NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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For July - Flour Sack History Astounds

Little hot in town, so a really cool place to be on Monday night was at the First Baptist Church and the guild meeting.
Always remember to sign in and to check out what is coming up.

Love to see all the ladies working on their hand projects, enjoy the refreshments served at 6 pm, and this month I heard tell there was sherbert.  Yummmmmmmm!

Caught a couple of ladies going over their recent knee surgeries and the scars left behind.
And Jeanette K. was showing some of the ladies the back packs she is going to be making with her granddaughters.

It's a great time to relax and chat.


Pres. Elec. Jane C. was filling in for our 2018 President and called the meeting to order and had me / Vevia introduce the program for the night

Nancy Jo Leachman from Salina.
Now ladies - taking pictures of a slide show presentation is not the easiest thing in the world, so ahead of time - I ask that you forgive me and want to let you know - please click on the pictures to have them come in larger and maybe, more clear.
This was definitely a meeting that you had to be there to get the best out of it.
Special thanks to Jan J. for closing down the shades so the pictures could be seen better.

Nancy Jo is a retired librarian and has so enjoyed finding out about Kansas Flour Sacks and their history.  She started giving presentations in 2010 and we are her 74th (or was it 75th) venue.
Think she said that she has 210 Kansas flour sacks.  The first 50, she framed, but her house has run out of wall space.  (Correction: " The reason I stopped framing them was because I realized how much information I was covering up. After I learned that the amount by weight of the sack, the different Graphics, different government information Etc was important I stopped framing them.")

The stories and information she had to share is what really made the night.

Like the Pawnee Indian that had pants made out of flour sacks.
When the tribe was starving, he went to a farm and got flour given to him - poured into the waist opening after he tied up the legs.

and the patterns available

And how you converted the pattern needs to the flour, sugar, etc sacks that would fit the bill and the size you would get from each type.

This lovely dress only took 6 bags.

When you see a flour bag that has some weird (for today) weights listed on it, that's because the bags that were printed and used before 1943 were listed for barrel weights.  A barrel held about 196#'s, where a 24.5# bag was about an 8th of a barrel.
So any flour, or even sugar bags that you have - if it has the normal 50, 25, 10 or 5 pound measurements, then those were after 1943 when the US War Production Board, standardized the packaging of flour.  (only 6 sizes)

Believe this was a Western Star flour bag which often showcased a horse doing some type of house chores.

Logo's were usually round  (like found on the barrels) and the bags showed the towns and states where the flour was milled.

Nancy Jo has quite a few different type of Queen flour bags.

There's no way I can give you all the information that Nancy Jo did; however, I do remember that some of the bags had FREE stuff involved.  Like shown here.

Can you make out the eagle shown above in the top left?

Now if I got my information correct - National Recovery Admin came in with the new deal in 1932

You could read all about it in the TIME's.  But then it was outlawed in 1934.

The BIG 80 was an edict in 1946 that the flour mills had to put back in 80% of the nutrition that milling had taken out.  That's why you start seeing some of the flour bags stating that they are enriched.

Nancy Jo shared that learning what words to look for to guess-ta-ment the time period was very helpful to her in the acquisition of her collection.

Flour bags were used for Political advertisement also.  Or in the above case, to take a poll.
Chicken feed was bought according to whether you thought the "Donkey's" would win, or the "Elephant's".  Was considered the only poll that correctly foretold the Dewey/Truman outcome.

Whether it is a cowboy that you think you know who it is, or familiar looking Brownies, catching the buying public's eye was cleverly aimed at.  Did you know that Milo Flour is gluten free?

There are 105 counties in Kansas, but as you can see from this picture the south western area did not have the flour mills.  Think Nancy Jo said that there are only about 55 counties that had mills.

This bag was from Salina and there was ONE Clay Center bag (did not get a clear picture of it, sorry)

This is Nancy Jo's home and SOME of the flour sacks she has framed.  Remember, she only did the first 50.  hahaha

Nancy Jo had a very good display of not only bags, but objects made with flour sacks.

Aprons, dresses, stuffed animals and dolls to name a few.

And her books were very interesting.

Do any of you have some of these books?  I imagine they are treasured by your families.

Above also shows the Queen and King of flour

In the 1960's, paper type bags were becoming more common and the National Cotton Council and the Textile bag manufacturers could no long prolong the use of cloth bags.
I did a little research of my own to make sure I had written down some correct information and thanks to the invention of the (click on) SEWING MACHINE, it made it possible for flour to even become available in cloth bags.
Yeah SEWING MACHINES!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Nancy Jo Leachman for all of the information, slides and flour sack paraphernalia that you shared with us.  

And Show 'n Tell continued the informative evening.

Carol B. has this quilt top which is made out of various feed sacks

Her sister, who is not a quilter, made this item from dresdan blades that their mother had put together.  Check out the writing on the bottom right - Salina, KS. (click to see larger)

And Carol B. even had one of HER own dresses growing up that was made out of a feed sack.  She also has a few pieces of feed sack AND check out the picture above on the bottom right.  The piece of fabric in her hand on the left shows a reproduction of the real item on the right.  Some "flavors" never go out of style.

Frances B. made this quilt for a little boy in Hiawatha that is going through Chemo.  In the bottom right of the quilt,notice the orange rectangle?  Inside was a jeep so that he can play on his quilt.  Tried to get a picture of jeep, bottom right.

Frances finished her "Total Eclipse" quilt.  Love the way she sat those blocks together.  Striking, wow, fantastic - need I go on?

Gerri collects crib quilts and this one is a feed sack gem.  Now, anyone guess what that critter is?  Some thought puppy, pig, kitty ?

Janet H. has finished her "Double Wedding Ring" quilt.  So beautiful in those shades.

Kim H. is another avid hand quilter and she had some lovely projects to share with us.
Okay, my favorite is the one shown above, bottom left, reds and greens.........

.............well no, maybe it's this one.  hahahahahahahaha

Ruth Ann J. made this porch pillow.   So darn cute.  (Okay I'm behind, had to go looking up porch pillows and did find this blog.)
Going to have to get some more information from Ruth Ann.

Deb O. has finished this lovely t-shirt quilt.  Egads, that must have took forever.  Love the way she set the blocks.

And NO, she is not going to enter the back of this quilt in our 2018 B&W/G Quilt Challenge.  hahaha

Deb also had some feed sacks, though she is not sure what is what.

Sierra S finished her bag that she told us about when she won so many strips last year at our "Strip Bingo"  night.  And check out the middle picture - she took 2nd place at the 2018 fair.
Congratulations Sierra!!!!!
Wonderful job.

You'll never know what you can find in the basement.
Especially if it is Carol S's basement.
We almost got another bag show.

Lots of types

and such info on them.  Did anyone find out what Carol plans on doing with all her bags?

Juanita S. got this quilt panel from a trip to Beatrice.  Susie quilted it and now all Juanita has to do is bind it and then it will be finished.  You have got to see this one in person.  The quilts on the fence, Juanita put them there.

Okay, I think I have my story wrong on this quilt of Juanita's.  Did she say that the recipient of  this quilt graduated from K State in 1996?  hahahahahahahaha  What was once lost is now found and looking good, no matter how old it is.

2018 Guild Challenge

Carol B had another quilt as a possible idea for us for the guild challenge for this year.  Remember it is to be Black and White (and Gray if you choose) plus one other color.  On the left hand side of our blog, scroll down till you see the "Forms and Info to print out" section.  You can click on the challenge and have it show up in a .pdf format that you can print out.  
There is one change to the instructions.  Though the smallest entry can be no smaller than 72" around the whole outside, Carol is allowing the biggest size to be whatever you want.  There are some that are making presents/gifts out of their challenge entries that are larger than the 220" circumference formerly given.  Thank you Carol for working with us ladies.

Row of the Month

Sara has done a wonderful job of presenting the Row of the Month blocks this year.  Only had a few bring theirs in this time for the June Whirlwind Row.
Love the July row of flying geese.
Sara gave us so many options in ways that we can make them.  Check out under "Forms and Info to print out" on the left of this posting to print out your own copies of how to's.

As you can see - wonderful job Sara


Secretary Christine reminded us that we can take our membership cards into Joann's and get a VIP 10% discount card.  There might still be some quilt shops that offer a discount also - so always ask and have your card handy.

Remember this Log Cabin Quilt from last month?  Verna Lee wants us to know that she has tickets for it.  Believe she said August 18th in Junction City they will pull for a winner.  So make sure you get hold of Verna Lee and get your opportunities.


Thank you everyone for a wonderful guild meeting.  

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