NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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Time to Clean out our Drawers and Closets!!!?!!!

The embroidery group started out the evening with lots of sharing, working and social time that others joined in on as they came in.

And then when our presenter arrived to set up - WOW!!!!!  What a treat even before the program.  It was awesome to have a chance to check out "Antique Linens" and their new lives.
Look at these pillows!  Remember, click on a picture to enlarge it and see more detail.

No one wasted any time and when the clock struck 7:00 pm, Co-Program Chair Susie introduced our speaker for the evening - Judy Marshall from Manhattan.
Through the years, Judy has collected a lot of buttons, hankies, crocheted and embroidered doilies, pillow cases, etc. from her mother, other family members, plus here and there when she was out "window shopping".
But what do you do with all of them?
The Ladies at "Quilting, Bits & Pieces", Eudora, KS helped her resolve that issue when the Manhattan Guild asked Judy to do a program.
They showed her books and patterns that grabbed Judy's creative side.

If you remember, not all hankies are created alike.  And it is not just the fancy decorations, it's also the sizes they come in.  Here Judy is showing how she was able to even incorporate the lace around one of the hankies.  This was one of her first projects started and the last finished due to that lace.

Sizes can be a factor in how your pattern evolves.

So many ideas........

so many gorgeous ways to showcase - and this so far is just hankies.

This was one of my favorites.  Fancy hankies and a little bit of embroidery and WHAM!
Would you believe it - that is the second border that was put on.  The first one just did not add to Judy's work.  When she found the fabric that now surrounds her baskets - it was worth the work to remove the old border and put this one on.  We agree - perfect!

Sorry that some of the pictures are a little blurry.  Remember when hankies were even created for children - girls and boys?  Here is a wonderful example and now it is a perfect wall hanging.  Maybe someday for a great or great great grandchild.

Who doesn't love crocheted doilies?  Raise your hand if you would be willing to take this quilt off of Judy's hands.  Isn't it fabulous to see all of those doilies displayed to perfection?  Love the color scheme.

Sometimes you just want to showcase ONE hanky at a time..........

Especially if it is 15" or 18", or bigger in size.

Judy showed those three off perfectly for each of them.

But what if your hanky has holes?  or stains?  or...?

Yikes!  Egads!  
Yep, sometimes you have to grit your teeth, scrunch your shoulders and dive right in with the scissors.  It is a lot better than throwing them away thinking they are useless.

Not only is Judy brave - she is very talented.
Wow and double wow with the end results.

Look at the buttons that grace these last two.  And the little crocheted flowers/center starts.  Everything compliments the whole picture.

Now here is a doily that might otherwise be in a drawer - now it is a center piece of loveliness.  Course the yellow makes it another of my favorites. 

Here are a few patterns and books that Judy used to start her creative juices flowing.

There are several books available on line too.  Check out Amazon to see this one and others.

Look at all the ideas that Judy presented to us to get us excited.

Love it!

Love it!

Love it!

Love it!  Oh heck........which one would you not love?

Had to get one of the ladies to hold this one so I could get a close up, click on it to see even closer.

And here it is up on stage in its entirity.

And Judy doesn't just stop at doilies and such.  The beautiful lace at the bottom of this wall hanging is from a sheet.  Wow, our ancestors knew how to accessorize.  

First thought is - egads, how many totes, drawers and closets does Judy own?  So many beautiful items.

Judy says this quilt decorates her kitchen table - I definitly want this one.  Look at the life, the vibrancy that this quilt conveys.  Makes you smile and think of sunshine, and of course it matches my kitchen to a tea.

These two table toppers, were created to showcase some of the buttons that Judy has.

This one would fit in everyone's home as a great treasure.

More buttons.

Running out of places to hang or lay your quilts?  Here are some wonderful kitchen towels with Hankies showcasing the design.  WAIT!  Don't use them!  Those are pretties.  Explain that to those that share your kitchen.  hahahahaha

Judy did not make these, a friend made them for her out of old kitchen towels.  Nope - you can't use these either - they are pretties too.

Think Judy said her quilter asked her if she had any card table cloths?  Well, how about quilting those?  Remember those days?

Judy also has acquired quite a few serving trays through the years and showcases them off with quilted mats she designed herself and placed under the glass.  She brought in quite a few - all different seasons - I was able to catch these three.

And what about medals?  She found these in some things of her mothers and wanted to get them out on display too.  Her wonky log cabin setting is perfect for showing off the medals and keeping them from the lost somewhere area.

Okay - how many of you are now desparately scounging through your house looking for all the possibilities you, your self may have?  I know I might.  But ......... right now they are under lamps, on dressers, on arms and backs of chairs......etc.  Okay, later I will do that.  hahaha
Thank you Judy for stirring up the creative juices in our guild - looking forward to what we see at Show 'n Tell in the future.

Speaking of Show 'n Tell!  Look what members brought in to share.

Carol B. has been hunting and hunting (pun, right?) for man-ly fabrics.  Think she did quite well on this quilt.  Look at the applique.  Please get with Carol and discuss her methods.  Perfect outcome.

Even the back carries the theme on.

Frances B. received some flannel scraps and put them to good use on this "Project Linus" quilt.  Got the pattern from "No Place Like Home" that visited us last month.

Sara - THANK YOU!  That was such an awesome doily to bring in and share with the group, and a good night to do it.  Had to get some close ups - dried pumpkin seeds incorporated right into the crocheting.  Now that was a dedicated woman that produced this "fancy".

Jan got a new ruler and immediately put it to use on this Christmas gift.  Do I hear demo in the future?  I hope so.  Too many of us duck and run when someone mentions curves.

And not only is the front gorgeous, look at the back.  Great job Jan.

Cindy brought in her Fair winners.  Remember Lola's workshop?

Over 6 years in the making!  Cindy's daughter Christie started it and finished the top for her sister - Kelsey's HIGH SCHOOL graduation. The years went by and finally to get it finished, Mom Cindy offered to quilt it - and now it is a winner, Grand Champion Style.  (Kelsey loves purses)

Jeanette K. brought in this German family heirloom of her husbands family.  Course none of us could read german, but we could appreciate all the hand work put into it.  Dates on it are 1889 - 1914.  Jeanette thinks the 1889 is when the lady was born and this was perhaps finished in 1914?

Please speak with Jeanette to get all the particulars on all of her Show 'n Tells.  Sometimes taking pictures - I miss the stories.

These are cards that were embroidered - think by the same woman as the runners.
Thank you Jeanette for sharing these beauties.

Verna Lee wanted to show off this quilt that Frances B and her church did for a daughter of Verna Lee's who is fighting cancer.  (think I got that right)  The quilt is presented at church before the ties are tied.  After the service, members are invited to tie the quilt and say a prayer.

On the back is a cross so that the recipient is under the cross when in use.  Label included story of what the quilt carries with it in prayers to that person.
It's a shame that there is a need; however, Frances always meets that need in a great way.

Deb O. is behind this cross stitch baby blanket.  Wow, the work and time put into this one.  And it shows it.

Manly quilts were in the air.  Look at this one that Deb cut panels apart and then created this pattern  layout herself.  She picked the perfect complimentary fabrics to go with the pictures.

And the back "plays nice with the front" as the judges say.  Great job Deb.

Okay - NO!  Deb does not drink this much.  hahahahaha But she does collect the bags and then puts them to good use.  Kind of like using flour and sugar sacks - right?  hahahaaha

Erlene had a tell - outside in her car she had three quilt tops (she is not sure who made them), and.......boxes in the trunk of doilies.  Erlene's mother passed away a bit ago and Erlene and her brother are going through her things.  What a wonderful night to give Erlene ideas on how she might best use some of the items she is finding.
We are so sorry Erlene for your loss.
May the memory quilts you make keep your heart warmed with thoughts of her.

Congratulations Verna Lee.  Not only did she win at the local Presbyterian Manor art level, but also higher up and now will have her quilt pictured in the 2017's calendar.  Yeah!!!!!!  This is what you will see if you get their magazine.  Again, congratulations Verna Lee.

Think Verna Lee said that every 4 years she does a quilt to be auctioned off at her families big get together.  She brought in a picture of her, the quilt and the winner.  See Verna Lee for more details.

Remember the stack and whack that we saw last month ('No Place Like Home' has classes coming up for it)?  Well Marilyn kept thinking that she was sure she made one like it sometime in the past.  
Yep - 2002!  Love the solid setting - really shows off those "whirls" and the border print is perfect.

Juanita also liked the quilt shown last month and has made her own version.  You ladies always astound me by how much you get done in 30 days or less.  Great Job!!!

Speaking of antique linens!  Carol S. brought in this shirtwaist, skirt and a picture showing them in use - many days long gone by.  She had another item that I did not get a shot of.  Documentation, provenance, authenticity - it's not just for value.  It helps us see into the past.  Thank you for sharing Carol.  So glad I do not have to wear that - spills - that's all I can see that I would do - way too pretty.

Martha finished her baby quilt in a brick road style.  Next time she wants to do one in pinks.
Good job Martha, love the scrap binding.

We had 6 guests present at this months meeting.  One of them, Jan J. has been mentoring.  This quilt had already gone to it's new owner - but we were fortunate to be able to take this picture of a picture (ha ha).  First quilt!  Wow and yeah!  Jan is a great teacher and her student proves it with this stunning quilt.
Thank you for sharing and we do hope that you decide to join the guild.
Thank you Judy for the program and thank you ladies for all the wonderful quilts and other items you shared with us.
Remember - get your membership information sheet printed out (on the left under forms) and filled in and turned in as soon as you can.
Board is also looking for volunteers for next years board - we make it happen because we all chip in and do our part.  This is a great group to belong to - just ask any of us.
See you soon!!!!

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