterns - however, when you put them together like this - definitely something new.

Love how Teresa got David to mix them up and produce such a beauty.

Yep, everyone wants to do a Bargello - with this one you have no idea which way is up

or which way looks better.   To me this could almost be a cancer ribbon upside down.

Okay, not sure which dresdan plate is which in this bunch.
Cindi Edgerton is the name you want to remember for paper piecing.  Click on her name and find out more about her and her patterns.

I know some had middles made with Texture Magic fabric.  There is even paint out now like that.

Or which one had the center using a yo-yo.  Which ever was which - look at how gorgeous they are.  Some have double batting, some Teresa quilted and I think David said one was sent out  to be done.

Okay, here are my favorites.  Doll quilts they may be, but don't you just want to grab them and put them on your wall at home and stare at them for ages?  I do.

Had to get a close up of both.  Edges different.  Another Cindi Edgerton pp method.

Fabrics different - well, except for the confetti backing.

And then lets talk "7 Sisters".  Or maybe we should not.  Raise your hands if you think David is close to going off the edge. ha ha

Have to admit though - they are gorgeous.

Remember that fabric that gradates and  you love it  and want to buy it, but just do not have any idea what you would do with it?

Well, when David finished this triangle star (sorry, don't know the name), he decided that the gradation fabric would give it that added lift.  And it sure did.

And here's another one - yeah, but what do you do with it?

What a wonderful setting for all of these hexies.

Okay, remember when the twister quilts were something you had to do?  Here is one updated with fabrics.

Don't quote me on anything, but this backing was used on the front.  Who would have known.  Looks like it could be a reversible to me.

Now sometimes you just get things all goofed up.  Or do you.  One layer cake and 7 hidden twisters make this quilt very interesting.

Okay, what about double pointed Dresdan  plates.  Check out Susan Cleveland at her site and see how she played a part in this Hoffman Challenge for David.  You can get the prairie pointer from her site.  Click on her name.

Their son may be 33 years old (or about) and may never use these clothes again - but for mom - Teresa wanted a memory quilt so she made one.

Look at the background and how well she put his little clothes down.  Teresa stated that she had a little trouble with getting the hopping foot over the seams, so she used a wash out stabilizer to ease over those bumps and then washed it all away.  Son will enjoy seeing this quilt with his kids some day.

Okay, how many panels does it take to make someone car sick.  Evidently 4.  hahaha This is a quilt using Dragon Lady's Reflection hints and tips. Click on  to go see more.

And make sure you click on this picture to blow it up and try to get a closer look before you tip over.

This is a quilt in memory of David's father.  He led the song service in their church and the hymnals had this on the front.
Using Spoon flower, David was able to get fabric made with hymnal cover and songs his father loved.  It costs approximately $20 for a Fat Quarter size, but look at what it can produce.  Click on name to go check out.

David even had fabric made with old truck license plates of his fathers.

The middle of this quilt is an old Coats and Clark picture, with family members head inserted.  (Can't remember if Teresa or David's mom)

Who has not seen a kitchen soap bottle apron?  If you have some, look at the adorable way you can use them.

Not sure which quilt challenge it was, but David won 3rd place (out of 25) for his Tic Tac Toe quilt.  Teresa will not even speak about where hers placed.

Have old table cloths, cut them up and make a quilt.

Or leave whole and still make a quilt.  Have a small hole in it?  Don't worry, add some rick rack - no one will ever know.

Seven Sisters!  Most of us will not even make one block, let alone all the things that David makes with the pattern.  That's what changes when you have the right tools.  Go here for templates available.

Sometimes you get a lovely piece of linen that is a little thin, a little uninspiring, but what the heck.  What if???????

Teresa put a piece of fabric behind the linen,  quilted, painted, added some crystals - AND - Tah dah!!!!!!  What a beauty it is now.  And out of the drawer.

I know, another 7 sisters and this time with a whole bunch of of left over points making up the stars.

Not often do we see kids hankies.  But here is a darling quilt that David used his on.

I missed notes on this one - though I do remember it has something to do with eclipses and by the way - there is one due this summer.
When the Eclipse Happens Worldwide
EventUTC TimeTime in New York*
Maximum EclipseAug 21 at 18:21Aug 21 at 2:21 pm
Last location to see the full eclipse endAug 21 at 20:02Aug 21 at 4:02 pm
Last location to see the partial eclipse endAug 21 at 21:04Aug 21 at 5:04 pm
2 more rows

Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 - Time and Date

Yep, another.  And oh so different.

Some times you put those old linens to good use - like in a tree skirt.  The other side was from a Christmas table cloth on sale from Bed Bath and Beyond.

More gradation

Wow, look at the front.

Had to zoom in and so can you - just click on picture.

Remember that Kansas fabric that you kind of wrinkled your nose up at?  Well it is perfect as the last border on this bean bag.  All the colors just make it stand out even better.

Teresa put all these doilies, hankies, etc. together, quilted them and bound AND then crocheted them all together to make the final quilt.  She even learned how to make the rosettes found at the interesections.

She did put  buttons on the back as she did not like the look of where the rosettes were attached.

Look at this something old now new.
Doilies, linens, flower sacks, you name it.

I can't imagine even making the flowers to begin with.  Now this quilt really showcases their beauty.

Last time David and Teresa were here, we got to see the cow fabric that David had made at Spoonflower, now we get to see the finished quilt.  Look at all the orphan blocks used in this family treasurer.

If you are a milk cow breeder (I'm not, so forgive me if I goof on verbiage) this cattle bill of sale will mean something to you.
And get a look at the quilting - all the wheat waving through this quilt.
Stunning.  Hope it makes it to the state fair - can imagine how it will get the farmers into the quilt exhibit just to drool over the info.

Wow and double wow again!  The Duwe's do a great job when they give a program, and there were not that many that were repeats from last time.
Thank you for an awesome selection of your work.

SHOW 'n TELL, yeah!  Love it.

After last months program on crazy quilting, Ginny decided to try a couple on her own.  Rats, wished I had gotten close ups.  They are gorgeous Ginny.  Good job.

Okay, Debby Maddy's class  on the Evening Star from  June 2014 - another finished one.   Sometimes you just are not sure how you want to complete something.........great job Francis on yours.

Unfortunately, Francis has made another prayer quilt.  The young man is fighting cancer, we all send our prayers out to him.  And so will Francis' church when they sit down to tie and pray  this one.

And of course Francis finished the back with a perfect cross.  How does she do that?

Jeanette D. took Teri Melby's workshop and loves this little gadget that was included in the kit.  Not only does she keep her thread and ribbon straight, but she can keep her needles handy right above which they are for.

Hello Lana (Teresa's sister) and thank you for bringing in your quilt to show us.  Teresa is teaching her to piece, takes a bit with them living so far apart.  Doing great - both of you.

Teresa's one grandson has decided he needs an older quilt.  He has outgrown the baby one.  So grandmother is working on this lovely.  The masks in the four corners - Teresa drew on her own.  

Behind door #1 is Jeanette K.  She bought the kit for this quilt in another state.

Comes home and low and behold, Deb O. has got the same kit, from Kansas.
Both of the ladies did an awesome job.  And here tell that before long (hint , hint) we should be seeing another quilt from this pattern out of different fabrics from Ruth Ann.  hahahaha  No pressure Ruth Ann.

Jeanette also finished her chicken redwork.  The embroidery group worked on these from about 2015, so not too bad.  Love the border fabric.

This quilt Susie started over 20 years ago, back when she knew next to nothing about applique.  She loaned the pattern out, lady died and it was lost.  Then not too long ago, Susie found the pattern again on Etsy and was able to finish the quilt.  We think it looks grand and the best part is another UFO hits the finish line.

Susie also finished her chickens and Mark told her she needed eggs on the quilt, so she quilted in eggs on the borders.

And here is another UFO completed.  Susie also finished her Debby Maddy workshop Star.  At first she said that she was a little unhappy that she had used a black with white polka dots on the center, but now she likes it as it looks like it explodes.

Lynn also has a star finished.  The colors really make this wall hanging stand out.  Good job Lynn.

Okay, is that Lynn behind this one also?  hahahaha  This looks like a fun pattern to figure out.

Juanita is done with her twilling blocks and now - how to set it.  What borders, etc.

Colleen has been working on quilts for the little ones.  Mom picked out these colors and Colleen makes it all work together.

Think she said this was for a neighbor child.  Luckty kid.

Thank you ladies for bringing in your Show 'n Tells.  Now either I am inspired or feeling like I wished I was that good.
Anybody else feel that way?
Bless your month ahead.  School will be out soon - so please drive safe.
See you Sew Day, June 10th

Stain Glass Workshop - May 16th

Here are a few of the templates that David talked about.  The Prairie Pointer is what he uses to get such good points on his double pointed dresdan blades.   Earlier in this blog, I gave you a link to Marti Michell so you could check them out.

When we came together on Tuesday for the Workshop, Frances blessed us all by bringing in her Crazy Quilt/orphan blocks and all quilt.  No matter what scraps you have left, they can be put to good use.  Look at this one.  Thank you Frances.

David started out the workshop by explaining different aspects of both of the stain glass quilts he had with him.

And then the best part of the workshop - he taught us how to make OUR OWN PATTERNS.  Yep!  We now are official "designers".  Okay, maybe not internationally capable - but we have all the hints and tips to do our own and do not have to rely on buying someone else's pattern.

Fabrics used can change your block immensely.  David had a few samples along to show us.  Make sure you check out each of the ladies blocks later to see what different fabrics can do.

We had 9 ladies for the workshop and at lunch time we had 4 more drop in from work to check us out.

Sara got the first block made.  Look at that stripe.

Teresa was very pleased when hers came out right - the first time.

See the joy on Lynn's face.  Yeah, got one done.  Now how many more to go?  hahahaa

Can you believe that Verna Lee sat still long enough to complete one?  And then she left it behind when she went to her granddaughter's softball game (and they won).

Frances' choices give another look.  Can't see it here, but her "lead striping) is not black, it has a pattern that when you get a closer look, really makes it stand out.

Virginia learned a lot of things at this workshop.......she deserves to be proud of this block.

Frances' sister Roxie gave us a on point look and then Frances jumped in and told us it was really Roxie's second block.

Juanita is taking a more modern approach with her fabrics.  This one I am really interested in seeing done.

Course after getting a glimpse at all of them - I beg you ladies all to get to work - the end results are going to be WOW! if there is any indication from this pin up.

Teresa and David are both great facilitators.  And they work well together.  Each handling the aspects of their expertise.
Thank you for the workshop, the help, the bearing with us while things went together in our minds..........and for showing us a new way from the old.

And thank you to all our members that were able to attend.  The more the merrier and the better to see all the possibilities.

Get your Community Service blocks to Ruth Ann.
See you next month.

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  1. Great blog. Thanks for all the sharing and fun. Be sure to post your stained glass projects. See you later. David and Teresa