NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

Wonderful turn out on a cold night!

The embroidery group held their final meeting for the year of 2014 at 6 pm.  Satin stitches were on the agenda with many samples to show the ladies.

Vevia did this small three ring binder with her initial done in a raised satin stitch.

Susie did her binder cover also with a satin stitch.  
Everyone was handed a sheet showing all the embroidery stitches that had been handed out this year so that they could check and make sure they had all of the cards.  They were also given a pattern of their initial to try their own satin stitches on it, or....

Vevia showed them they could use the chain stitch, or...

fill in the outline with flowers and vines instead.

The group has decided that they want to continue meeting at 6 pm in 2015 before the regular meeting, so in January Susie will be showing them several crazy quilt styles and have a sewing machine available so they can try the technique themselves.  Then everyone interested can make a block at home and bring it in at the February gathering and start embellishing with the stitches they have learned this year.

Hopefully there will be show and tell of their projects that they make out of their initials.  Looking forward to seeing how everyone uses those stitches.


Frances called the meeting to order starting will Roll Call and Show 'n Tell.  We had 27 members and 8 guests present.

Carol S.  was sure that she had brought this quilt in before to show us - whether she actually did or not wasn't really important - it was a beauty to see.

Juanita has been hard at work and had several finished projects to show us.  Love the triangle setting of this first one,

and her Christmas wall hanging is darling.

The Thanksgiving table runner was gorgeous right side up or turned around.

Don't you just love the flowers in this baby blanket?  Remember, you can click on the pictures and make them larger for better viewing.

Love this baby blanket made with a panel.

This four color blanket is striking.  Great job on all of them Juanita.

Lynn brought in this stunning quilt AND she has the pattern if anyone is interested.

Susie had finished this 12 block sampler.  The setting makes those blocks stand out.

Deb finished this table topper and at home has the tree skirt that matches.

This is another table topper Deb finished.  
Love the Christmas holidays, everyone works so diligently to get everything done, thus giving us an awesome Show 'n Tell night.

WOW!  Cindy has made three of these jean and flannel shirt rag quilts for her grandsons for Christmas.  Christine had a lot of fun helping Cindy hold it up and discovering all the secret pockets and hiding places.

Turn it over and the back is as fantastic as the front.

Cindy has a new granddaughter and this is her quilt for Christmas.  This is one of those quilts that you just have to touch.  The colors are gorgeous to look at, and the feel is so much fun.  Cindy made all the chennile herself.  Great job Cindy.

Donna put this stunning quilt together and then was not happy with the way it ended.

It stopped at the points of the blocks on point, so she added a couple rows of little patches, solid border, another row of little patches and another border.  This definitely put this quilt over the top.

Jenell - wow, we love it.  Isn't this a happy quilt?  Made me think of apples - granny smith, golden and red delicious.  

Janet finally had a breather from all the sports the grandkids are in and was able to join us and show us what she has accomplished.  This "Evening Star" from Debbie Maddy's class is wow.  

Her string scrap quilt really stands out.  This is the same pattern that Hayley won her grand in at the fair (you will be seeing that later)  Make sure you take it to the fair Janet - it is a show stopper.

How many of you follow Downton Abbey?  This quilt that Janet has finished is from the fabric line from the show.  Janet wasn't too sure of some of the fabrics - but all together - gorgeous.

These next two quilts of Janets are the same pattern - but what a difference.  Love the red and white,

and if you are a K-state fan, her purple would be your favorite.  Please come more often Janet, it's a thrill to see what all you get done in your "down" time.

Jane found enough fabric to make two of these pillow cases.  They will make great Christmas presents.

Sara brought in Hayley's Grand Champion Quilt for us all to see.  (It also took a purple at the State Fair).  Scroll back to Janet's and see how colors really make this look like two different quilts.  Sara also brought in the 'Feed and Grain' magazine that featured this quilt and Hayley's tribute to the guild for teaching her so much.

Sara took just one part of the strip scrap quilt pattern and made several Christmas presents.  Look at all the different looks this strip pattern gives.

Don't know about anyone else - but this final one is spectacular.  Course then, we also love the yellow one and the...........ah heck, We love them all Sara.

Carol B. had a kit with embellishments that made up the nativity scene on the little quilt on top.  And then as Carol collects fabrics with words on them, she was able to make this Thanksgiving quilt that includes words of thanks.  Think she said the pumpkin is made with fabric that says pie and such on it.

Carol was president in 2012 and has finished her quilt from all the blocks we gave her (I think she said 39).  Love, love, love the setting.  This will surely be a treasure for its beauty as well as its memories.

Erlene and hubby have bought a camping trailer to enjoy their retirement years with and Erlene has been busy getting the bedding done for it.  She has green sheets and now these two lovely quilts

Fabrics the same, with different lay outs.  Praying for you to have lots of fun on those trips Erelene.


After the Show 'n Tell, Frances asked Susie to give a tribute to Iowana who passed away early that very morning from a long battle with cancer.  Susie told everyone that one of Iowana's passions was taking trips on the motorcycle.  She loved to see the country side while she left the "driving" to Russ.
Iowana's Jacobean quilt was her pride and joy.
Susie followed the remembrances with a poem from an unknown author, it follows this picture of Iowana and Russ at the last Christmas party they were able to attend with us.

Life is Like a Quilt
Life is like a patchwork Quilt
And each little patch is a day
Some patches are rosy, happy and bright
And some are dark and gray

But each little patch as it is fitted in
Are sewn to keep it together
Makes a finished block in this life of ours
Filled with sunshine and rainy weather

So let me work on lifes patchwork Quilt
Through the rainy days and the sun
Trusting that when I have finished my block
The Master will say "Well done"

Thank you Susie for sharing this with all of us.
And thank you Iowana for being our friend.


The vote was taken for the slate of Officers.  Officers for 2015 will be:
President - Carol S
Pres. Elect - Karen
Secretary - Bev
Treasurer - Nancy
Prog. Chairs - Carol B & Ginny
Prog. Chair Elects - Deb & Susie
Publicity Chair - Dixie
Member-at-large - Verna Lee

Thank you to each and everyone of you for jumping in there and supporting the guild.


Vevia gave the program for the night.  When you came in the door, she had a small table set up with a 1945 bed doll that her grandmother had made for Vevia's mom and a hexagon rug that the same grandmother had made.  Their were pincushions, bags and tea cozies to show some of the smaller items that Vevia likes to make.

Vevia introduced her helpers for the night:  Hubby John and then John her oldest son.
Starting down in front as helpers also were grandson Aaron, granddaughter Rachael and grandson Logan.  Daughter-in-law Jenell was the guest photographer for the night.

Son John and grandsons Aaron and Logan are very involved in Scouts.  Rachael loves to dance and belongs to the Dance Co. which mom helps a lot with.

Vevia's great Grandmother Mack was born in 1889 and passed away in 1985.  She made the rug at the top left some time in the early 1900's with her mom or aunt.  The Sunbonnet Sue and Star blocks were done in the 30's - 40's on sugar sacks.

Great grandmother Mack was always busy with her hands, this hexagon scrap quilt top she hand sewed in the 50's - 60's.

Vevia's grandfolks had moved to Florida for the warmth and did not need heavy quilts as shown here in this scrap quilt where the blocks were joined with crocheted stitches some time in the late 50's-60's.

In the 70's her grandmother tried her hand at a 9-patch pattern that you sew together, flip right side out and whip stitch closed and then sew to other 9-patches to get this light weight

reversible quilt.

Grandmother Alspaugh born in 1908 made quilts, but Vevia has no idea where they are.  She does have an afaghan that her grandmother made her in the 70's, one of six she had made for her grandchildren.  The two doilies were from the 70's and 80's and shows where Vevia got her training in crochet.

Vevia stated that  living in Florida most of her adult life, she did not need quilts - so only made those that she gave away.  Her Auntie'one was a bear collector in Michigan and was always cold - so Vevia made this applique quilt for her with six "piece" bears, her Aunts favorites.  Note how the sides were brought forward from the back and completed the edges of this quilt.  (Son John now owns this quilt.)

Grandson Aaron was born in Hawaii and had his room done in Winnie the Pooh - so Vevia made this applique quilt for him in 2001, again with the back brought forward.  It was hung for most of his baby years so still looks in great condition.

In 2002, it was decided that new granddaughter Rachael was going to have her room done in Raggedy Ann, so Vevia made this raggedy quilt of Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric to fit right in.   No edges needed on this quilt. Seams have been resewn several times on this much washed quilt.

In 2006, Vevia was looking towards retirement and decided to take a quilt class in Florida to see how quilting was done now - a - days.  Yuck!  This table topper is not Vevia's idea of a quilt and did not help her on her quest to learn.  She did get her first intro to binding.

In 2007, her and John moved to Clay Center to retire near oldest son John, and that Oct. did her first log cabin with a little machine embroidery chickadee in the middle.  Just a few months into the guild and by watching Jan show Carol - Vevia's binding technique moved into a new era.
Keep your eyes open - all the following quilts were made since Vevia moved to Clay Center, KS and learned all these NEW ways to do things. Unfortunately Vevia also learned what a UFO was and has fallen into the trap of keeping her UFO list full.

In November of 2007, Vevia sent swatches of fabric to her sisters to color in a design and return to her so she could make this quilt for the expected birth of grandson Logan.  The friendship star and ohio star were blocks learned from guild BOM's and Show 'n Tells.

In 2008 Vevia entered her first ever guild challenge and made her "two shall be one" table runner, another jump into log cabins with weaving this time.

In 2008 Vevia was asked to do an applique class at Material Girls in Abilene - this was the project that she designed and taught so that the ladies taking the class would have their own applique sampler.

For Christmas 2008, Vevia made this quilt for son John that has pictures of all five of his children with their hand and foot prints - they have grown so much since then.  John told everyone that this sits on his chair at home and gets much use.

Well Hubby John was starting to get a little jealous.  All these quilts and he did not have one on HIS bed.  So Vevia presented him with this Boston album type applique quilt she did for him for Christmas 2008. (quilted by Teresa B.)

2009 started an avalanche.  Red-White-Blue Patriotic Twosome was the guild challenge that year and Vevia headed it up.  She also joined other guild members in the mentor project and made her version (upper right),  Vevia also decided that she needed some holiday table toppers and made her Happy Snowmen in August

Falling leaves in Oct and then as samples for the Sunbonnet Sue applique class she was teaching at Material Girls in Abilene - she made the two bags - the one on the right is in the Holly Hobby style.

Vevia started samples for the BOM she was going to teach in Abilene.  Feb, April and May are shown here.

In June 2010 she decided to take the birds of the air block she learned how to make at the guild and make the block into "Birds of the Sea" by adding a prairie point and a yo yo.  Her design took Grand Champion at the fair.

in July 2010, she designed this "Flying High" baby quilt.

Lisa hosted the 2010 guild challenge with another way to look at rail fence blocks, Vevia came up with the above "He walks with me" and took Best of Show.  (Its'a a fairy)

The BOM Vevia designed and taught in Abilene was called "A Year with the Kids".  This version which belongs to Rachael was done in embroidery and took Grand Champion at the 2011 fair in Clay. (quilted by Ann H.)

Desiree owns the applique version with all of its embellishments and hangs it up in Ohio in the spare bedroom to keep it safe.

2011 brought a whole new field of possibilities - remember the 10 minute block?  Here was one of Vevia's versions.

"Dreamland" was done in color crayons and free motion thread painting.

Crayon techniques flowed over into the Halloween jack-o-lanterns table runner and the Christmas tree one.  The two quilted blocks in the upper right are from 2012 and the Linda Everhart workshop. 

In 2011 there was a KCLY radio auction and Vevia donated this log cabin she had made - it wasn't getting enough bids - so Vevia bought it back.

In 2011, Vevia designed this Quilt as you go quilt, Border of the Month - BOM to be taught in Abilene and Morganville in 2012.  This was the example that she came up with to show everyone the final results and get them interested.

In 2011, this wall hanging represented Vevia's entry for the Guilds Challenge.  "Faith" is its title, the storm at sea blocks represented all the people in her family that were diagnosed with cancer that year.  The birds and flowers were to remind Vevia that as God takes care of them, he would take care of her loved ones.

In 2012 Junction City guild asked Vevia to give an applique trunk show and to teach a workshop.  She designed her "Dream Tree" to encompass several applique techniques for the workshop and to show them that you can mix and match techniques.  Infact - if someone did not like applique - they could color and embroider their dream tree.

Upper left quilt Vevia took a class at the Manhattan guild from Kathy Delaney showing piping and scallop techniques.  Classes are wonderful, take as many as you can - somethings you learn and keep and somethings you know decide you will never do again.  "Sunshine and Shadows" on the upper right was from picking two color crayons in the 2012 guild challenge that Jan hosted.  Both the piping and scallop techniques were tweaked and used in this table topper.  It won a Best Use of Technique at the guild and a 1st place at the fair.  Bottom left, "Spring Waters", is made using an idea seen at the Minneapolis quilt shop,   Bottom right is when you take several two color/four patches & put them on the chopping block and come up with a multiple 4 patch that looks a lot harder than it is. 

There are 1,805 rails in Quinton's "Woven Rails" graduation quilt.  Vevia thanked Cindy for all the tips she gave her on making those blocks - don't try WOF, just doesn't do well by you.  (quilted by Ann H.)

While Vevia was teaching the BOM at Abilene and Morganville in 2012, she made this 2nd Quilt as you go, doing each border every month right along with the class participants.  And to make it easier for everyone to understand the concept of quilt as you go, she did the back in colors that showed the log cabin type of joining the method makes.

The top one that Logan is holding is another version of the multiplying 4 patch.  Bottom right is the example Vevia made to show at the Library's winter reading program in 2013 - "Mooshka, A Quilt Story" was the book that the quilt idea came from.   

2013 Vevia was getting ready for a demo at Miltonvale's Tootlefest and really got into the Chopping Block mode.  The top left is "A walk in my left over garden".  She used blocks left over from the quilt she made for the Dance Company's Spring recital.  The top right is Logan's to use at Grandmothers - they both call it "Da-ugly".  it is another multiplying 4 patch technique.
John is holding a one patch chop and the bottom right is taken from ideas she got at the "Twins" trunk show of 4 patch posie.  It is NOT easy finding fabric that really shows off the technique - so congrats again ladies on the fine job you did.

Also for the chopping block demo, Vevia took an idea from Erlene and Bonnie on making a simple block quilt, cutting from corner to corner and then corner to middle and them flipping and sewing and getting it on point with setting triangles - only Vevia stared with just a 16 patch - easier to chop up.  The bottom right is a single block of fabric chopped and now you have an eye spy baby quilt.

Remember Frances' trunk show on the disappearing 9-patch?  Well why do you have to start with squares, what if you started with triangles?  This is what Vevia got from that idea and another chopping block example.

In 2013, Manhattan guilds challenge was to take 150 shades of purple and do something with them.  You bought the packet with 150 little patches and then....................  Don't hit her - but Vevia is not fond of purple so decided to make a "Marriage of Kind" and put the Florida yellows in there to make her quilt pop.  Some of the yellows - really popped out.

Upper left is the "Fractured Tilt" that Jan's mom, Donnis taught at the Morganville group.  Bottom right is one of Vevia's entries into the 2013 PQG Dresdan challenge.

Rachael is holding up a multiplying 4-patch that shows how with 4 fabrics in the same position, you chop it up and this is what you get.

Vevia had the privilege of being President of the guild in 2010.  This is the throw that she finished with the blocks that everyone gave her.  It was so difficult putting them together by colors - move this = then you have to move that - so Vevia finally opted for doing it in alphabetical order.

Look at the placement if you turned it on it's side.  Great pattern everyone.

Donna Thomas taught this class of the "Twizzle" and this is Vevia's version.  (quilted by Ann H.)

2014 started out great with the Block of the Season.  Upper Right is the "spring rental" version using the paper piecing method.  Bottom is the "summer blossoms" version using an optional weaving technique for the basket and folding a circle into a hexagon flower (The pillow cover took Grand at the Fair)  The upper left is the "Every which way geese" for the fall version.  This was putting prairie points into triangles and coming up with a very interesting block.

April of 2014, Vevia taught a paper piecing class at Sew Country and chose Pat Adams "Motion" for the pattern.

Remember Great Grandmother Mack's Florida quilt of 9-patches?  Vevia decided that she would try it in flannel - this is as big as it is going to get - though the pattern you get from it is fabulous - it's just all the hand sewing that tires you out.

"Spring in Blue" is from an applique 2013  BOM at the Manhattan guild.  Vevia shrunk the patterns and did them in embroidery on point.  She finished this in July of 2014.

Upper left is from this years Guild Challenge celebrating the guilds 10 years.  Vevia called this "Gathering Memories".  Picture on the upper right is another chopping block sample.  Due to a death in the family, Vevia did not do her "On the Chopping Block" for the 2013 Miltonvale/Tootlefest , but did do it in August 2014.
Bottom left is what happens when you take a bunch of different blocks, chop them up and then put them back together - it is called "Rockets Glare".  The bottom right is another On the chopping block sample - "Picture That".

Embroidery is so much fun, and when you take vintage pictures and make a pattern from them, you get "Baby Girl in Green".  Vevia finished this one a couple weeks before this guild meeting.

With a great niece that is due in a few months and all of the interest on Pinterest - wouldn't you know the puff quilt would come up.  Vevia made it for her niece; however, as it seems more of a mattress than a quilt.........

Vevia also made a 'flat' version.

Doing the Block of the Season this year has been so much fun.  "Looking out my Window" you get to see all four seasons.  The final installment is the Shadow Applique technique using voile fabric to cover the snowflakes.  Before the night was out, Vevia handed out the instructions.  You may get winters or any of the seasons patterns/directions at the top left of this site in .pdf  - easy print format.

The last item in Vevia's trunk show was this almost completed top of Debby Maddy's "Evening Star" pattern.  John and Vevia decided they needed more than just one quilt for their bed, so with adding drops on all sides - this is where it is going.  Hopefully we will see this finished in 2015. (It is upside down here)

Thank you to Vevia and her family for doing such a good job showing off her quilts.  And to the photographer - whew!  That was a lot.


The new owner of the 2014 Opportunity quilt is Erlene's mother - Rachel.  We will be inviting her to our Christmas Party to receive the quilt.  Erlene said that she is 90 - so we will see.

Susie did a fantastic job as committee chair person this year, along with all the members who not only helped with the embroidery and putting the quilt together, but also all of you that sold an outstanding amount ($1,423) in opportunities.  Think that is an all time record.

Verna Lee out did herself with setting up places to sell the tickets - and did her share of sitting

and offering opportunities to any one that would listen.
Paid off - she sold the most and won the quilt shown here.

Great Job EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

See you at the Christmas party.

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