NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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April 16th - "Adventures in 60° Triangles"

Weather was gorgeous Monday night as the ladies started arriving for the guild meeting.
It's always fun just to walk around and see what everyone is working on and then of course at 6 pm is the refreshments.  And as usual - they were yummy.  Thank you Ramblers.

Lot going on with Sew Day this Saturday (April 21st), May's meeting and a sneak peak at June's meeting program and the workshop.  Remember, click on the picture to have it come in larger so you can read what is up.  Thank you Jan for dropping off the "The Country Register"'s.

Members also had a chance to chat with Program Speaker - Liz before the meeting and to check out her kits.

Gypsy Dreamer  Liz Granberg (now Mrs. Les Gerome [spelling?]) was introduced by our program chair

and then Liz was off.  Lot of history of moving about from California to all over.  In 1983 she was in Kansas and raised her kids, then in 2004 she moved back to California for 7 1/2 years to take care of her folks.
Friend talked her into going on a shop hop - 13 shops in 2 days.  Oh oh!  She was hooked.  Slow going at first - but then she saw the book in her hands in the picture above, and Liz started to plan.

Peacocks were her first 1 block wonder.  No one told her she should save a piece of the fabric to show where the designs came from.

Then in 2012, Liz was back in Kansas.  When her father passed away, she was able to get a Sweet 16 set down machine and started quilting her own quilts. 

When she made the stack and whack above, she saved a piece of fabric (shown in insert) to show where the hexie creations came from.

How many of you have this book?

In 2015 she joined in on the forum with other 1 block wonder workers and made her
"Flutter by fly away".  On the back is a piece of the original fabric, showing the butterflies.

And then Liz started putting an original panel in her quilt - it became "hexified" and "Wanderlust Paris in Spring" was born.  Now please forgive me if I get some of these names wrong.

Somewhere along the line Liz started using a flange (1" fabric folded in half and sewn into the seam) to off set the panel and define the original from the rest of the design. 
Pandora Poppies used 7 panels and became "Poppy Explosions" 
Note the border print matches the panel line.

What an honor to have two of her quilts (Paris in Spring and Poppy Explosions) in this 2016 book "One Block Wonders of the World"

Liz took a Christmas Panel here and cut out several of the small pictures to include in the hexification.

So how do you hexify?  Liz gave us a short demo of the how to's and how to rotate your triangles before you sew them together.  And by only sewing two sets of one half of a hexie each (3 triangles), you don't have to do any "Y" seams or anything.  3rd picture above shows how you can sew by rows.

Liz saw this lovely lily, made this gorgeous quilt and then got a grand idea to do some thread painting on the lily.   Think she said she used 6-8 threads on the lily.   Learned a valuable lesson here - too much quilting in one area of a quilt will result in a huge DOING THE WAVE where you do not want to.  Washing, pinning up to dry, steaming, pressing - you name it = the wave stays.  So remember to balance out your quilting.

"Snow Day"  was a challenge with the WIDE panel.  There was some wonderful fabrics in the line that helped finish up this quilt - look at the two border prints (one on top and the other is hidden on the floor).  Just brings this quilt together.

Another Hoffman hexified - "Fractured Skies".  
I can't write fast enough to tie in all her accolades with her productions - but all through the night she told us of the positive response she has been getting from fabric manufacturers as well as workshop attendees.

"Garden Rendezvous" ended up at the Tennessee Quilt Festival.
Seems Liz's quilts do as much traveling as she does.  Though they get home to California more often then she can.

She saw this panel of a stained glass picture and 7 of the panels went together to make "Tiffany Glass".  No border on this one.

"Contessa in Diamonds" - wow.  I thought I was looking at a very enlarged penny rug+.  Fantastic!  I mentioned that Liz did her own quilting?  Well with this one, she could not think of what to do in all that negative space.  When she showed it as a top only at a workshop/trunk show, there was a lady there that begged to quilt it - the quilt sung to her.

Julia Q. did a wonderful job on this custom work.  

Next time you see those panels with chickens on them - here is the way to work them into an art piece.

"Star Spangled Celebration"  is truly exploding with honor and glory.

And then one of her students (?) went even farther with his panels.

The same student - Leslie, also has an eye for panels and what he can do with them.

See the border of this completed hexified?  It is the leather border from around the 7 panels he began with.  Long romantic story about this quilter and Liz.  Great ending too.

Look at this iris quilt.  How in the world did Leslie arrange all of these hexies so well?  Guess it helped that he had been a tiler before retirement.

And then comes his "Dreamscape".  Not sure when in all of these creations that Leslie proposed to Liz - but he did and now they are Mr. & Mrs.  What fun to have your better half loving the same creative outlet as you!  I've tried talking John into quilting - but no go (as of yet).

The challenge to do a patriotic quilt was taken on by both.  Liz's is on the right and Les's is on the left.

Didn't get a great up close shot, but look at what I circled.  From the fabric he fussy cut out a soldier in prayer and appliqued it on the panel.

"In the Garden" is Liz's Timeless Treasurers quilt.

Think Liz said that they both worked on this one - "Tuscany Poppies".  Note there is not the flange designating where the panel is.  

Then Liz decided that not everyone had time to do a full fledged size hexification - so what about a mini.  Above are two of her Christmas ones.

When she did these "Sunny Days" minis, she opened up her seams and made them smaller then the 1/4".

Think this was one of Leslie's minis - "Shooting Stars".
Original panel is in Christine's hands.

Still, workshop participants might have only so much time - so let's do a mini-mini.  This is for a one day workshop and gives everyone the basics.  Liz is having a June workshop in Junction City.  Hope to have more information to pass on to you soon.

After Liz's program, there was a 10 minute break so that we could get a closer look at her quilts and perhaps buy one of the kits she had brought with her.

2018 Guild Challenge

Carol B. gave us a great challenge this year - a Black and White plus one more color challenge.  Will be e-mailing you the sheet she passed out giving all the ins and outs to the challenge.  This was a sample that Carol did to get us all excited. 

Row of the Month
Sara gave us a chevron or zig zag row for this month.

Here is a close up of both of her examples.

Look at all the rows that were brought in by members joining in on the fun this year.


I made a mad rush to be the first in line for SnT so that I could take pictures of everyone else's items.
So you have shots of my quilts taken on the back door at home.
This is a doll blanket size version of the Morganville Community Service Quilt, rail fence done in a basket weave layout.

In 2017, I gave some demo's at Sew Country's Foof-da-rah in regards to "Chopping Block" techniques. Got three of them quilted up finally.  This one is a table runner using Lynne Hagmeier's layering technique and then chopping and mixing up.

Wow, who knew that one technique could have so many names - Stack 'n Whack, kaleidoscope, hexing, etc.  What ever you call it, I called it chopping up the fabric (shown on the left of quilt) mess around turning the diamonds until you get what you want.  This is a wall hanging size.

And this is a 9-block chop done differently and with thin strips put in after you mix it all up.  Baby or crib size.

Another of our jelly roll race II quilts has been finished and handed over to Ruth Ann.  This is one from the officers group - Heart Baskets.

Okay, from now on I have to make sure that even though there are others holding up the quilts - I must get a picture of the maker in with them.  Took me a bit to remember that this is one of Ginny's.  She did the jelly roll race II quilt with oriental fabrics.  Came out a little narrow and long, but fits perfectly in a special spot in her home.

Ginny also did this one - Japanese Coy Pond.

Frances B has been rugging it again.  Love this new design.

Carol B has trouble with her wrists, so I think her sister bought her a left handed "healthy" rotary cutter and Carol liked it so much that she went on line and bought a right handed one.  Now she is a two fisted cutter.

Above shows you the info on Martelli cutters.  You can find them on line.  If you have any questions, please get with Carol B.

This is Carol B's "Hayley's Star" quilt.  She had Ann H. quilt it.  Love the different look of the stars.

Ruth Ann's been busy getting this graduation quilt done.

Okay, new member Kim H. is not a beginner.  She can't be with these next two lovely quilts.  This one above is a Crabapple Hill Studio quilt pattern - Friendship Blooms Over Garden Fences is the pattern.  Click on name and go to web site to see and check out other patterns.

This is her first applique quilt and many thanks to Ruth M. who has been her mentor.  Kim HAND QUILTED BOTH quilts. Wow!  I know that Karen and Cindy hand quilt (who else is still doing quilting by hand?), but for a beginner.  Wonderful job Kim and you can be very proud of your accomplishments.

Donna J. told us a little about the trip that they made to Beumont, TX to hand over 67 quilts.  Remember - do not be an Israelite - ever!
The quilt above is going to the Wichita Children's cause.

Donna did this one from Susan Ache's book, the quilt is called Railroad tracks.  Donna wasn't sure if that's what she would call it, but what a great stash buster and it looks great also.

And here is Donna's 8-block wonder.  Don't go blind over following all the squares - trust her, it is 8 blocks in one block.

Deb M. is still working on her cancer quilts.  She hates it when one is needed, but glad that she has the fabric to do them.

So sad that cancer is still with us - seems we would have a cure by now.

Until they do, Deb and others are going to meet the need.  Great Job Deb!

Believe this is Juanita's finished Chicken Quilt.  See, hard to remember who brought what if they are not in the picture.  But I remembered something about chocolate and wine.  Did I get that right?

Have left over fabric?  Juanita can show you how to put it to good use.

Thank you everyone for bringing in your work.  Gives our members ideas and encourages us to get out of our comfort zone and have fun.

Be safe and Keep Looking - Spring is really here.  Just hiding behind some yucky weather.

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