NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

What a Grand Month May was

Thank you, thank you, thank you Susie for taking pictures for everyone.  I have talked with a few people to get the run down of what all was talked about - and when the minutes come out - boy will they help!  Until then.......

Susie gave the embroidery class before the meeting, at 6 pm, on Twilling.

 Love all her work that she was able to bring in and show everyone how you can use this embroidery stitch.  It gives a lot more depth and really shows up your hand work.

I am sorry that I do not have our guest speakers name at this writing, all I can tell you is that she did a great job of letting everyone know what is going on and why.  You can
                                                     Click here
to get more information and see what is all going on in the Flint Hills area.  They give you the counties that are involved and maps of the areas where you can go for a drive and see all the quilt blocks on barns, business', homes, gates, etc.
 The samples of blocks that have been used in the classes was great.
 And there were also many books to look at that told you the stories of the barn quilts and the trails.

 Susie did a great job of capturing some of the slide pictures that were shown.

 Ooh, oooooh, ooohhh - this is our county......Recognize Vicki P and Carol B's blocks?

 The classes that have been offered in various areas are using MDO sheets to paint on as explained in this slide.

 We have seen Sara's, Carol S, Hayley and Janet's quilt blocks before, this time we got to see Dixie and Virginia's quilt blocks they have painted.
It is all very interesting and a great idea for a Sunday afternoon drive when you want to get out.
Check out the web site and see what you can find.

Thank you to the wonderful people that brought in Show 'n Tell !!!

 Frances B. is as busy as ever.  Love the red and tan quilt shown here - isn't this a quilt made from the Community Service Blocks?  It is gorgeous!
 Love this baby blanket that Frances did.  As you can see it is for Elle - now I have to get with Frances and find out who this little lady is (or will be).
 Click on the picture and it will get bigger so that you can get a better look at the project that Erlene brought in.
 Yeah Frances on the sign letting us all know - do NOT put pins in your mouth.  That woman that almost died from the pin that she swallowed - that was some tale.  We never, ever want to hear of one of our members going through that suffering.
Thank you everyone for bringing in your items and for supporting your guild.

On Friday, May 23, 2014
Bonnie married her school chum - Walter, in Washington.
This weekend was there 70th class reunion and the perfect time for them to tie the knot with their fellow class mates, friends and family.

Walter was too shy to tell Bonnie what he thought of her way back then - so they each went their separate ways.  Walter lost his mate of 57 years, about 5 years ago.  He kept in touch with Bonnie and Earl Dean and after Earl Dean's passing, Walter and Bonnie started phoning and writing each other more.  When Bonnie moved to NM, Walter and her flew back and forth to see each other a few times.  Kids thought that was a little bit expensive and urged them to make a decision.  (Please forgive me if I have goofed in the retelling.)

Bonnie's new name and address is on the updated Membership list that is being e-mailed to everyone.
Send her a card and wish her and Walter the best of a long future.


Museum workers added two more quilts to their finished list.

 Even though this basket quilt is ripped and pretty stained and dirty - it is a wonder to look at.

 Quite a few speculations circled the workers as they wondered why this crazy quilt was made this size.  Standing back you can see how it was made in rows. That's part of the fun of working on these quilts - not only seeing the fabrics, techniques, etc. of the times, but wondering how they were used.
Thank you to all the ladies that volunteer their time for our two museum work groups.

See you all at the June Sew Day, June Meeting, and June workshop - June is going to be a blast!!!

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