NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

All you need is ONE NEW YEAR's RESOLUTION !!!!!

We have some very brave souls in our guilt guild........BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! was it cold out Monday night.
Yet, when you have something or someplace to do and go - who can resist?

Ladies started showing up to talk over projects, do a little hand work and have a good social time.

Trying something new for the first couple months of 2018 - having refreshments at 6:00 pm.  The Heart Basket group  brought in January's refreshments and had hot coffee ready to help thaw out our members.

We will try the same time for refreshments in February and then vote on whether to keep that time - or - ??????
So, did you get a chance to snack and talk, was it enough time? Etc. etc.

There was also a sign-in table, show and tell tables, and the stage hosted all of the New Year's Resolution articles.

The stage was a lot neater than many of our sewing rooms, but it stilled gave us all a good idea of how over crowded our TO DO projects are.

New Year's Resolutions!
Everyone was reminded that they still need to give their UFO lists to Marilyn for her book.  And then when they bring them in finished, let Marilyn know so that she can cross the item off and put your name in for the drawing in December.

Sometimes our  UFO lists are awful long and we don't really get inspired to finish anything in particular off of  them,
so everyone was asked to think of ONE thing that they were going to strive to complete this year by the November 19th meeting.  And it did not have to be an UFO, perhaps it was a kit to do, a pattern to try or even a piece of fabric to use and get out of our stash.

Program Co-Chair Stacie started  us out  for the evening with her grandmothers quilt.  Her grandmother passed away over 13 years ago and Stacie has had this quilt in her stash - hand quilting started by her grandmother - and has been hoping to finish the hand quilting herself.
If nothing else - this is Stacie's goal for this year.

Deb O. bought this BOM several years ago, put it up and almost forgot about it.  What a great time to put it on the front burner and GET'ER done!

Carol B. got this stack of blocks some time ago and had not gotten around to deciding what to do with them.  Carol is using this opportunity to turn these blocks into a treasurer.

Marsha K. had an idea to do "Come What May" pattern into quilts for the "new baby coming" - well the twins are now 5 years old.  Time to get going before they need much larger quilts.  Think Marsha said that the fabric choices were going to be interesting to work with.  

Hayley brought in her chick blocks from Susie's 2015 embroidery group share.  Hayley likes chickens and now that she has graduated from college - she is hoping for time to finish this project.

Age is not a factor in UFO items - even Sierra S. has some want to do's.  Remember our game night last year and all the strips that were won?  Well Sierra was fortunate enough to win some that evening and she wants to put them into a quilt.  Looking forward to seeing what block pattern Sierra picks.

Lisa has had these quilt blocks all finished for the past 3-4 years - WELL that is except for the applique part.  Her goal this year is to get the applique done so that she can put the blocks together and finish up this lovely quilt.

Sara started this spring quilt back in 2014.  She has 2 of the 6 blocks finished and has put on her list to DO IT this year.

Bev got a "tall tree" pattern who knows how long ago - this is the year to start cutting and putting it together. 

Teresa started making blocks from Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson's "Splendid Sampler Adventure' that was free on line in 2016.  There were 84 designers that worked together to get 100 blocks done - 2 a week, for one year.  Teresa took up the challenge along with over 2,300 others on line.  She is looking forward to the size of this quilt when it is completed - it will be big.
The book that Teresa is showing us "The Splendid Sampler" is available on line if you are interested in doing your own splendid sampler.

Verna Lee bought this kit that she has not even taken out of the package - now is the time to get it done and out of her "stash".

Martha wants to make 5 "T-Shirt" quilts for her 5 grandchildren.  She is giving herself a goal of at least ONE this year and is hoping Dixie and others that have made t-shirt quilts, will give her a hand and hints.

Dixie has this partial kit to make a Saturday Evening Post quilt.  Not sure how she got (maybe from a sale from Sara).  She has picked out 6 fabric replacements for the ones missing from the kit - and will be off and running as soon as she gets home.  Or shortly there after.  hahahaha  

Shirley picked up "Mixed Berries" back in 2015 - this is the incentive she has been looking for to get this quilt out of storage and on to a bed.

For over 7 years, Lorraine has been collecting black and white fabrics to make a quilt.  Well, she's awful darn tired of hearing people ask her how her B and W is coming along - she's ready to get it going.  We forgot to ask her the pattern she has decided on.  Maybe that would have been pushing our luck.

Ruth Ann went with the group to Missouri Star Quilt Company last year and saw this quilt she's pointing at - she decided she wants to do it in blues and creams.  Has the fabrics - now to get it going.

Donna said that she had gotten over 240 charm squares through the early years of the guild when members used to exchange them.  She had started putting them into the hour glass design every now and then.  She is using this opportunity to keep going and finish this quilt.  

Three years ago, Cindy finished a quilt top and has had it folded up and put away waiting for backing and such.  When she looked through her stash, she found all of this 30's fabrics that at one time she was IN TO.   As she's not  in to them so much anymore - why not put them to good  use as the backing of her quilt tops.  Perhaps more will be checking out the fabrics that they no longer love and  putting them to such use.

Okay, you can not call Deb M. an over achiever - well maybe you can in November when she brings in TWO NY's resolution quilts.  Deb said all of us have jelly rolls and charm packs we've bought and then put away (for some of us it is because they are so darn pretty all together).  Well Deb is going to start using them.  She even has the patterns picked out.

Twelve years ago, Marilyn did up a purple quilt for her daughter and had strips left over.  So when she decided that she really wants to do a rail fence, and started sewing strips together, she got out the leftovers from that purple quilt and is adding them in.  So her rail fence will also be a memory quilt.  Stairs or not - they are not going to stop her this year from going down and sewing away.

Forgive me Coleen - I wrote down so fast what yours was - that today I can not read it.  But the proof is in the picture - this is what Coleen is going to have done for November.

Jeanette K has been collecting jean fabric.  She showed us how it goes together as a half square triangle, then a chop here and there and back together and then you have a block as in the purple and black block shown here.
When someone asked Jeanette if she needed more jean fabric.......the answer was yes if it was wide enough.  You had to be there to enjoy how we all know what the size needs to be.  Because I am not as bad as people think - I did not put that picture in.  
Check with Jeanette for the size squares she needs.

Winnie used to quilt and sew a lot more, but for 15 years, other things pushed it to the back of her life.  Finally she is having the chance to get into quilting again and loving every minute.  Back in 2011 she got a pattern and fabric and did up some lovely squares as shown here - now it is time to get them finished and together.

For Jane it was 10 - 15 years ago that she got the fabric and started in with the blocks to make the quilt shown in the picture.  She even put the magazine in with the fabrics when she put it away.  Whew!!!  That was a blessing as now she is bringing the box out and completing this quilt.  Thanks for the tip Jane - put your patterns with your fabrics so you can remember where you were going with them.

The storm of 1975 destroyed among other things, the stain glass window of Ginny's church.  Now that it is time to have some new alter cloths, everyone has decided that Ginny is the perfect person to make new ones that look like the restored window.  This is quite a challenge for Ginny as one of the cloths need to be 80" long.  The picture on the right, just the middle block  itself, has 50 tiny fabrics in it.   We are routing for you Ginny.

Geri had started this embroidery work about a year ago and WILL finish it this year.  I could not get a good shot of the bottom - enough to say she has her work cut out for her.  Wow!

In 2008, Marcella was doing the BOM and I jumped right in all excited to do these lovely blocks with fabric scraps that I had gotten in Hawaii.  Course did not know that it would take me 4 or 5 blocks to get one correct one done.  But since John had to pay an overcharge in 2002 for the extra weight with the fabric in the suitcases - it's time to get the blocks together and the quilt done.

Debrah B. has been collecting denim and flannel to make the rag quilt she had a pattern for.  This is the year to stop collecting and do.

Last June, Christine bought a kit with pattern, to make an Americana log cabin heart wall hanging.  The directions are a little confusing and she will be calling on us for help.  Christine has never done a log cabin block - this will be fun for her.

Machelle could not be with us; however, she sent in a picture to me of what she was making her resolution to finish this year.  Forget how many years she has been making this quilt, but the top has been done and just sitting there for several.

Carol S brought over her New Year's Resolution goal and here is a picture of all the pieces.  By November, Carol will have her presidents (2015) quilt done.  Yeah!!!!!
Got another one to add to the NYR's, Susie is working to finish this quilt.


If you were not able to be with us at this January meeting, you can still join in on this New Year's Resolution by bringing your item to the February meeting or sending me (Vevia) an e-mail with a picture of your item.  Our goal is to have them done and showing them off at the November meeting.

Thank you everyone for joining in on our efforts to reduce and maybe make room for something else.  haha


*Teresa gave the year end treasurers report for 2017, explaining some of the dollar figures.

*Ginny mentioned that the refreshments at 6 was a trial and that we would vote in February, whether to keep the time, or change it.

*Frances B, Geri C. and Deb O are on the Fund Raising committee this year and Frances gave us their proposal to think about and vote on next month.  
      Instead of making a quilt and selling raffle tickets, each member could make a monetary donation (perhaps the $25 we usually pay for opportunity tickets for our family). The members could place their donation in the jar.   We need to make about $1,200 this year to make our proposed budget.  Looking ahead to 2019, perhaps we could have a quilt show with a possible silent auction, with a luncheon or soup supper included or as a separate item.. Frances asked us all to think about these recommendations as we will vote on them at the February meeting.

BOM or RbR ?

Sara is presenting the BOM for 2018 and she has decided to take a different approach and make it more of a Scrappy Row by Row Quilt.
For January, Sara states that it is just a simple row of short strips.  Hers is 2 1/2" by 4 1/2" pieces sewn together to make almost a 40" row.  Vary your widths, mix up the fabric - just remember to keep the same edge always even, then trim up the other edge when you finish.  You can also vary the length of your rows this year.  Sara had looked at several Quilt Size Charts and no two gave her the same sizes - so she has decided that we all should make our own and at the end chose whether we want to add borders or what.  Sara is aiming for a crib or twin size.
Remember to bring in your ROW to next months meeting.  You never know when you might be the inspiration someone needs.


I have finished the BOM presented by Susie, Iowana, and Barb C. back in 2009  -  "A Tisket, A Tasket, 12 Months a Basket".  Decided to do each block separately and display on my mini quilt stand.  Each month I will bring in a different block for our sign-in table.
Gave Marilyn my info to show that UFO - DONE!! 

Carol B. had brought in this quilt before it was quilted as she thought it was going to be off and on it's way.  We are fortunate she had the opportunity to bring it back in so that we could admire the quilting that Susie did on it.

And since it will be going here and there - Carol decided to make it's own bag to travel in and to label the bag also to remind everyone what it was for.

Frances and Donna along with a couple others, have taken on the task of providing quilts to those in Houston that lost everything in the  storm there this past year.  Many that live there in the Houston area, have a connection with us here in Clay County.  
The ladies gave out an invitation along with sizes, to anyone that wants to help out, and requested that they get their quilts to them by March 1st

The following are some that the ladies have finished or are awaiting Frances' quilting touch.

And boy is Frances going to be busy for the next bit.

It's not just twin size and up, all sizes  would be welcome.

Donna said she had been given a Fat Quarter bundle and this was the perfect place to use it.
If you have any questions, please call Donna or Frances.

Geri had gotten the quilt top at a store for $1.  She repaired where it needed it, had Susie quilt it and is now going to give it to Karen for the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale being held April 13 – 14, 2018, in Hutchinson.

Marsha gave some very lucky young ladies the perfect gift for Christmas - tents and sleeping bags for their American Girl like dolls.  They are 18" dolls, so the tent and bag are quite a large size.  Lucky for us, Marsha had a picture on her phone so we could see how they looked.
Love the zipper into the inside.  Makes you want to sit down and play also.

  (Remember - you can click on a picture and have it come in larger)
Deb M. is working on all those little items that seem to accumulate.  Besides the embroidery, Deb crocheted a fine edge on these pillow cases. 

Deb did not remember where this kit came from - it sure got a bunch of oohhs and aahhs when she opened it up.

Now this quilt top might not have ever been, if the lay out had not been included with all the blocks.  Documentation that was with the blocks stated that it was from 1927.  Very interesting layout and very charming quilt.

Deb O. finished up her Dresden Plate quilt.  Ooh la la!  What a gorgeous quilt this made.

Bev. had Susie quilt up this charming quilt.  Bev was with a group and everyone signed a star, so this quilt has fond memories for her.

Wonderful Show 'n Tell everyone.  Old Chinese proverb says something about Character is what you are when no one is around.
As you can see, our members are pretty special people with great Character - they do some awesome things with their talent.


Next month is our  Community Relay Race.
We are very blessed that the quilt shops in our area gave so freely to this endeavor.  As Chairperson of the Community Service Project - Ruth  Ann J. is very excited about what we all are going to accomplish next month.
The Chairs of each of the six guild groups was given the sewing requirements for next months race.  Please check with your chair person to find out how you can help.  If you did not have an opportunity to get your book yet, please look on the left side of this post and check out the guild groups and their members under the Blog Archive tab.  Your Chair person was given a color to look for at the February meeting - that is where you will set up and find your jelly roll and race to your quilt top.

Want a heads up as to what the Jelly Roll Race II is?  Click here to see the Missouri Star Quilt Co. youtube  of it.

Have a safe month, drive carefully and keep warm.

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