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Library Quilt Show

The Dispatch gave good coverage for the Library quilt show before and after.  Incase you missed out on what was going on - The Clay Center Carnegie Library invited us (PQG) to have a quilt show during their winter reading program - Dr. Seuss and Reading Is Our Thing.  This is the second year in a row that we have been invited to participate.

And thanks to the wonderful members we have in our guild - the show was a success.

From left to right above, Rita's cats, Susie has the next two, Rhys loanded us the next three, Rita happened to have her Dr. Seuss on the Loose quilt which was a show stopper for the kids.  They enjoyed looking for characters that they had been reading about.  The two quilts on the chairs belong to a granddaughter of Vevia's.  The one on the left she made and the one on the right was made for her when she was born.

The quilt hanging over two chairs was a secret reading cave stocked with pillows and flashlights.  Unfortunately the weather held down the number of children that visited the show this year.

Going from right to left, Rita's cats, then Cindy brought in the next two, Leila has the next two, Reva's, Rita's jars and Cindy's dinosaurs.  The doll in the chair has a quilt that Vevia's grandson made.

Going from Cindy's dinosaurs left is the quilt that Kelsey made, then Reva's oldest quilt that went through all 4 of her and her siblings and one made from work clothes, Then the one that Audrey made and showed us at the meeting.  The doll crib was on loan from Rhys and has another of Kelsey's quilts draped into it.

The quilt on the right is the one that Nancy had as a child, the next two from Verna Lee, then the Winnie which belongs to Vevia's grandson and the last two on the bar are from Verna Lee.  The 5 on the card chest are Nancy's for Project Linus.

During the first two days of the show, we had pillows with quilts on the floor for the children to sit and read comfortably.

On Monday the kids came for the activities planned for them.  One of the projects was answering questions by reading the slips on the quilts.  Questions were about age of quilt or quilter, how many of a certain kind of quilt, etc.  What a made rush to have 23 children and mom's and grandmothers learning what was on display.

The project that everyone was really looking forward to was coloring their very own Reading is our Thing book bag.  With these bags they can carry their books to and from the library.  Thank you to Judy, Carol B., Nancy and Audrey that came in to help where needed.

Susie had donated two fleece covers to be tied together to make a wonderfully warm cover for our Community Service Project this year.  Visitors young and old helped us out by tying the two fleece pieces together.  It was a lot of fun for everyone and something that one grandmother said she was very glad to learn about as she has a little one coming and wanted something easy to do.
We had over 70 visitors to our show and considering the weather, it was a hit.  Special thanks to all of those that loaned their quilts for the show, to those that came in and helped, thank you to Mr. John for helping to set up and take down.  Thank you to Nancy and Cindy for helping us take down and package the quilts up.  And thank you to the members that were able to stop by and pick up their quilts.
It was a great show because of all of you!

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