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PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

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White Elephant Tea Party a "Trumpeting" Success

By 12:30 pm the tea committee was all set up for the attendees to the 5th Annual PQG Tea Party with white elephants at the front table to greet you as you signed in.
There were 32 in attendance for the tea.

Eight tables were set up......
There were white origami elephants, elephants from Carol, Vevia and Susie and Thank you very much Robert for dropping off the Elephants that your daughter was so gracious to loan us.

 Tea, tea pots and cozies were ready.........

 and the ladies were working dilegently getting the last of the items ready for the table.

 It was a pleasure to meet Susie's mom and she pitched right in and helped Susie prepare her offerings.

 Finally we let Janet sit down and take a breather...........she was up on her feet cutting all that lovely bread and bar cookies.

 Verna Lee had a difficult time finding a place to work her magic on her sandwiches and truffles....

 There were dried pineapples to place in your tea and grape tomatoe "tulips" to tide you over at each table.

 Starting from the right side of the buffet table we had all the really sweet goodies, fruit and one tray of garlic toast to clear your pallet if the sugar got too much.  There were a total of 32 items offered at this years tea.
 Going to the left, there were cookies, fudge, lime tarts, cupcakes, etc............
 farther to the left were those delicious bread offerings, another plate of fruit, mandalines (hope I spelled those right - they were scrumptious) and quiche lorraine.........
 and we can not forget the sandwiches.......cucumber of course and.........rats, the chicken salad and such was under cover and then later I forgot to take a picture of them.  More scones and a dried tomato sandwich, cheese and crackers hiding behind there also.

 The ladies were very eager to get to tasting.  There was one comment made that we need to do bigger plates if we expect everyone to have one of everything.  hahahaha

 Had to get a shot of Juanita at rest.  There was such a wonderful smile all over her face when she let out that weary sigh.  Don't you just love her hat.  A big thanks goes out to Cathy H. of the Clay County Museum for the majority of hats that you see.  She had just finished a hat presentation in Concordia and rushed down to be with us.  Since quite a few ladies did not have hats, Cathy brought her boxes in and offered a hat to any lady that wanted to wear one.  REMEMBERING that they had to go back in the boxes at the end of the tea. She has over 1,000 hats in her own collection - and wanted to keep it that way.

 With a little bit of shuffling so that everyone fit into the shot, by table, here are the lucky ladies that were able to attend.
 It looked like Ann brought her own hat, however, it was one of Cathy's - what a match.
 Isn't Cathy's hat just perfect?
Wonder if  Michaela and her guest realize what this generation is missing?
 Smiles all the way around for this bunch......
 Hear tell that Dixie's granddaughter never wants to miss a tea, think this is her 2nd or 3rd time attending.
Charlotte and Sharon gave lovely smiles for their picture

 90% of the ladies were able to bring in a White Elephant Gift for our exchange part of the day.  Some people were so good at picking the right gift - that they had them taken away time and time again.  So if you see some of the ladies several times in the following pictures - that's why.  Though word was overheard that our group wasn't as mean as some groups can be.

 You can click on any of the groups of pictures and get them a little larger to see what was what.

 Tea Pots, Tea items, sewing sets, fat quarters, cookies, candy, pin cushions, stuffed animals, bird houses, figurines, candles and even money were unwrapped during the exchange.  The laughter was worth just watching.  In the end, it looked like everyone got something they could use.

A special thanks goes out to our Tea Committee members - they are shown above.  They did a great job and deserve a double round of applauses.

What do you think about an Iron Chef Tea Off for next year, where the attendees bring the menu items and the committee votes on their favorites?  It's an idea!!!

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