NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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Love that Crazy Quilting !!!!!

Embroidery/twilling/binding/applique - whatever your on-going hand project is, remember you can come to the meeting early and share some time with friends while you are busy stitching away.
It's always interesting to see who is doing what....

how and why.  Great social time as well.

Marilyn - the Keeper of the UFO book - used the early time to make sure everyone had their lists into her - she said something about she wanted to keep her job.  hahahhahahaha

It was also a good time to get a close up "peek" at what our speaker was setting up for the program.

Ooooohhhhh Wow and double wow!

Jeanette D. took this time to have a little one on one with the program speaker, Terri.

Just looking at all the "Eye Candy" was great.

Sometimes a little intimidating.

And also informative.  Look at

all these books and ideas.

Program was first on the list for the night and Susie introduced our speaker, Terri Melby from Mankato, KS.
Terri got started because she saw a book about silk ribbon embroidery into Barnes and Nobles that really caught her eye.
In the 80's, Judith Baker Montano was bringing back into style the crazy quilting of yesteryear. 

From there, Terri's adventure into crazy quilting flourished.  
And when she found Attic Heirlooms in Wichita, KS ( 1705 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67213
 (316) 265-4646  Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm, closed Monday)  She found the perfect supplies for her work.

Terri has been highly blessed as she has taken classes from some of the top names in the field of Ribbon Embroidery.

Gloria McKinnon out of Australia gives you wonderful tips and hints, 
Carole Samples an American Indian out of Nebraska has a book of crazy quilt stitches.
Di Van Niekerk from South Africia is where Terri got the flower stitch
Betty Fikes Pillsbury is another name out there in the silk ribbon embroidery world.
Pat Winter - Crazy Quilt Gatherings.
Helen Eriksson is the place she goes for ribbon.
Among some of the magazines out there is Inspirations, or go here to see others available.
Click on their names to get more information about them.
One thing that Terri made sure we had - is the ability to go and find out more.  Thank you for all the information Terri.

Terri showed us a silk Hussif that she had done.
These were also called "housewife" for soldiers, wives stocked them with everything they would need out in the field to repair their uniforms.

 Piecemakers came out with a calendars around 2001 that showed projects that you could get the kits with fabrics for.  You can get a lot of information from their site - check out here.

Love this needle board that Terri uses to form some of her flowers on before they get attached on other projects.  She used foam core to make it sturdy.

In the beginning Terri bought all of her supplies ready made, now she prints them on silk, and dyes them herself.
She is working on a coffee table book on color theory and showed us a few of her work ups.

Below we see where just the color change will make a crazy quilt block change

it's impact on the eye.  Think she had 4 examples of this.

When asked about threads, she likes using variegated quilting threads.  Oliver Twist Thread is another she enjoys.
Other supplies you can get from Flights of Fancy, Joggles for dyes.  Terri prefers the spray dyes, you can use the Jacquard dyes, but they make things a little stiff.  Terri wets her lace and then uses a Sumi brush to apply the dye.
PLEASE NOTE - Silk is not something that you want to take out on a rainy day - dyed or not.  :)

So many things to share with us and so many items showing the possibilities.
Take a look...................

Etui French sewing box - outside

and inside.

Question was how she started her crazy quilt blocks.

Terri usually starts with a five sided piece of fabric and then adds around.  See if you can tell how she did this block.
Note that is crushed velvet and it is not always easy to get to lay straight.  Terri uses muslin as the backing.

Here are some of the lace and trim that she has dyed and has ready to work with.

Even the threads.

This is the start of a needle book that she used an iron on foam stabilizer with.

Inside is not done yet.

Isn't this a wonderful example of Terri's work that you would just love to have for show in your home?

Only got a close up shot of a few of her books.

Chatelaine's is something we all should have - they show people who is in charge.  hahahahaha
Thank you Terri for a wonderful program.  Forgive me if I have some of your information blessed us with every thing we needed to know.  Looking forward to seeing what those that took the workshop produce and what others in the guild got inspired to do.


Show 'n Tell is always a favorite part of the meetings.  

Lorraine had started this quilt a "bit" ago, finally got it done and off to the quilters and presented as a gift to a friend.  Thank you Lorraine for sending me pictures to share with the guild.

Susie did the quilting - fun look that tied it all together.

Esther was in on the 4 patch exchange in Morganville that netted over 150 blocks.  here is her first project finished with some of those blocks - and a few that were from Iowana's fabrics.

Ginny has this as a gift for the kids - will be given away before we see again - so thank you Ginny for letting us see it in progress.

Carol B. made this quilt for her brother.

Frances B. made this lovely quilt

even the back is fun.

There were quite a few quilts brought in that we are not allowed to show till after graduation.  Sorry

Debra wanted us to know that yes she does quilt.  hahaha  This is one that she has been working on - off and on - for a "bit".  It's going to be gorgeous when completed.

Jane has been riding the fence - so she may not have finished any quilting projects, but she did get a nail apron made that has been very useful.

Jenell has wanted to try rug making so she checked with Frances B. and was able to do this gorgeous rug.

Maybe no babies due right this moment, but Donnis is ready whether it is a boy or a girl.  Love the color scheme.

Lisa explained to all of us that there may be a reason why directions tell you to do something or another.  She did not feel like coloring this project - that was a boo boo.  But not for long.  Susie quilted it and helped to make the flowers jump out.  Lisa said next time, she would probably color.

Got a couple close ups

this one we miss all the white flowers.

Another one of Lisa's WIP's finished.

Lisa said she had trouble getting all the points on this one.  Wow and double - think I would have had difficulty making sure I had the right colors in the right spot.  Lovely quilt Lisa.

Deb was at an auction and the last wagon got down to $1 for your choice.
She noticed the basket that is sitting on the stage here, and when she got to peaking inside - she had to have it.

Inside where all these embroidery items.  A dresser scarf - embroidery finished.

A wall hanging.

Two pillow cases 1 1/2 done.  Deb finished up the last one.  There was even the hoop and floss in the basket.  Great find Deb.

Erlene shared a crazy quilt of a family member.  Not sure of all the providence with this one, but great to look at anyway. 

Stacie S. is trying to finish this one up as soon as possible.

And Christine is doing a great job learning the art of piecing.  Bravo!

Karen has this thing for birds, this one she bought as a kit.  Not sure of the end result of whether she will buy another, but she did a good job.

And she talked Cindy into quilting it for her and adding that extra touch.  This is the back.

Thank you ladies - each and every one for sharing.
Be safe and see you next month - 7:00 pm
then in June - 6:30 pm

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