NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

Remember your SHOW 'n TELL items

Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

In 2019: You can check here for programs, birthdays, who's turn for refreshments and to set up for the night; but you will need to go to

for updates and pictures on guild happenings.

LIVE at the Baptist Church - "Composing" with Marsha Doyenne

Oooheeee!  What a night!  Excitement was in the air before you even entered the!  Yeah!  Marsha from Fabric Essentials was our program for the night and everyone had been encouraged to bring $$$$$$$$$$!
Straight across the room when you came in the door was our 2016 Opportunity Quilt
"t'was the night before Christmas"
on display on the new rack Susie helped the guild obtain.  And thank you ever so much to her hubby Marc for refitting a case to hold the works.

Also on display was the blocks that the early evening embroidery group have been working on
You can click on any picture and see them larger (helps in reading the names also) and in more detail.

Remember - in November there will be a grand showing of all the blocks everyone has finished for 2016.  This BOM continues on into 2017.

Whether it was embroidery, twilling or catching up on what has been happening

the early crew enjoy the time together.

And the tables with merchandise really enjoyed a gathering.
There was shopping before and after the meeting.

Now on to  -  The Program

Marsha Doyenne started out the night giving us a rundown of what all has been happening at Fabric Essentials in Concordia - from closing the shop in 2014 and selling two of the buildings and going on line - to city water main breaking and 33" of water covering inventory - to building sinking to where you could not even open the door - to a year ago when the shop opened again for business.

Hours are normally week days 10 am - 6 pm
Saturdays noon - 5 pm
However - Please call before you head up to Concordia
Marsha takes care of her mother and there may be changes for the day.

Marsha called her program "This 'n That".  

Have you heard of their New Flexible BOMs?
Go HERE and scroll down through all the BOM's available and read why they came up with this new flex plan.  It assures us that when we sign up - we are going to get the whole kit and kaboodle of that BOM - plus + how great to be able to get a "Boo Boo Bundle" for those times when we oopsed!?!
AND you can start and end when you want to.
The quilt above is one of the BOM's going on - "Latimer Farms".  Isn't it gorgeous!

Next was what we were all waiting for - the viewing of old quilts.
This is  a wonderful crazy block quilt out of 1930 fabrics.  Lovely to see that the maker put together what she had.

Marsha's mother and two aunts worked on the blocks and then got together to put them all into a quilt.  Marsha pointed out how she loved the fact that if a block was too big - cut it to fit (note top left corner block).

Nine Patch!  What a neat way to put them together.  Make sure that the center patch is the same as the background and then sash it.  Ups the look of difficulty without the work.

And then what if your background was pink and you also added cornerstones to your sashings?
Just a 9 patch - nope, much more.

And the back is made up of a bunch of feed sacks sewn together.

Okay, how many of you are going to make this very interesting quilt.  Sashings and cornerstones make a secondary design.  Think Marsha said that she has more blocks she can add - or maybe just a table topper.

Where have all the plaids and stripes gone?  This quilt was a wonderful treasure chest of examples of days gone by.  Wonder how many were from shirts and dresses.  Click on the picture and really get a good look at this quilt.  It is worth it.

Speaking of shirts, you can find some really good cotton shirts at thrift stores and depending on the shirt - you can get 2 1/2 - 3 FQ's from them.  Marsha told us it wasn't her idea, but she heard where instead of making that pillow cover with the velcro or zipper closings - cut a square from the front of the shirt - buttons and holes already there for the back - or - for the front.

Lots of plaids and stripes mixed in with these solids.  Lovely vertical quilt (shown sideways).

What do you think of this "Chain of Fools"?  Jen Kingwell designed this pattern and here it is in older looking fabrics.

Here is Jen Kingwells pattern pattern using 

Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Want to learn more about Jen Kingwell from Australia, click here.

We all have seen double wedding rings around - but when have you ever seen a purple one, or a purple with yellow?  Very interesting.

Okay - say what you want - the designer of this quilt really came up with her own pattern.
Marsha is working on getting a pattern going from this one.  One moment it looks like it's tumbling and the next - you're not sure.  Imagine it in different colors.

Album quilts were quite popular at one time, even if there were no signatures.

This one Marsha likes as they used the stripes and other fabrics in different locations to make the blocks have more interest.

Can you see the shirts that the fabrics from these quilts came from?  Love the looks.

Don't pass out on us...............this is a very interesting quilt.
Looks like the did some strip piecing, cut into triangles and sewed together mixed pieces and bordered each block in orange.  Or......................?

Marsha is thinking about cutting off the outside border - what you think?

Here is another using lots of stripes.  But why did they have one end without the lighter blocks?
We may never know, but speculation was high.

Here Marsha took a block and made two columns of it, then two columns of just 2/3rds of the block and then a column of...............
What fun to use portions of a block as well as the whole - by the way - do you see an eagle?  Look for the eye.

Erelene asked Marsha to tell us about her music.  Marsha's parents played piano, so not surprising that at 5, Marsha gave her first piano concert.  The piano and organ are Marsha's choice of instruments, and composing is her love.  Ever seen a 102 key piano?  Marsha has.  Read more about this part of Marsha's life here.
Marsha explained how quilting goes hand in hand with music,
that the musical composition process is like quilting, and vice versa.  With both, you take pieces and components and put them together.
One is a symphony to your ears, the other to your eyes.

Marsha ended her program with this beauty.  Fabrics are not quite the same as the original offerings - but the beauty is just the same.  Make sure you check out the fabrics either at the store or on line.
Thank you Marsha for all the information, the papers for perfect 1/2 square triangles and the door prizes.
Need to e-mail Marsha -

Roll call - Show 'n Tell
Wow and double Wow!!!!

Carol B. finished her Lola Jenkins workshop project.  Look at all the quilting that really brings out the look.  So many techniques and tips were learned by everyone that attended the workshop.  Looking forward to seeing more.

Teresa's mother wanted a quilt for her bed - started with a twin and thankfully, before Teresa was done - her mother decided that she wanted a double bed.  Teresa started with a jelly roll and then had to really scrounge through her stash to find enough to finish.  Mom should be very happy with her quilt.

Virginia's granddaughter - Reece - won a blue ribbon on her quilt shown here.  She even used her own money to pay for the quilting.  Congratulations Reece!  Good job!

Jenell H. bought the top and worked up this lovely quilt from it.

Jan wanted to do an applique quilt and found this Rose of Sharon book from a block design challenge of Martingales -  these 12 blocks did not make as big of a quilt as she had hoped and husband said she might as well make it to fit their bed - so with the help of friends - the sides added on were perfect.

Lovely blocks and lovely 9 - patches.

Jan showed us that all the flowers came from these two template sheets.
Hope we see this quilt at the fair Jan - hint, hint.

Donna's nephew in California picked up a 1955 #15 sewing machine for her that worked right off from the beginning.  Donna named the machine Mikey - after her newphew.  To say thanks, she made this quilt - can you guess he is a Chicago Bear fan?

Donna made it to Florida this year and she got several fabrics for a memory quilt of her trip.
In this quilt you will find flip flops, beach items and the webbed chair design.  All part of her and Steve's adventure.

Erelene got a layer cake and then proceeded to try out Sara B's demo on making the box inside a box block with a charm block over a layer cake block.  Came out great Erelene.  Good instructions Sara.

And the famous yo-yo bed runner is done.  What a relief for Erlene to realize she did not need as many as she thought at first.  Check out the leaves on the two ends.

Stacie finished her daughters quilt, daughters pick on fabrics and it is grand.

Carol S. is taking this quilt to fair for Chester.  His mother made over 300 quilts in her life time.  Chester and his wife went to Alden and bought up a grocery cart of fabrics and so far he has made 10 quilts himself.  He's supposedly color blind - did a great job with this quilt.  Good luck at the fair.

Coleen weller finished the baby quilt.  Love the fussy cut squares.  Course I think the blue and yellow are perfect also.

Before everyone headed off to more shopping, our committee chairs gave their reports for the month.  Ginny had extra information sheets to pass out for those that had not received them for the 2016 Guild Challenge:  Mission Possible - the Disappearing Block.
We still have three months to finish our entries - and we can do it!  
If you have not thought of a block yet
what about your favorite block to make
and how could you chop, twist and sew it back together!?!

Be careful with the hot weather headed our way and stay hydrated.

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