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PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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August 20th - Trudy Barker trunk show

What a wonderful cooler evening for a change.  Exciting to see 40 members and 5 guests attending.
Sign in sheet and workshop information was at the front desk

and the room filled up fast.

Thank you Esther A. and others for bringing in all the free sharing items for everyone to go through.  Now that was a wonderful early Christmas present.
And thank you to the Ohio Stars for the feast they provided for the refreshment time.

Trudy Barker was our guest speaker for the night.  Thank you Trudy for also bringing along Dianne B..  It was good to see her also.
Trudy retired in 1996 to take care of her mother - her mother lived to be 103.
Trudy did not start quilting till she moved back to Chapman.
She started out quilting with no classes..........

so her first quilt was done with polyester, much of which she obtained at an Alco store.

This gorgeous top is also out of polyester.  Basket quilt with Carolina Lillies.
Many of us encouraged her to go ahead and get this quilted.  Polyester or not, it is gorgeous.  And remember ladies - polyester quilts will outlast everyone of us.

I believe Trudy said that her mother made the quilt above in the 1980's.  Wow and double wow!

Grandmother Seaton made the top of this quilt before 1917.  Let's just say it had some errors and bad spots, which Trudy fixed and then had the top quilted.

Trudy is very proud of her Grandmother Close who made this top  in the 1970's from scraps people gave her.  Trudy said her grandmother had a talent for putting colors together.

Trudy made this one trying to copy her grandmothers.  She found the pattern in one of Kelly Ashton's books. This quilt is also where she learned to use rulers when you are quilting.

Sorry for the blurr in this little quilt that is from a pattern of Jo Morton - "Papa's Birds"

Trudy hand pieced this "Rolling Stars" quilt

Didn't catch all the information on this one, but believe Trudy learned how to do this quilt from Gilda Martin when she owned the Chapman quilt shop and then taught it herself.

This Double Wedding Ring was Trudy's intro to paper piecing

Then she fussy cut the fabric to do the paper piecing on this "Spring Spree"
Remember, forgive me if I goof up info and click on the pictures to see them come in larger.

Missed the information on this one - but another wow!

Trudy also taught the French Braid of this quilt.

Here is the "Capistrona" quilt that we would have had out workshop on; however, not the right timing.  Trudy did say she would be glad to come back and teach this one - so program chairs, mark down on your possible work shops.

How many of you forgot that Virginia is the one that won our red version of this Christmas quilt.  I sure did.  So beautiful in either color.

Click on Crab Apple Hill here and go to where you can find this pattern, "Lace Cabins" block of the month.

Time to get ready for "Over the River" before Christmas is on us.  Trudy loved to embroider as well as needle turn applique.

Trudy belongs to a small group called the Blockheads.  They do exchanges and the snowmen above is one of those exchanges.

The pumpkins here is another one.
They usually start their exchanges with a background fabric and a theme.  As you can tell, that group has a lot of talent going for it.

Both of these quilts where challenges.  The first one was about the fabric and the second was a two color challenge.

Think Trudy stated that this was a Laundry Basket Pattern.

Trudy picked up this paper piecing kit of Judy Niemeyer's from a quilt shop in Panama City, Florida.  Believe it was called Pepper Dish.

How many of you have worked with Thangles?  We did one opportunity quilt using thangles and it sure made everything go together so much better.  This was a Block of the Month, but a little bare for Trudy, so she added the applique corners.

These embroidered birds was another Crab Apple Hill design.

Sari (an India dress) was what this class held in Abilene was called where you used silk ribbon and sewed them on to a foundation piece of fabric.  Cut it up into blocks and then sew it back together.  Trudy "Broderie Persed" applique the flowers on.

Trudy had a really cute title for her Ocra kit she got in Alaska, but alas, my notes stink.  Believe she stated this was a fusible applique, but not lazer cut.

"Remembering Sophia", this total needle turn applique was done in remembrance of Trudy's grandmother whose first name was Sophia.

This was a needle turn Christmas Block of the month.  Cute - Cute - Cute!!!!

This fall quilt, Trudy got the pattern in Oakley, Ks.

Trudy's friend in Alburquerque, NM sent her this kit of a Kokopelli that represents a few things in Indian culture, including music.  After making the kit for her friend, Trudy made one for herself, or vice versa.

This is a reverse applique technique.

Oh oh oh, you have to click on this picture to see these darling "Penguins at the Beach".  This is an Amy Bradley  design.  Trudy had to do some hunting to find all the right trunks.

While in Kailua-Kona, HI, Trudy picked up this fabric and using the Hawaiian technique of applique, made this quilt.  If you are interested, there are many sites on the internet to show you how, this is just one.

Trudy learned how to do the curved piecing on this clam shell pattern at a class taken with the KQO - Kansas Quilting Organization.  You can learn more about the organization by clicking here and checking out their site.  They have two big meetings a year with several classes offered.

Trudy learned how to piece an apple core and then went on to teach others.

Trudy took a tiling class and this is her quilt from that technique.

We had Tony Munoz with us in June and some were able to take his "Random Access" workshop.  This quilt, Trudy took his workshop - "Twisted Log Cabin".

Ami Simms taught this class in "Crumb Piecing"

Trudy took a class in Abilien from Carol Doak on paper piecing.  Trudy likes her methods best.

This quilt was from a KQO class with Elaine Boise.  Sorry picture is so blurry.

Another KQO class was with Marci Baker for "Hollow Cube"

This Judy Niemeyer quilt took Grand Champion at the Abilene Fair.

This was a stunning end of the show quilt.
Believe Trudy said she learned how to do this "Blooming 9-Patch" from Andrea Hancock out of Salina.  She teaches girls at risk how to quilt.  What a gorgeous pattern

And when you look real close - Trudy said that it was not that hard.  Love you Trudy!

Thank you so much for an awesome trunk show.  Hopefully, we'll be able to get you back for some of your workshops.

ROM - ROW of the MONTH
with Sara

This month, Sara is having us do a Row of Houses.  You can pick up the instructions here or over on the left hand side of this post under Forms and Info to print out.

Last month's flying geese will be helpful in putting the roofs on your row of houses.


Ginny finished her Christmas quilt ahead of time.  Good job Ginny.

You have to read Carol B's pillow to really enjoy all the quilt sayings.  Thank you for reading a couple to us Carol.

Carol is heading up the Guild Challenge this year and she has gone over and above board.  The samples that she has teased us with.
Like this one that she used Terial Magic on to get it solid like paper.  It is a liquid fabric stabilizer.  Can't wait to try that one out.

And then here is another example for an idea.
Remember, Carol will not be here in September, but you do need to give her a call and drop off your quilt before October 10th.  If you are not sure of the parameters, please check out on the left side under forms and info to print out.  We will also be sending a .pdf file via e-mail for those of you that do not receive information that is included on the left hand side of this post.

Grandson Jude, designed this quilt, bought the fabric, cut it out and sewed it together.
The family is hoping that he can sell enough of his original patterns to "pay off the farm".  You got to love Francis' family.  They are so talented and FUN.

Jude was practicing on the long arm and mow he has FOUR of the placemats as shown on the left and he also had another of his finished quilts to show.
Jude - you are showing up a few of us.

When grandmother went to Houston this year, she took the advice that if you see something you want, buy it then - it may not be available when you come back around.  So when she saw this kit and even though it contained over 13 yards of fabric - she bought it and hauled it all over all day.  Thought Francis was a little lopsided lately.  hahahaha  Well worth it though Francis.

Deb B. had learned how to do the stack and whack and thought she had finished it when she came across some more blocks.  She was not very proud of the quilt, not everything matched and such.  But when her mom entered it into a fair - it took First Place.  We are our own worse critics.

Jane is handing down some family heirlooms to the grandchildren (John's mom made this quilt about 1940-50's).  This quilt was a little bit raggedy and in some blocks, the fabric had deteriorated on the top.  So she found some lilac, fixed a border and fixed some of the blocks and now it is ready to continue it's journey of a well loved family memento.

Virginia stated that she loved her stain glass quilt runner that she finished from a May 2017 workshop with David and Teresa Duwe.  

Jan J. brought in a few of her mother's (Donnis K.) quilts.  Donnis will be 92 years old next Monday.  This is her baby quilt and has been loved down through the generations.

Donnis's mom made this quilt out of only two blocks with two colors - a 4 patch and a half square triangle.

This "Train Track" quilt is a joint effort by Jan and her mom Donnis.  Jan cuts out the fabric, takes to Donnis and Donnis sews them all up.  Jan adds the inner borders and puts them together and has them quilted.  Jan is so fortunate to have this wonderful experience with her mom.  Donnis - You are wonderful!

Jenell H. finished another rug done with the Technique that Frances B. showed us.

Jenell also finished this quilt for a grandson.

And since someday he might grow out of the car stage, the back makes it a 2-4-1.
Grand job Jenell.

Deb always checks out the free table and has returned with some gorgeous finished projects - Santa stocking is one.  Deb's going to use this one for herself.
Love the little fleece jacket she made for a granddaughter starting kindergarten.

While in Houston, Donna J. got to see Victoria Findlay Wolfe and picked up this "Cascade" pattern and template.  Donna stated that everyone is very welcome to borrow the book and template as this is the one and only she plans on making.

Donna has also done a rug in the Jelly Roll style.  You can see the how to here.

Cindy also was captivated with Amy Bradley's patterns and picked up this "Robots Quilt" pattern.  She changed the background and at Branson's first birthday - gifted it to him.  Cindy took Grand Champion at the Clay County Fair with this quilt.

Sharon made this quilt and took it to the Cloud County fair  and won a First Place.
Believe Sharon said that Mara Del Demars  in Miltonvale is the one teaching her and three others to quilt.  They meet at her house to brainstorm, cut and sew and then go to the Senior Center to hand quilt.  You are very lucky Sharon and have done a great job to do Mara Del proud.

Sharon also brought in one of her first quilts (if not the first) that she stated is all wrong.  It has valiance fabric and a gold blanket fabric in it.  Well, for me  -  I think it is great.  That is how quilts once were made - with what was available.  Good job Sharon.

Karen had this gorgeous quilt to show us and of course I got so interested in the quilt that I did not write anything down.  Love the fabric and everything else about it.

Guest Linda had bought fabric at Concordia to do this quilt and asked for coordinating - so Marsha and the girls got her this chinese design fabric.  Look at the blocks and then go up and look at Sharon's quilt - same blocks, different settings.
Well Linda took this quilt to the fair and got a blue (and maybe a purple too, as there were two ribbons hanging on it.)

Congratulations to all our ladies and thank you so much for sharing with all of us.
Schools in - drive safely
Have fun

Friends are like quilts - they never lose their warmth

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