NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm

PROGRAM: "Christmas in July" Quilted Christmas Tree. Bring in 8 strips of fabric, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. One piece of 5 1/2" fabric for the bottom and flathead pins.

Hand work time 5:30 pm
Refreshments 6:00 pm, provided by the Jelly Roll's

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Go, Go Baby, Go Studio? Which one?

We had a wonderful turn out at 6:00 PM for the first meeting of the monthly embroidery class group.
There were quite a few members that already do embroidery, but wanted a refresher.  Thanks to each and every one of them that lent a hand to the ones that did not know the stitches.  There were a lot of stitches to cover for the first class - however, they were so similar that the time flew.  Straight Stitch, Seed Stitch, Running Stitch, Laced and Whipped Running Stitches, Sashiko Stitch and Back Stitch were the easiest stitches to stab in and out.

Then the Stem Stitch and Outline Stitch were shown.  These two only differ by where you hold your thread - Up or Down?  Susie encouraged everyone and let them know that the 2014 Opportunity Quilt blocks can easily be done with the Back, Outline and Stem Stitches.

Susie brought a crazy quilt block that she is working on to show how these stitches can be used in other areas.  Thank you Carol B. for bringing in the blocks that you are working on for a wall hanging.  They are gorgeous.  (Remember, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Frances started off the business meeting with a SHOW STOPPER!  Did anyone realize besides Frances, that we never see lemon meringue pie on the refreshment table?  Frances contributes it to the separating of the eggs - so she showed us how to separate the yoke from the whites with just a plastic water bottle.  So simple and so way cool.  Can't wait to show the grandchildren.

Frances also mentioned that this would help in making angel food cake.  Are there any hints in there?

Donna and Lisa were our Program Hostesses for the evening with "AccuQuilt".  Donna started with the informational part of the machine.  Until 2008, the company in Omaha, Nebraska made only the AccuCut.  Then they realized that quilters were loving the possibilities of the machine so they separated the style of machines and came up with AccuQuilt.  There are three (3) types of cutters being offered.  If you were a quilt shop, you would probably have the 'Go Studio'.  It is not portable, but it is meant for a heavy work load.  Then there is the small portable version called 'Go Baby'.  Down side of this machine is that only about 60% of the dies will work on it.  Donna encouraged everyone that if they were thinking of looking into one - ty the 'Go' portable.  There are so many more dies that you have available in this model and it still can be carried around.  Donna, Lisa and Frances went in together on the 'Go' machine and dies about a year ago.  The three of them wanted to see what it was all about; however, even on sale at Joann's - the initial investment can be rather steep. Together, they keep track of the   site for sales, especially bright and early on Thursday mornings when the new ones come out.  The web site also has a gallery (similar looking to Pinterest) full of wonderful ideas.  There is also a 'How to', free patterns, newsletter and even a blog you can follow.  And if you really get hooked, visit their facilities and museum in Omaha.

Lisa demonstrated how the 'Go' works.  They have found that even though the directions say you can use 6 layers of cloth, they have found out that four (4) layers work 
best.  This is a safer, faster, more accurate way to cut strips, squares, tumblers, triangles, etc and not only to use up scraps, but you can get the best use out of your yardage.  Frances said that her shoulders don't hurt like they used to when she had to cut multiple squares with a rotary cutter.

Put the fabric on the die, place the mat on top and crank it through.

Lisa showed us that there is little waste of fabric with the quilt dies.

From large tumblers to

small tumblers

to a plastic tub filled with 2 1/2" squares, charm squares, triangles, tumblers.  In just a couple of hours you can have more blocks cut ready to sew up than you can with the rotary cutter and mat.

Endless ideas.....

no limit to what you can accomplish in so much less time.

In one of Lisa's cuts, I think she came out with 12 or 24 small squares.

And Frances loves the half square triangle die.  They come out with the dog ears already cut off for you.
Hard to make up your mind on which quilt you might like best - the top triangles or the one shown below?

What fun to see what secondary patterns you can find.

The dies have the cutting blades encased in foam so neither you nor the blades are injured with handling.

And the amount of dies - the girls have only just begun.  When one decides that she wants to make something and they don't have the die - order it and then check with the others and borrow the 'Go' for a bit.  With three of them sharing, it is easier to have more dies to work with.

And of course there are so many books out there that use strips, charms and the like and you can cut into your own stash for multiple cuts without paying $40 or more for a strip set already cut for you.  The possibilities are there - maybe there are more groups of  like nature quilters out there and they will go in together and see what they can do.

This three some did a great job, thank you Ladies.

Show and Tell is a great time to see what others have been doing this winter.

Behind this beauty above is Juanita.  What a darling quilt.

Susie puts her own twist on a bag, sewing hussifs and  a crazy quilt covered measuring tape.

Susie also had the privilege of showing off Iowana's work.  This quilt is "Toy Sewing Machines", pattern by Country Cabin Craft.  Iowana said she had been working on it for about 2-3 years, had it over half hand quilted and just could not do anymore.  Thanks to Deb T. who finished the hand quilting for Iowana.

This one of Iowana's is "Meet Me in Paris", pattern by Amber Rose Press out of Utah.  Iowana did this quilt for her granddaughter Sarah who was married Jan. 25th.  Any new bride would drool over this beauty.  Susie did the quilting on this one.  Thank you Susie for bringing in Iowana's work.

Winter time is Deb's time to quilt.  And with all the projects that she has been finishing - we can tell.

Deb was not sure when these BOM's were presented, she did a lovely job of setting them off.

Deb had been looking for a tree shirt and this one met her search criteria.

Jeanette finished this lovely block - she is not sure where she is going to use it yet, she was just happy to get it done.  Lots of satin stitching and the hair and tassels are clipped and fussy.

This top of embroidered Sunbonnet Sue's is also Jeanette's.  Love what the Sue's are up to.  

Cindy made this "Bulls Eye" quilt and the back is as cute as the front.  Love the raw edged applique on this one.  Hope this one gets to the fair this year.

Jane decided to do a jean rag quilt for her son.  Quite a few of you know how heavy these can get, that's one reason why Jane kept the size down.  Fun to look it over - there are pockets in amongst those squares.  And to make it a little more exciting, she jazzed up the back for him (inset).

Jane also put the seat part of the jeans to good use and made an apron.  She said you can put pen and pad in one pocket and incase your clients get roudy, put a tazer in the other pocket.....hahahaha  Jane also made a great bag for toting all her work.
Carol B. has been busy making this quilt for her daughter (-in-law?)  It will set on a brown couch with blue and greens around the area.  It is going to look great in that sitting.

Ginny B. has an adopted grandson from Peru and when asked what colors he wanted in a quilt, he told her yellow-red-and black.  Ginny did an outstanding job giving him a quilt that met his tastes.

Erlene has been cutting Roberts and her sons pant legs down to size for over 30 years and never thought about what to do with the cut off parts - now she has a great way to use them - coasters.  She used a glue and round and round they go.  She also made some with the cut off selvages from her fabric.  These aren't done as she thinks they need to be made bigger.  We loved her strip pieced runner - Erlene doesn't.  She did not think about changing the direction of her sewing and she thinks it goes every which way.  

This is another quilt that Erlene has finished for a grandchild.  Another grandmother started it and Erlene finished it with Susie doing the quilting.

Donna gave everyone the news on our Trash To Treasure meeting next Month.  Sign up for your tables by calling Donna or Lisa so they can have them ready for you to set up at 5:30 pm.  Erlene brought in a small box showing what she plans to offer on her table.  Some great ideas for all of us.  Remember, the rest of us get to start shopping at 6 until 7.  Our guests and others from other guilds get to shop from 7 - 8.  There will also be an area where you can sew Charity Blocks together and an area to practice your embroidery, ask questions or get help.  Bring your own project or sit and embroider your 2014 Opportunity Quilt Block.

Donna also showed everyone the charity blocks that we will be doing.  She had many kits available, all cut and ready to sew - 4 blocks to a bag.  You can also do from your own fabric.  Remember:  Red and Tan - or - blue and tan blocks are what they are looking for.  Especially the RED and TAN's - not many kits of those.

Click on the link below to bring up a .pdf file that you can print out

Susie had the kits ready for the 2014 Opportunity Quilt.  The embroidery blocks are of actual barns in the Appalachian Mountains and each barn has a quilt block on it.  Susie is hoping to have all blocks embroidered and back to her no later than the April quild meeting.

Vevia presented the Spring BOS (Block of the Season).  The whacky bird house is an 8 1/2" square foundation pieced block.  
 Vevia will be putting her demo block together at the March 8th sew day and will be glad to show any one interested - step by step procedures.  With your block, you can save it to put with all four season blocks that will be given this year for a new wall hanging, or do up a single one as shown above, or group several together and get a runner.

Vevia adapted the block pattern from one she found in  the book shown above.

Wonderful meeting, fantastic refreshments provided by "Stack & Slash" group and so many ideas to run with this coming year.  Remember - call Donna or Lisa NOW and sign up for a table at the March meeting.

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