NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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Also remember to sign in at the door for the Secretary's records.

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Guild Member Demonstrations - Wow and Double Wow!!!!!!

Our Monday night meeting started out with the 6:00 pm embroidery class.  
Chain Stitch, Detached Chain or Lazy Daisy Stitch and the Feather Stitch were all stitches discussed and practiced.  Vevia brought in two items that had the stitches featured.  The wheat pin cushion had a hand out to take home and put the Detached Chain/Lazy Daisy stitch into action.


When members arrived for the meeting, they got a good look at the 2014 Opportunity Quilt that is being offered this year -"Embrodered Barn Quilts across the Kansas Prairie".  Tickets and a picture were available for members to go out and start selling.  On the front of everyone's envelopes of tickets, is the information as to size (72 1/2" x 96 1/2") and the cost of the tickets (1 for $1 or 6 for $5).  We were very fortunate this year that Susie obtained the embroidery pattern of the barns and Janet donated so much of the Kansas Trouble fabrics.  Changes were made as to size and setting - Great job Susie and committee.

The ladies had to have a sample done first to check out how much floss, how the setting would work, and what would be the best way to quilt - Lucky Guild Members!  This wall hanging will be presented to the member who sells the most tickets.  You have until the November 17th meeting to turn in your tickets and money.  See Vevia if you have not picked up your envelope of tickets yet.  And be sure to turn your money in to her and get more tickets at each meeting.  Thank you everyone for the embroidered blocks and for making this years quilt so gorgeous.

Community Service Committee brought in the two finished quilts that are ready to hand out to the families that lost so much due to fires.

 Lynn and Nancy were good enough to volunteer to deliver the quilts.  Both of these are queen size.  Donna would like to see two more quilts done....

She brought in packets of red fabrics to hand out and let us know that we are real low on the tan colors.  If you would like to donate fabric or make the blocks - please do so as soon as you can.  Donna hopes to announce another sew together day soon.  Click here for the pattern.


Show 'n Tell

Juanita did not let any moss grow on her Debbie Maddy Workshop project.  .  .  .  Wow!  Finished, bound and  ?????? was there a label Juanita? (ha ha)     So gorgeous.  Looking forward in the coming months to see the others finished.

Remember back in the 90's when Thimbleberry's was THE THING to do?  Lisa and a few others do, and now that they have umpteen kits and really no wish to do them - Lisa took the fabric and made something that she did want to do.  Look careful - this gorgeous quilt is made out of  'nothing' but rail fence blocks.  No Way!  Yep!  Stunning Lisa!  A few years back, Lisa did the guild challenge with Looking at Rail Fences a Differet Way - this would have won hands down.  Now how many UFO's did this quilt finish? 

Here is another UFO.  So darling and so simple.

Okay Lisa - this is not cool.  Lisa mentioned that she is going to put this in her office at work so that everyone knows when "SHE" is in.  The hanging is cute.........but no way would we call Lisa such a thing.

Another UFO with a felt applique.  Great Job.

Jane was unable to take the workshop; however, she did buy a pattern and decided that she would make a small sampler to see how she liked the colors she picked.  Jane already said that she would have to go darker on the one fabric as it blends in too well.

Sara finished a UFO that was started on a past holiday sew day.  Perhaps you saw this at the Clay Co. Fair.  It is so cute?

Carol has a secret sister (she will find out at Christmas who it is) that really knows her - she got a pack of fat quarters and with adding a few extra, made this chevron that she has been wanting to try out.  Gorgeous colors and a great way to use the gift.

Frances brought her sister for show and tell.  

Donna Jordan had a tell - she got a real treadle machine that WORKS!

Erlene brought in this table runner / bed runner that she is donating to a cancer patient.

Erlene also brought in a piece of furniture fabric to show us that she had washed up and out of that washing, got enough LINT to make two baskets.  The one on the left is in a heart shape.  Who knew lint could be so gorgeous.  Okay Erelene - that is definitely a show us someday how to do that project.



Demonstrator #1

Lisa started our program out with this lovely quilt top and assured us that it was simple - only took 1 Layer cake and a yard of fabric for the border and could be done in one afternoon.  
She got her inspiration from the Missouri Star Block book.

You start out with two layer cake 10" squares that you lay right side to right side and then sew 1/4" around the whole outside.  Cut two diagonal lines and get 4 half square triangles that you then put together to look like a pinwheel.  (Please check out the book or go to Missouri Stars web site for exact sizes and such. You can click here to see another version Disappearing PinWheel)  Then it is a simple cut into a 9 patch, twist, turn and then you have your church dash with a pinwheel in the middle.  Click here for the  Churn Dash version.

Lisa also demonstrated the Periwinkle  (click on Periwinkle to see a demonstration using the teeny tiny template) pattern from the book.   For Lisa - paper piecing is evil - except for this one.  She bought the template and from her stash of oranges, she is cutting out the center part of each triangle and using the paper that you can buy from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  A lot less expensive to let them cut the paper.  Sew on two side background fabrics, trim up the fabric to the paper and then tear the paper off.  Put four of the triangles together to make each block.  Looking forward to seeing what Lisa's color choice ends up looking like.

Demonstrator #2

Continuous Bias Binding

Donna explained that continuous bias binding isn't just for curves, she likes the look of stripes going around diagonally (was thinking barber shop pole look) on the binding of some of her quilts.
She had great visual props to help us see what the steps were, and a wonderful hand out to help us when she isn't around.  hahaha

From figuring, cutting, drawing, pinning back together, sewing and cutting - it is a lot easier when you have had someone show you how.  Great job Donna.  You can print out Donna's Continuous Binding hand out by clicking here.

Demonstrator #3

Susie brought in her BAG OF MAGIC  to share some time and money saving tips that she has come across.  The first is a way to save money by making your own 'starch'.  Get an inexpensive spray bottle for a dollar at Dollar Tree and mix in the above recipe to make your own - do remember to ROLL not shake.  As it only takes 1/8 cup of vodka, get a couple of guild members to go in with you - unless of course........
At the Des Moines quilt show, they had "fabric wrap boards" for $3 and $up a piece.  Susie found on Amazon to where you could buy acid free comic book boards.  You can get 100 for about $10.  The yellow fabric is wrapped around one of the boards.  Easily placed together on shelves or in see through totes and shows off your fabric. 

Dollar Tree carries a lot of items useful for quilters.  Pony tail holders instead of bigger bucks for Bobbin Bikinis, $1 kitchen mats to place under your sewing machine and help prevent the jitter/shakes, tablet carrier  bags to carry your projects in and of course you can use left over batting to help trap your thread that you cut off while sewing or quilting.

Baby snack cups - drill a hole in the cap, add an eyelet and presto = an easy way to carry your pearl cotton thread with easy pull out.  Have a dowel and a couple of wooden ends for holding your threads for a project (heard someone mention left over tinker toy parts would work also.  Fine sand paper to help hold your fabric while you draw a line and put it on the back of your cardboard templates to hold them steady.  Lights that you can get at Home Depot and they have a magnet to attach to your feather weight sewing machine (CAUTION - CAN NOT BE USED ON COMPUTERIZED SEWING MACHINES, may wipe out program) so you can better see what you are sewing.  Susie might have gotten her "Bag of Magic" from Mary Poppins - it held a lot more than you would think.  Keep shopping/hunting Susie - we love your price cutting ideas.

Demonstrator #4

Erlene walked us through how to make a Maggie Bag from Lazy Girl Designs.  Depending on the size you make it, precut layer cakes and left overs can also be used.  You start out with something that reminds you of an envelope opened up.  At the top picture you can see behind Erlene's shoulder, two sizes showing you the general pattern.  Cut out two from contrasting fabrics and place right sides together and place on a piece of batting or stabilizer.  Erlene used a fusible.  Leaving open the end opposite the point, sew around the remaining sides 1/4".  Trim off excess batting/stabilizer and turn right side out.  You can then iron it flat and have the batting/stabilizer stick to the wrong sides of the fabric. Fold in half with the fabric you want on the outside - towards the inside and sew up the side using 1/4".  Iron flat. Sew up the bottom about 1/2" and then trim even.  Zig zag to finish bottom, then turn right side out.  Add closures, hangers and such as you desire.

This makes such a cute little bag that you can put a gift card in, tea bags, phone, charge cards, lipstick and mirror or use for a gift tag or part of a thank you.

Dixie showed us hers that she uses to put change in instead of just dropping it in her purse.

As our President said - we have a lot of talent and knowledge in our very own guild and tonight's demonstrations were just the tip of the ice berg.  Thank you ever so much for a wonderful program ladies.

Looking forward to seeing what next months Show 'n Tell might hold.

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