NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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WOW! What a SHOW ME time!

What a treat to get to see every one's favorite tool, pattern, and even tips.
Pres. Karen turned the meeting over to Susie and Deb for a combo of roll call and program.

Deb had a couple show and tells she presented first.  Remember the workshop we had in 2014 with Debby Maddy for the "Evening Star"?  Well here is Debs finished one.  So many colors, so many different looks.

Deb also completely finished the 2015 BOM - Birthday Flowers.

Deb loves cases and orderly grouping of her work.  She has many plastic tubs as well as a couple of pencil cases to keep everything together.  The blue one carries what she would need for her hand work.  And the purple one carries her crochet hooks.

Esther got her mother's sewing machine and in it was this wonderful piece that screws on to the machine so that you can sew an accurate 1/4".  Her Grandmother's awl is not only useful, but carries warm memories of family.

Ginny told us that you never know what wonderful tools you may get as door prizes.  This ruler cutter was one that she got last year.  She has checked around and she would never have bought one herself - $69 yikes.  Even with a coupon it would be an investment.  Not only a great gift, but a wonderful tool.

Carol B. says with just two straws, you can make sandwiching of your quilts so much easier.  She finds the middle of her table and puts one straw down in one direction, then cuts the other straw in half and puts it down in the other direction.  Loved her visual - look at the clipboard as your table.  Then with only two folds, you lay your backing down - matching middles with the straws which you can FEEL.  And continue on with the batting and the top.  Carol uses a spray adhesive to hold layers together.  If a large quilt, she will also use the curved quilters safety pins (some people call them the "pregnant" pins).

Frances B.'s favorite was a tip that she learned after this string quilt was made.  Use your paper to mark the first strip down the middle and sew your next strip on - BUT then fold the paper back out of the way when you sew, flip it back under only to check to make sure you have enough strips the right size.  Then you only have one seam to pull the paper away from.

Debrah B.'s favorite tools are of course the seam ripper and the magnetic pin holder she has here.

Sara loves getting e-mails that show her a new way to do something.  She illustrated Peg Spradlin's blocks that was on a fold and sew quilt video, National Quilters Circle.  You can find it here.  Scroll down to the video, about 9 min.  Thank you Sara for the demonstrations.

Dixie loves her add a 1/4" ruler.  She also has a ruler that you cut within the open areas on it, so you can get the width you want, several times before you move it.  (sorry - wasn't fast enough to get the rest)

Dixie is making two more quilts like this one out of shirts, pants and such in memory for three siblings.  Please get with Dixie and she can tell you the particulars.

Vicki C.'s favorite tool is cardboard.  It helps her cut her blocks to size, as demonstrated on this recycle - she visits the Lighthouse and finds sweathers to make these wonderfully warm throws.

Jane C. loves the bag she brought everything in.  Out of it came this ruler stand and a two prong pin.

Jeanette D.'s favorite tool is this fishing bag she got at Cabela's on sale.  In it there are three plastic cases meant for fish hooks and such, they hold her threads and pins safely together.  And she also has room for a makeup bag that holds her scissors and such.

Teresa E. took a class from Audrey P. called quilt around the world.  She uses the book faithfully and so far has made 11 quilts in that design.  She brought one in to show us.  The quilters slidelock has saved her oodles of money and wasted fabric.  With this tool she does not worry about the ruler sliding just as she gets to cutting one end.  Go here to find out more about it.

Her Show 'n Tell was this lovely quilt that she tried various quilting designs on.

Virginia loves her ruler that has a piece on the end that fits over the edge of her cutting mat and helps to keep the ruler in place.

Janet H.has a favorite tool in her needle threader and her pattern "Tossed 9-patch" (better picture here)

Okay, can you see it?  This is a hair clip.  Charlotte had brought in some at one of the sew days and had given out several packets to those in attendance.  Jenell H. uses it on her bindings.  Easy to clip on and then snap off.

Jenell had two quilts finished to show us.  This one has a Christmas theme.

This one you have to click on and see enlarged - it is so eye catching.  We have got to have Jenell show us what those blocks are.

Ruth Ann J. said that her favorite tool had already been shown, we did get a closer look at the two prong pin as shown in her hand.  Several of our members use these.

Donna Jordan's favorite tool is her 6" x 2 1/2" ruler.  Donna shared with us that her favorite useful tool or what ever you might want to call it - is the friendship we all share.  That is the greatest blessing in her quilting life.

Donnis K. had a tip that she got from her daughter Jan J. - BATTING scraps.  They come in so handy to help pick up all those little pieces of threads.
Donnis also showed off her Bargello that she showed the Morganville group some tips on in making it.

Lisa K.'s favorite tool was the seam ripper.  AND - do you know what that little red ball that is on the short end is for?  Start putting that red ball end under your thread seams and see how quickly you can take out those seams.
Lisa had this beautiful quilt as a show 'n tell.

And this one

and this halloween one

and this - Wait till the Cows come Home - a pattern from Buggy Barn Quilts.

After the program, several cornered Lisa to find out what she meant by stack and cut and.........
This quilt has such character.  Little hint everyone......Lisa is getting done some of her UFO projects because she was able to take two weeks and get her sewing room completely organized.  Saw pictures - wow!  Makes you want to go shopping in there.  So if you are having problems and you try this nifty tip of  "organizing" - let us know how it works for you.

Jeanette K. loves the pressing solution formula that she got from Susie.  Sure helps when you are making blocks - 1 cup distilled water and 2 tablespoons vodka - put into a mister bottle and spray where needed.  Oh the stories on getting that "CHEAP" vodka stuff.  Jeanette says she also uses her seam ripper to it's best advantage.  Why, she even has an electric one.  If you don't have an electric one, but your husband has a mustache trimmer - that works too.  hahahahahahahahaha.  She also likes using the wax on her thread when she is embroidering.  Cuts down on lots of snaggles and twists and turns.

Verna Lee got her favorite tool in the mail - a point turner.  She also loves her Fons and Porters 1/4" marker for half square triangles.

This is the quilt that Verna Lee has made for one of her brothers.

Susie has many favorites.  One of them is a piece of lumen board.  Not sure on the exact name or spelling, but it is what you use as a sub floor material and it withstands getting wet.  So adding a piece of flannel to it with the trusty duct tape, works fine as a portable pressing mat.  The red I-pad type carring case at Dollar Tree holds all her project items together.  As does a baby bottle that had Susie's pencils and such in it.  At the Kansas Trouble shop in Bennington, Susie picked up some soap wrapped in wool that you can use on your hands (I think); however, Susie heard about putting your needles in soap to keep them sharp - and - it works.  Serrated scissors are also one of Susie's favorite tools as it cuts the fabric easy peasy, like butter.Product DetailsGrabbed a picture off the net of  Karen Kay Buckley's brand.  There are several brands out there, including the micro serrateds.

Susie's mom does her machine embroidery her way, even to doing a black barn.  Susie's brother doesn't much care what color his barns are - as long as he gets this lovely quilt.

Mom also does hand embroidery and Susie laid some of her blocks out in this quilt.

Remember one of the Abilene meetings about buttons a few years ago that some of the girls went to?  While there, we saw their opportunity quilt and Susie fell in love with it.  She got the pattern and then after two years of hand sewing and then machine quilting - look at the winner she has.  Gorgeous Susie. 

Kathy R. brought in only part of her favorite tool.  You guessed it - her sewing machine.  All of us would be lost without ours.  Saves so much time.

Bev R. loves her needle nest.

Erlene agrees with Donna that the friendship is the best part of our quilting world, as she saw through all the kindness shown her during her recent illness.  Erlene showed us her cutter as another favorite, and a funny shape ruler.  Seems it started out as a 6" x 24", but Robert sat on it and now it is slightly narrower and has a crazy edge that you can not use.  But Erlene still has one straight edge that she puts to good use.  The other favorite of Erlene's is a good long armer (Susie) that puts up with your work.  hahahah

Marilyn brought in her first quilt that she ever made - back in 1994.  Since then she has made over 100 quilts.  Marilyn shared with us that she quilts barefoot and is always worred about stepping on a pin ....... so here is her great tip.  Count how many pins you have in your cushion and then before you get up - count again.  If they are all there - then you are safe.  hahaha

Stacie S. brought in her two daughter's quilts.  She had fun making them, the kids picked out the backing and - with the one on the left she was surprised when it took third at the fair.  We're not - congrats Stacie.

Carol S. made this quilt back in 1991 and in 1992 she took grand champion - purple ribbon with it.  Besides the $3 that she won, she also got a $10 gift certificate.

And with the help of that gift certificate, she got her first pair of Gingher scissors.  Oh the threats if anyone even looked at her Ginghers.  Since then she has added to her collection of sizes in Ginghers - and it still holds true - you may have an early demise if you touch.  Daughter, Sara got her a needle threader for Christmas.  Rats, it's broke.  So Carol is back to a trick her granddaughter taught her.  Use a piece of paper cut as narrow as your needle eye is high, fold over and place thread in the fold, push and pull through needle and Presto - threaded.

Karen made this sampler in 1988.  Until that time, she had only done piecing.  After her applique block, she got bitten by the applique bug and has enjoyed doing it through the years.

Had to get a close up of this applique block.  See it, far right in the middle.  Egads! What tiny pieces and it is needle turned.  Way to go Karen.

Martha W. said she didn't bring any tools or anything, but her favorite part of quilting is the friendships she has made.  Amen to that Martha.

Coleen W. enjoys her thread catcher bag with the pincushion that keeps it in place.  Before she had a margarine tub and it was always getting bumped off the table and threads and such went everywhere.

We had 35 members attending our January meeting with lots of tips and favorites for us to mull over.  Coleen brought Pam as a guest.  Pam is thinking about joining us and its a for sure that after all the ideas she got tonight - it might be sooner than later.  Welcome Pam.


Susie introduced the BOM for 2016.  It will be done every other month and will go on for longer than one year.  Don't quote me, but I think it involves 20 blocks.
Below are examples that Susie brought in to show everyone.


Here, the design is created with quilting stitches



Another twilling example
Please get with Susie or Deb if you are interested in doing this.  There will be some more information going out in an e-mail to members.
Do remember that Ace Gibson is working with us and giving us a 20% discount on the Pearl Cotton Thread.
Deb gave us information on next months meeting where we will have Gretchen Barclay from the Belleville guild, giving us a program on Labels.
And mark your calendars for a Sew Day in Linn on Saturday, March 19th.

Deb M. brought in the Sew Together Bag for us to see and get an idea of what they are going to do if you do not have anything of your own for that day.  Sew days are a fun day to get something done or learn something new.  And this sew day will be extra special as you will get to see Deb O's place in Linn.  Many of our members go up there to work on projects.
For a printable version of what you will need for that day to do the bag, click here.  Deb did mention that you might want to get 3 - 12" zippers to make it easier to adjust the fit instead of the 9" ones they list.


We have some members in our guild that keep us in "stitches" in various ways.  Verna Lee is one of them.  Isn't this coat nice?  Well Verna Lee would like to find out who's it is - hahahahahahahahah - it is not hers and she has no idea of where she picked it up or even how.  She found it in her closet and would appreciate it to have someone call and say - heh that belongs to...................
Good Luck Verna Lee.

Check through your program book and mark your calendars for all the upcoming events.
See which group you are in and what months you have refreshments.

Bless everyone's month, See you in February with all your new Show 'n Tells.

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