NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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OOOOHHHEEEEE!  What a fantastic turn out for the entries in this years Guild Challenge.
Sara did a great job coming up with the theme - "What was I thinking?" when we bought some really yucky fabrics.  Course not everyone got real yucky fabrics, and some might say that they got some really-really-really WHAT! frightful selections.  hahahahahahaha
Sara and helpers showed up in the afternoon to put up the entries.  Making sure that they had a 3x5 card with a scrap of each of the 4 fabrics in their challenge piece and a number assigned to them.

For an idea of what layed ahead - click on the pictures and they will enlarge and then you can see an all around view.

Everything was set up - ready for the meeting, including this lovely quilt.
Janet H had gotten the fabric from Sew Country to make it

and Susie did the quilting with thread that glows in the dark.
Can you see all the spiders that are on this quilt?  Really scary.

Carol started the meeting with her beautiful object.  It's hiding in the bag.
Remember the seeds that were given out at our Tea this year?  Carol planted hers in a pot and she got this lovely blue flower (it's sticking in a bottle of water - in a bag for those that may be allergic).  She has a black eyed susan that is just about ready to flower.  Carol asked how many had flowers from their seeds - oops!  Some have not had a chance to plant them yet - maybe next year.

Roll call and Show 'n Tell started the meeting out.........

Vevia had this bargellow to show off.  Donnis had given the ladies at the Morganville group, some great hints on how to do this project from Lynne Edwards book - "Stash Buster Quilts". This size is easier to accomplish than a bed size.  (Vevia was dressed for the season with her little orange and black hat)

Dixie made this quilt with her husbands shirts and jeans to present to one of her granddaughters in memory of her grandfather, Kerwin.

Teresa took the workshop given last month by the Duwe's - Fibonacci, and did hers in K State colors.

She did the same technique with her challenge fabrics - only, she ran out of time to finish.

This is a Baby Quilt!  Wow!  Teresa quilted it on her home machine.

She also brought in her Trip Around The World that was her first home machine quilting project.  She said that she only did stitch in the ditch - well her only is pretty darn good.
Great job on all the projects Teresa.

Lisa gave us a tell.......remember how she is always saying that paper piecing is evil?  Well, she took a workshop and now she has to say - it's great, when you know how.  Good for you Lisa.

Jeanette had this lovely top to show us and when someone asked her what the pattern was - well
"What Ever"
We're still not sure if that is the name or whether Jeanette is telling us to call it what ever we want.  hahahahahahah

Juanita got some fantastic fabric in Des Moines - you have got to click on the picture and blow it up so that you can read all the fun things for grandmother and granddaughter.  Lovely and fun.

While Sara was tallying up the votes - Vevia showed the Birthday Flower of the month...

Two flower patterns were presented this month - November and December.  That way, those that may be too busy closer to December, will still have an opportunity to get their's done.

Susie did her Oct.

Deb M

and Marilyn.

Sara and Carol are doing some embroidery at the 6:00 group and they brought in their January's to show everyone.

Next month we hope to have some people bring in their in process blocks or completed tops - so we can stimulate everyone's imagination to possible settings.   There is no set directions - it is finish as you would like. 
 Remember to go to the left of this post and check in the forms section for copies of all of our 2015 BOM flowers if you have missed picking them up at the meetings.  If you have trouble printing them - give Vevia a call.

All challenge entrants got a chance to tell about their fabrics, process, etc..

#1 _____________ was not able to attend the meeting
#2 was Jeanette's mug rug.

#3 was Marilyn's little pillow.

#4 Deb M used some fabric and a pattern that she had gotten from Iowana's sale and incorporated her challenge fabrics into the flowers and the border.

#5 Jenell said that she had to think real hard to figure out how she was going to use some of her really wierd fabric.

#6 Karen decided that if you cut the fabric small enough, you could hide the really difficult fabrics.

#7 was Vevia's and she thought the same thing, slice them thin.
#8 was Juanita's and she had some real nice fabrics - right?  hahahaha

#9 was Lynn's who was not able to be with us.
#10 Frances had seen this full size quilt that had these chairs in it and thought wow, what a way to use her selections - well after four blocks = never will she make the real big quilt.  Glad you found that out before you were committed to a bigger project.

#11 was Carol's and she used a city window pattern (?), hid the challenge fabric in amongst her sunflowers.

#12 Janet came in time to tell us that we had to look in the corners for her challenge fabrics - look at that neon blue twinkling there on the bottom.

#13 Ginny thought the same as Karen, cut them up small and you can hide a lot.  Her entry is on the back wall behind her.

#14 Jan decided that she would hide her awful fabrics around a gorgeous piece of fabric that she had gotten from Iowana's sale.  Looks good with all the colors.

#15 was a joint effort by Virginia and her granddaughter.  Granddaughter wanted a quilt for her American Doll so was happy to design and sew up.  Good work you two.

#16 Jane out did herself with hiding her fabrics - so much motion in her quilt and so many designs.  You had to really look to see where the challenge fabric was.

#17 Erlene got some rocks and right away she thought of a cabin.  Wonderful 3-D effect with the walls, hubby said her chimney was a little crooked - well, Erlene said she was not a house builder.  hahaha  And then for her red fabric, she put a yo-yo Christmas Wreath on the door.

#18 Sara tried some new techniques for her and has decided that Prairie Points are something she wants to work on more.

#19 Dixie had the right spirit, she loved her fabrics and made this wonderful tool caddy.  The one fabric she got that she was not fond of - went on the back.

#20 Carol B could not be with us, but she got her quilt into Sara right on time.
#21 Debrah B. says that she doesn't do much quilting but she saw this leaf and decided that it would be perfect for her fabrics.

She even put the red fabric on the back as a Lady "bug-gie" label.

#22 Deb O had to hide some of her fabric on the back as it just would not work on the front - see those neon greens - wow are they bright.

#23 Donnis saw her fabric as being Fourth of July or Memorial day and put them into a table topper that she could use.  She also had one fabric that just did not work on the front, so put it around her label on the back.


Sara had a really hard time tallying up the votes - some cases it was so close.  The first catagory had 12 picks, with 4 of them tieing for 2nd place in that catagory.  

BEST OF SHOW......winner is

 Jane C. 

BEST SEASONAL........winner is

Jenell H.

WHO KNEW...........winner is

Carol B.

OMG..............winner is

Vevia B

MOST CREATIVE..........winner is

Deb M.

Did you see those great ribbons that Sara made?  Good job Sara.  Winners also received a prize, many from Iowana's things.

Congratulations to all entrants - astounding job everyone!  Who would have thought?

Sara ended the night by having everyone stand up front with the numbers that had been handed out earlier and

do part 2 of the "What was I thinking?" challenge.  She read the rest of the story.....
how you never know what beauty is in even horrendous fabric till you challenge some talented women - with a left and right change about till  two numbers were called and Esther and Taresa won prizes also.

Till next month - Be safe!

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