NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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Take the PLEDGE!!!!!

Our 6:00 embroidery group started arriving at 5:30 to give members an opportunity to trace out their BOM patterns.

Susie has one of the thinest light boxes we have ever seen.  Here she is getting Jane set up

and showing her how easy it works.

All of the ladies were busy as bees either getting their patterns or getting pointers on their twilling.

Jeanette D. used her time wisely to have Susie review the steps with her.

Deb O. is hard at work on her block.

And Stacie S. not only got hers drawn, but also got a good start on the hand work.

A few of the ladies had gotten together earlier and had their first block finished and proudly on display.

Susie showed them Block #2 coming in April.

It was great fun to watch everyone and to have a chance to chat about what was going on at home with quilts in the making and with families.


At 7:00 pm, Pres. Karen called the meeting to order and Deb M. introduced our program speaker.

Gretchen Barclay from Scandia, speaking on labels and Quilt Records.

Gretchen is a member of the Heart of the Prairie Quilt Guild and had their Opportunity Quilt on Display.  If you were unable to get an opportunity, it will also be available this Saturday in Belleville at the Foof-da-Rah Quilt Show at Country Place Living from 1 - 4 pm.  Drawing for the winner will be this May.

Gretchen collects vintage quilts (as well as many other things vintage in the sewing world) and one of the saddist things she finds is - NO LABEL. Gretchen has about 40 - 50 quilts, she did not state how many were labeled though.  
I believe this is the quilt that she asked if anyone was familiar with it?  Duh!  Don't think so.  Well it has a label - it was done by the Catholic ladies from Clay Cener in 1990.  The label preserved the story of this quilt.

Loved Gretchens overhead pictures, click on this picture to have it blown up some so that you can check out the old sewing machine in front of the cabin.

And look at all these women working on or showing off their quilts.  Wonder where the quilts are now.

This quilt, Gretchen's mother-in-law bought for Gretchen; however, no label, so no idea of.....

Those are the questions you would like to see on labels so that you know it's story.

This is a quick shot of a book that Gretchen has that gives you some pointers on making your own history guide or quilt journal.

what it your labels should say (click to enlarge)

and maybe note that it is a Family Quilt.

This one was made for Gretchen's daughter - oops, add some yellow so that it will work for a girl.

And it's not just to know the who, what and where of the quilt, but also to make it easier to get it returned to the owner.  Gretchen travels a lot with her quilts - so an identification label is a smart tool for increasing her chances to have it returned to her if it is misplaced.  
Carol B. told us of a friend that due to info like this on her quilt, she got it back after a terrible tornado destroyed their home.  Can you imagine several counties away - there is your treasure in someone's field?

And labels are not difficult.  Gretchen gave us several ideas as to how to get that information on our quilts.  Archival pens, software labels, printing one out, even typing one.

And.......what about incorporating the information within the quilt  itself?

Gretchen showed us this one that had no label; however, in a bottom corner on the back was embroidered the name of "Fred".  Okay, maybe it isn't much, but we at least know that a Fred was connected some how to this quilt. (Which looks to be a kit from the late 40's-50's).

And it is not just labels on EACH AND EVERY quilt.  What about a journal, history that covers what you have done.  

Great Grandmother did this 6 pointed star quilt - Gretchen knows that.  However, if something happens to Gretchen - will anyone in her family know that this is a family quilt, or will they think it is one of her vintage finds?  
Gretchen stated that her Guild took the "Pledge" with her so that everyone is working on doing better in the future and to label those quilts from the past.
At least journal them with a picture so that someone can find out which ones to treasure and which ones they can let go.
And there is even a talking tag that you can use - electronics have made it so interesting to find the way to mark our creations that suits each of us best.

This quilt, Gretchen's guild had a challenge that involved everyone getting an American Flag to incorporate into a wall hanging.  Because it has a label, Gretchen knows about the flag, she knows it was done as a one year anniversary of 911 in September 2002.

This one Gretchen had a blast telling us it's history - she calls it the "Screaming Eagle".
One year for the library, they were to bring in four patriotic blocks and exchange them with someone else's.  When Gretchen got her four blocks in exchange - oboy and egads!  She ended up taking them all apart and putting them back together.  She thinks it is awful, but it was voted 3rd place in the viewers choice. haha good job Gretchen

Documentation pays off.  Pictures, where you got the fabric, how much you spent, how long it took, everything.

This quilt was donated to the Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska, along with this picture.

Because it had the documentation along with it, family was found and met up for a picture of those here now with the quilt.  Look at all the generations that got to share in the history of this beauty.

There are even kits out there to help us know what to do.

There are also some tricky questions to ask yourself - who is going to take care of these AFTER ME?
 Something to think about.
And quilt appraisals.  Sometimes that can sway a family member to think twice before they "toss" a family heirloom.

Gretchen had stories with all of her quilts

Some of them with new histories

and some with old.

Gretchen took a class with Jo Morton (fabric and pattern designer) and re-did the center of this quilt quite a few times.  Documentation of that brings back a smile when she thinks of what all she went through.

On this one, Gretchen taught the origami method on these blocks

Tried and true and faithful fabrics

And then some quilts that you wonder why they were ever made

Gretchen doesn't think she will ever have the time or ambition to make one of the grandmothers flower garden quilts - so this one is prized even more.

Gretchen will let us know when her guild and the southern Nebraska guilds will be getting together to do their mini quilt auction in Belleville this year.  Until then - take the PLEDGE!!! and get to labeling, old as well as new.
Thank you Gretchen for all the information you gave us.


Show and tell gave us some more beauties to see.

Esther posed real nice for this shot so that she can copy it off the internet and include it in her journal for documentation.

And having Donnis stand beside her for a shot will remind her in the future who helped her along with this bargello.  Notice the colors - way out of Esther's comfort zone.  Don't care what Donnis says - she gave  a lot of pointers of what to do and what not to do on this pattern.

Oh! Oh! Oh!  How I wish I had as much talent as Carol B. has in just one of her little fingers.  Isn't this stunning?  It is the 2015 BOM birthday flowers.  What a great way to put them together and the quilting.......awe struck.   

Wonder if Carol would let you borrow it just so you can take it home and stare at it for a week - so much to see and enjoy.

Carol even used the 3 stitch hanger method that was sent out a few weeks ago.  What is the advantage?  You have a sleeve with only a few hand stitches to tack it down.  And look at that corner label.  Gretchen mentioned that as one method you could use  -  and here is a great example.

Frances brought in a prayer quilt to show us.  This one is full of dogs and cats.  Loved the cross on the back - however, I was not fast enough to get a shot.  Look at those tumblers.  What a fun quilt, do pray that the recipient is much blessed when they receive it.

Jane found this lovely panel full of the church ladies - they are a hoot to see.  Jane also used the 3 stitch triangle sleeve method on this one.  Such a great idea.

Think Janet H. is the first one to complete her Kansas Trouble "Hunters Star".  There are a couple of our members who are making this quilt of Lynne Hagmeier's.  Love the colors.

Jenell H. got a chance to do the kleenex case that we were shown last year and she got some placemats done.

Hope I have this story correct......she finished off some one's trip around the world they did not want and had enough left over to make a table runner that she is going to send them.  Great way to use up the extras.

Donna ran out of one of the fabrics - but who would have known?  This is a very moving quilt.  One moment the center is going down, the next moment you are on top looking down on the top of a pyramid.......etc.  Lots of movement and really did what you were after Donna.  Great job.

Konza Prairie Quilt Guild of Manhattan has a mini quilt auction coming up April 30th and Cindy K. made a quilt for them to auction off.   She is so good.  See how small it is in her hands?  Had to get a close up for everyone to enjoy.  Wonder how much that will go for?  It is darling.

Okay Lisa K. - get in your UFO sheet.  She has been showing us some finished UFO's and hasn't gotten the credit for them yet.  Marilyn is encouraging Lisa to get it turned in, and so are we.  Just look at all she brought in tonight.
Love this Christmas quilt.  You need to see it up close to really enjoy the fabrics included.

Janet H. made the top (I think), didn't like it, said that quilters need to be given something once in awhile - so she gave it to Lisa.  Yeah!!!!!  What a gift.  And what a great gift - don't you just love the colors.  Lisa said that it is going right on her chair.

Wow, double wow, and another Wow!  Forgive me - I did not get written down the name of this quilt pattern - but it is gorgeous.  And what a size.  Lisa this is a beauty.

Here is another King size quilt finished.  Pat your self on the back lady - great quilts, great job.

Deb M. finished a UFO also.  She had wanted to have these pillow cases done for the Oct wedding - but you know how things go.  Any time is a good time to get this kind of gift.  She not only embroidered, she crocheted the edging.

Marilyn has a son in Alaska and they sent her this Northern Lights fabric - another one of those talented women, look how she used it.  It is perfect.  Did you get a chance to rub the bear for good luck?  It was so soft.

Juanita has always wanted to do a wool applique wall hanging.  She found this as a kit and had a great time putting it together.  Looks great - congratulations.

Carol S. did a little bragging here.  See this lovely bag......Sara did it for her mom.  What a good daughter and a very lucky mother.

Missed those of you that could not be with us - hope you have marked on your calendars next months meeting and the fun time to chat and relax.  Bring your FQ and your show and tells and join us March 21st.

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