NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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Piotique Painters' Quilt Club did Barn Blocks for the House.

Whew!  It is a pleasure to do a meeting for our guild, but as Sara and Mike will tell you  -  if you want to do a GREAT job, the prep work can exhaust you.
But they did it - with the help from a couple guild members and daughter Hayley.

Mike even had out a couple of samples to show how you can go crazy designing

Drop cloths covered all the tables, especially the paint mixing table.

Thank you gang for the wonderful prep work you put into the program.

Before the painting got started, Verna Lee had to show off her blessing quilt from the guild and thank them a million times a million for using their sew day to make an encouragement quilt for her.  And Verna Lee sure needs the encouragement, this has been a different kind of start to the new year.

Mike started off the night by explaining a few safety tips - those razor blades can be hazardous to your skin - but they do help make crisp cuts to the turtle tape.  Mike and Sara had prepared all the boards with not only two base coats, but had penciled in the patterns so everyone could get right in to taping up their block.
Mike let everyone know that their quilt block was being painted on to MDO board (medium density overlay).  This type of board stands up to the elements and does not warp like other products.  Boards come in 4' x 8' sheets and cost about $50 a piece.  Sometimes you can find a smaller cut in the recycle bin at certain stores.
Paint is all exterior grade and costs about $12 a quart.
Others that have come before, have stated that you should not seal the boards after painting as they might yellow up.

Mike was impressed how members used their expertise in the quilting world and swung it right over to the painting world.

Learning to measure twice and cut once, teaches a thing or two that can be used elsewhere, and did our participants go at it.

After all the taping, they started to paint #1 spaces.

Sara helped out with using the blow dryers they had brought to get the first coat dry for second coats.

Others found some very interesting methods of drying, from outside weather fanning, to sun bathing and others just enjoyed the drying down time with conversation with others.


The meeting was called to order about 7 pm and Show 'n Tell started.
Egads!  And Congratulations to Ginny.  
The lady not only finished up her quilting each block of the BOM-2 year event, she also had put the whole quilt together with borders.  Her Quilt As You Go method produced a wonder to behold..........

AND is reversible, this is the back.  Sorry that I could not get good pictures of the blocks.

Carol B. made a quilt for her husband.  Look close and you can see all the fabrics that have horse back riding ideas on them.  A hobby that her husband has taken up since retiring.

This is the back and as one of the fabrics had boots on them, she had the boot blown up.

Then Carol put a grid on it and then transferred the pattern over to brown wrapping paper in a larger grid.  Carol has some of the best ideas of how to do things.  Thank you for sharing Carol.

Jane was looking around for an orphan block for this years Guild Challenge and came across a bunch of half square triangles and decided to put them together in this great topper.

Teresa had been off to Florida and happened into this shop in Eustis, Florida, and purchased this wonderful hot pad made by the widows in Rafiki.  To read more about what this program is, click here.

Jenell got the opportunity to go on a medical mission trip and took some hot pads to work on and to hand out.  The scrubbies I think she said she took 50 or so of them and gave just about all away.

Jan was excited about this quilt pattern using strips.....not as excited about the template that went with it.  Though it did not turn out like she had hoped - we think it is gorgeous.  Love how she stayed with a blue and gold color pallet.

Ruth Ann told about the Community Service project that her and Frances B. prepared all the kits for.  Each kit contains fabric to make 4 rail fence blocks and gives directions.  You can even add in fabric of your own, what she does ask is that you use the burgundy fabric on one edge as that is what they will use to lay out the blocks.

Deb O. had gone to a retreat and got way way a lot done.  This is one of the quilts

and this one also made from 2 1/2" strips.  Both quilts are lovely and the quilting on them........

one has snowmen

and the other butterflies.  Remember, you can click on the pictures to have them come in a bit larger.

Deb also finished her paper piecing quilt.  Yeah! and great job.  Bet she's glad that is finally done.

Some of our ladies also have little sew groups - one of them is made up of Jan, Frances B., Donna and Erlene (forgive me if I missed someone).  Their challenge to each other this time was to do something with churn dash blocks.

Jan got double out of her project, she also entered it into last years guild challenge.  Her churn blocks were made from pin wheel blocks.  She showcased both in this quilt.

Okay Frances B. you got me - when she held this pinwheel quilt up - how many of you wondered where the churn dash was?  Love that she "hid" it in the border.

Donna had some polka dot fabric and decided to make her first row quilt.  Her churn dashes pop up every other row.  Sorry - the picture here does not do this quilt justice.  It is gorgeous.  Susie did the quilting and even put shingles on the houses.

Erlene had gotten a quilt kit and this is her quilt from it - AND - she has fabric left.  Wonderful ideas you 4.  Thank you for sharing.

Yeah Juanita!  She also finished putting together her paper piecing project.  Not sure how many ladies did this project, but so many different end results and you just have to love them all.  Not sure that we have heard any of them say that they will do another?  hahaha

Secretary Sara read a thank you note that the guild had received from Verna Lee and passed around this news article.  It's about Verna Lee's win in the art area that got her in the calendar for Presbyterian Manor.

Carol S. had a wonderful turn out for her 2017 Guild Challenge
Orphan Block
Almost 30 women brought in orphan blocks to be put into brown paper bags and then those ladies got to randomly draw a bag and they will make whatever small item they wish out of the block they received, to be brought back to the October 16th meeting for the program.  A great idea Carol and we are so looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
No, the orphan block does not go back to the original maker - sorry.

Susie reminded us of next month's program and the workshop.  I believe that the workshop is filled, but please check with Susie to make sure.

May 15th we will have David and Teresa Duwe back with us - their program will be about "Stain Glass"
They have changed their web site to face book, you can check them out here.   
Please check with Susie to see if this workshop has room - you do not want to miss them.  Not only do they have wonderful tricks up their sleeves - but they are very intertaining.
For the workshop supplies, click here


After the business meeting, participants were back to painting.

Mike and Sara thought of everything - they even obtained pizza boxes so that you could take your "wet" block home without any worry.

And here are the finishers...........
Deb M.

Karen U

Teresa touching up



Debrah B.





Ruth Ann

Janet and Ruth Ann were on opposite sides of the room - they admired how they had picked the same colors

Deb O

Carol B

Mike helped Deb T put on a couple of touch ups.

And then Deb T and Machelle proudly showed off their same blocks with different color schemes.



Sierra had a really cheesy smile when I caught her mom touching up her block.
Pays to come along with mom.  Stacie's block is down on the table.

Many of the others had only one color to go or touch ups and I did not get pictures - they took them home with paint and brush - so lets hope they bring them back next month for us all to see.

Clean up went a lot faster, even though Mike did take the time to scrap out all the cups and put the paint back in the cans.  Thank you to everyone that helped pull the drop cloths and dispose of our mess.  The room looked as neat as a pin thanks to everyone's careful work.

Thank you to Mike and Sara for the wonderful program they presented to our guild.

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